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Cosplay Stories : Selena by gamegoddess4ever1

Cosplayer : gamegoddess4ever1
Photo : joshua_astacio_photography

Just seeing people being excited seeing Selena. There are so many Selena fans at the convention and it makes me happy honoring her by dressing up as her. I’ve always been a fan of hers since I was a little girl. My grandma always have the Latino Channel on and saw her live on the TV performing. I’ve became a fan of her since then. I’m also a mother and I do cosplay with my son quite often. It’s something I love doing and sharing amazing memories with him.

I’ve wore this cosplay to phillycomiccon when I was a Cosplay Guest, as well for nerdtino during keystonecomiccon weekend. This cosplay was also wore amazicon_ as a cosplay model for @theartoflancefooter . Who knows? I may wear her again in the near future. 

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Other Cosplay Stories
21/03/2023Cosplay StoriesMothra & Godzilla from btanselanoican’s gijinka D&D/fantasy kaiju series // Cosplayers: strangecatcosplay & Fooprawn // photos: Ejen Chuang My Mom is a skilled sewist and used to make Halloween costumes for my sisters and I when we were young. My sister was born on Halloween so we always had costumes and fun celebrations. That started my fascination with dressing up in costume and I always had fun doing it.  As I got older, my Mom taught me how to sew. In 2010 I saw Alice in Wonderland, and fell in love with the costume designs Colleen Atwood brought to the screen.  My Mom helped me a lot with making an Alice cosplay, and I went to my first anime convention. I had never been to one, and after that I wanted to go to more. I fell in love with the fun process of making cosplays and have been doing it since. It’s a huge part of my life now, and I met both of my partners through cosplay. Godzilla movies have a special place in my heart. I always loved sci-fi and fantasy, monsters and crazy costumes. Mothra and Battra are my favorites, so when I saw the designs by btanselanoican, I was inspired. It brought back a sense of nostalgia and happiness while making parts of the cosplays. I still have more details that I want to add and fix, but my Mothra cosplay is one of my favorite projects I have worked on in a long time. It was a long process, and involved many different materials. For Mothra, I started with the wig. It involved a lot of cotton batting and white felt to build up the shape without adding a lot of weight, then shaping the wig fibers over that. I made the antennae out of wire and painted felt. The earrings are made of cut brass and painted beads. For the dress, it was a lot of patterning by pinning fabrics to my dressform, making a first draft, then using that to cut the actual fabric. I made a corset and skirt, and then the robe/dress piece that wraps over that. The skirt started out white, but was then dyed to the right colors. The sleeves were the hardest part to figure out. They were dyed and painted by hand, before being sewn to the dress. There are also a lot of appliqued gold fabric pieces on the dress. I made the belt, and all the shiny belt petals are also hand-cut brass pieces. The wings are made of wire and old tights, that I then stitched, painted, and shaped to fit along my back. The staff is made from a PVC pipe and foam base, then I added the electronics. There are green LEDs, and a small 10rpm motor that makes the moth wings move. I covered everything with foam strips, making them look like wood and vines. There are compartments made of foam and magnets, that way I can get to the battery pack or motor if I need to. I then added the paint and flowers. The moths are made of foam, pipe cleaners, painted posterboard, and faux fur. The moth wings are attached to the motor via some old ukulele strings. The monofilament keeps its shape and is light, but also strong. It’s fed through old metal brakeline tubing that goes through the staff. For Godzilla, it was a lot of use of canvas cotton. We found these huge canvas dropcloths at the hardware store, and they were surprisingly soft, but sturdy, after washing them. They have a thick woven texture and take fabric dye really well. We used that for making Godzilla’s pants and shirt. The cape was made of thick cotton, cut, weathered, and painted. The spine has LEDs in it that go up into the hood. His chest and hip armor is all actual leather, patterned by hand and stitched together. The chainmail on the hip armor is hand made as well. His arm and leg armor is more canvas and layers of thick fabric. His shoes are leather and layered canvas and cotton. They are made by hand, and if you look on the bottom they have a Godzilla footprint. All the “claws” on his hand armor and foot pieces are made of bamboo from the backyard. All of the woven rope pieces are cotton wrapped fleece, braided together for a thick and lightweight rope. The sword is PVC and foam for a base. The lights are two different sets: a LED string light set, and a neopixel setup. The neopixels were soldered by hand, and are