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Cosplay Stories : Gaige / Borderlands by joy.bomb

Photo by ewide

Gaige from Borderlands : joy.bomb

There are a lot of brilliant cosplayers that are absolute wizards with fabric and foam. I may not be anywhere close to their ranks, but I bring a different skill to the table.

Welcome to the world of what I call, “Bootleg Cosplay.” I absolutely love seeing how cheap I can make a costume with mostly thrifted / upcycled materials.

My average price for a costume is about $35, but my cheapest (and by far one of my favorites) was only $12! The bootlegging doesn’t stop at just the fabric part of a cosplay. I have utilized plastic cookie packaging and empty jars of peanut butter for goggles, weapon parts and light up chest armor. Cosplay is for everyone, even if you are on a rull tight budget.

I typically cosplay the non-popular or obscure series character. One day during Anime-Fest, I saw a couple cosplay Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey from Ace Attorney. I was also cosplaying Ace Attorney (Ema Skye), yelled objection and dramatically pointed  from probably like 60 feet away. They saw (and heard me) and dramatically pointed back. I didn’t find them during the rest of the con. I did find Maya Fey on Instagram and started chatting her up immediately. She is now one of my closest and dearest friends.

I feel like cosplay is a love letter to a series that has meant a lot to you. It’s also a great billboard to advertise what you’re into and a great conversation starter

Photo by scott.fischer.79
Photo by roxas_studios.

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