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Wanted – Cosplay Stories

Taking a page out of Cosplay In America‘s feature, we want to feature your stories relating to your cosplay.

These stories can be anything, from picking your first cosplay, how you met your friend or partner, how it gave you confidence, how you built your cosplay, why you use a particular material, how you set up a shot, etc, we want to hear it.

If this interests you, all we ask is the following

  • Your story in an email
  • Photos relating to the story
  • Links to all involved in the story
  • You email to be sent to with the subject “Cosplay Story”

I’ll be sharing stories that have been shared by Cosplay in America as well as your’s because sharing is caring but also, myself and Cosplay in America know there are thousand of Cosplay Stories to be written about and shared for the world to read.

If you are struggling with what we are looking for, here are some examples from Cosplay in America’s Instagram page, and read some of the stories submitted to them.

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[…] This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. […]

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