controlled by a command board that also controls a speaker. We set it to play Godzilla’s roar with custom light animations. It has a plastazote foam to diffuse the lights, and then more EVA foam on top. When I saw the designs I fell in love with the props, the attention to detail, and the use of color. Plus, I have always loved Dungeons and Dragons, so putting them into that universe was such a wonderful idea. I also look for fun challenges when it comes to props, and Mothra’s staff was so beautiful. I couldn’t resist. Having experience in textile studies has helped me so much with my understanding of how different fabrics work with dyes. I used a lot of dye techniques for different parts of these cosplays. Godzilla’s pants and shirt were dyed, Mothra’s skirt was dyed two different times, the sleeves were dyed, painted with more dye, and then painted again. I don’t think I would have been able to make my Mothra cosplay the way I wanted to without that prior knowledge and experience. The best part is the magic staff. I am so proud of how it turned out and the way the moths move makes me so happy! The only thing that I get tired of is that occasionally I run into things with the wire wings, and the long dress can make it hard to go through crowds in convention halls. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
14/03/2023Cosplay StoriesToshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach / Cosplayer: LittleViolet.cosplayer / Con : Ohayocon 2023 Ohayocon was definitely the biggest convention I’ve been to, to date. It was also the second ribbon game I participated in, that definitely helped me with talking to people. How to earn and trade ribbons with others. My favorite interaction though was an in series joke between me and another cosplayer Cosplay has definitely helped me by getting me further out of my shell. I’m normally the person cheering someone else on, someone else having to start the conversation. With cosplay, it’s easier to have something, like a prompt to socialize easier. If you’re in a cosplay, that’s something easy to be able to talk about or compliment someone else’s work. Once you get me talking it’s easier for me to come out of my shell. Seeing other people who look like me, plus size abs confident, really helped with my own self confidence and self esteem too. I hope I can be that same feeling for someone else I know it might be little cliché but not worry about how your look. I was always and still can be really self conscious of my appearance, my body shape. Once I put on the cosplays the worries of my appearance gets shoved in the back. Talk to others! I’m an anxious person so getting to talk with people was definitely a learning curve, one I’m happy I’m doing better with. I’m a Halloween kid! I grew up loving Halloween and the Renaissance festival and the outfits that came from both. My mother helped me make different Halloween costumes always different then before. Looking into homemade Halloween costumes kinda lead down the rabbit hole into cosplay. In school I had other friends who’s been to conventions and talked about cosplay, it helped fuel me into looking in the community more. Since jumping into cosplay, it’s something I’m not looking into quitting anytime soon. I’m cosplaying Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya from the Bleach series. If you looked at the progress from some of my other looks you can see that a major part of my builds are props and how to incorporate them differently.When watching the series I absolutely loved the look of his bankai and how he’s able to manipulate the snow/ice into so many different abilities. His bankai look definitely scratched my love of constructing bigger and more unique designs. Also with the look always changing between panels in the manga or in the anime meant I had a little more wiggle room when crafting the ice creations.This was my first project with LEDs you don’t see them unless I’m not in really bright con lights but it was a touch I liked. Getting the lights to only shine through the eyes and not the rest of the head was little more of a challenge then I expected. If you look on at his back, he has ice blooming from the center that connects to the wings, that made attaching wings was interesting. The straps are actually fed through the captain hoari and top black ‘shirt’ layer. The pants where also another fun one. When looking for information on traditional hakama pants most talked about 7 pleated with the ties and open side panels. What the reference images show though is fully pleated pants with ties and open side panels. So I mixed them both, I did seven pleats in the front with a gathered elastic half waistband for the back to give the full, many pleat look. This also allowed me to have a more secure waist band then ties and hide the belt for the tail as well. Since the belt was actually in a fabric sock with another one secured over the buckle for the tie in the front. I also have pockets! Which is nice cause I don’t have access to my hands easily in this one. @littleviolet.cosplayer I finally