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About Food and Cosplay

Food and Cosplay Ethos

At Food and Cosplay we strive to keep the fun in cosplay and to encourage everyone to cosplay no matter how famous they are, or if they don’t have the “perfect” body shape, or if they aren’t the world’s best craftsman or seamstress. We like to discuss topical or controversial subjects in cosplay to raise awareness and to encourage a healthy debate.
Cosplay is for Fun not for popularity or to put others down. We will not tolerate those who bully or victimise others. We will not tolerate those who treat cosplayers as sexual objects. We also like pizza.

What is Food and Cosplay?

Food and Cosplay is a blog that started off like any other by Eddie who would frequent cons until eventually he decided to start taking photos.  These photos thus went onto Tumblr, and then onto Facebook and now it is here.  What started off with humble beginnings is slowly becoming a monster where we try and encourage fun in cosplay as well as craftsmanship, diversity and acceptance.

What started off as just Eddie has slowly grown into a team that includes a mixture of cosplayers and photographers from a range of backgrounds from finance, IT, graphic design and gaming. We are slowly taking over the internet from Twitter to YouTube. Follow us on all the platforms!!

The Legal-ish Stuff

Food and Cosplay do not own the rights to any of the photos that are displayed on the website, Facebook page or any of our social media sites. All image rights belong to the photographers who have taken the photos (this includes the in-house photographers).

We will endeavour to give credit to all photographers, cosplayers and commissioners where we can however this may not always be possible. If you appear in one of our images please message us through the “Contact Us” page or on our Facebook page and we will add credits where we can.

Disclaimer: If our spelling seems wrong it’s because all the admin are British and we use UK English, not US English. Hehe

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