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Cosplay Stories : Bernard & Bianca / Disney’s The Rescuers by Rude Noise cosplay & TappytoeClaws

Bernard & Bianca from Disney’s The Rescuers : rudenoisecosplay and tappytoeclaws

Details are hazy due to the passage of time, but I’m pretty sure one of us (TappyToeClaws or I) said “hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we cosplayed the Rescuers” and it went from there. We’d already cosplayed PJ and the Beret Girl from An Extremely Goofy Movie before, and for a while it seemed the goal was to cosplay characters from B-tier Disney properties.

I’m what you might call a Closet Cosplayer; most of my cosplay comes from eBay, Amazon, and on more than few occasions, a run to Walmart, hoping that the right shade comes in my robust size. It’s been lots of fun, but with no shortage of tears, frustration, and at one point, screaming in a hotel room about how much I hate cosplay as I desperately tried to zip up a pair of spats.

Still, I’ve had more fun than I’ve had bad times, and there’s nothing quite like cosplaying an obscure character, or putting together a cosplay that doesn’t exactly require more than dress clothes and the right t-shirt, and watching somebody else have that “a-ha, you’re *blank*” moment, before they ask for a picture. It’s rare for me, personally, so when it happens, it’s always a treat.

More often than not, when we were recognized, it was from people over a certain age, about 25 and up. One of the vendors in the vendor room actually called us over specifically so he could take a picture for his Facebook page.

In my case, I used a wig and pair of khakis I already had, bought the cap and sweater online, and Taps took care of mouse ears and make up. I also used my own personal work boots, since it felt like it fit Bernard’s blue collar roots.

The only issue, if it could be called that, was finding the right convention to do it. Apart from that, it was the easiest and maybe even the most comfortable cosplay I’d ever done, and one of my cosplays was literally a t-shirt and jeans.

I first read the actual word cosplay in an issue of EGM Magazine back in 2004, but I’d long had knowledge of Trekkies and Sci Fi fans dressing up at conventions. When you’re younger and don’t know any better, it seems kinda weird, but it also looks like fun.

Eventually I started going to cons, and thought “I could probably get into this.” It took me a few years to work up the nerve (and the budget), but I feel like I got to where I wanted. And then I *staffed* at a convention. That was the breaking point of me going “oh yeah, I could do this.”

My first con? It was bad! I didn’t have any money for a hotel, so I slept in my car, I didn’t know anybody at the time, and to be honest I wasn’t really the best version of myself at the time anyway. I don’t know if I have a positive memory of my first convention. So of course, I kept going back to them, and even staffed at a convention for a few years.

Cosplay means to me, mostly, having fun, either by yourself or with your friends. The harder you make cosplay, the harder it is for me to enjoy it, so I try my best to make it as fun as possible, frustrations, set backs, and all.

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