finished Hyōrinmaru’s head! This is my first projext with LED’s so huge step and im really happy how it turned out! #copsplay #cosplayanime #bleachanime #bleach #bleachhitsugaya ♬ original sound – Violet This experience was overwhelming but an amazing one! On Saturday night I ended the night by receiving krazykatstudios judges pick! I am absolutely honored and still little in shock about it. This was my third competition but my first time competing at Ohayocon and the largest one I competed in. This competition also required a build book, it’s a binder holding information on how you crafted the cosplay and troubleshooting parts, explaining your progress essentially. So that was a new skill I had to try out too. Sitting in a chair with 5.5ft wings and 4ft tail was also a very new challenge that I may have forgot to take into account before the day of. It was a surreal experience being announced as a judges choice! There was so many other competitors and amazing outfits that I wasn’t expect it. This was also my first award in cosplay and it’s surreal, I truly am honored. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
07/03/2023Cosplay StoriesPhoto by katsudamnn_cosplay Celty (Bunny version) from DurararaCosplayer: _mandehhPhoto : katsudamnn_cosplayKatsucon was not my very first convention, but it was the very first convention I cosplayed for. Because of that, Katsucon has such a special place in my heart. I love the community, I love all my friends and mutuals I gather with every year. It’s something I hope everyone gets the chance to experience at least once !! I think we can all agree the best thing about Katsucon is the convention center. Beauty aside, the Gaylord is such a distinctive venue that draws so many people from across the country to its infamous Gazebo. Katsucon is by far my favorite convention, I’ve been coming to this convention since 2017 and each year the attendance & crowds have grown. I only worry that a day will come we all outgrow the Gaylord and will have to relocate, but I hope not!This year, I really wanted to pay homage to some of the animes I grew up watching. All my cosplays this weekend are from an anime I fell in love with during a time when I was younger & really getting into anime. Durarara!! was at the top of my list, so of course I had to do my favorite character from the series, Celty.The biggest difficulty was definitely having to cover a bunny suit entirely in caution tape and duct tape. Thankfully with help from my best friend and an extra pair of hands the process was fairly seamless. Pun fully intended.I was surprised my character was recognized at all to be quite honest! My favorite responses so far have been ones from people who also expressed their love for Durarara!! and while we all may not have watched it in a long time, it was a nice reminder of a series so many people love. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
28/02/2023Cosplay StoriesPhoto by marcosmedia Red Hood from DC Comics // Cosplayer: raijincosplay // Photo: marcosmedia  I’ve always had a particular love for characters with tragic backstories which they turned into strengths and what drives them. The Red Hood has a soft place in my heart for these reasons as well as the personality he has. I have gone through several renditions of the character over the past 5 years I’ve done him. Tapping into my own creative talents as well as various other artist’s creations. I started primarily at the suggestion of a close friend of mine (@8o8darkknight) who gave me a helmet he created. Over time in our group I had a love for the character more and more that I decided to do a version of him all my own using different parts from other artists. A helmet from godofprops, leather jacket from lucajackets, body armor from UD replicas along with a few other pieces I’ve had sitting around and I had something I liked and felt comfortable with. Err well maybe not comfortable but rather looking the part (The entire outfit is an OVEN). Goodness me the past 5 years with this character has certainly blended together. Aside from our local conventions, I’ve taken the outfit to Anime Expo and Dragon Con. I’ve done more sidekicks and obscure characters so I often get mistaken for other characters but it’s no problem to me. I believe the best response I’ve ever gotten was during the 2018 Dragon con parade. There a young child in the crowds that was along the parade route back, recognized my buddy and I as Red Hood and Batman Beyond. When he shook my hand as I walked by I forgot about the heat and all I remember was making the little guy happy. That made my entire day worth it. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
14/02/2023Cosplay StoriesGalacta Knight from KirbyCosplayer: cory_inthehousenowPhoto: pennydox for Cosplay in AmericaI think the best part in my honest opinion was having others recognize who I was cosplaying as. Originally when I had finished this project, I was under the impression that no one would recognize who I was supposed to be, but surprisingly I was proven wrong as Galacta Knight had been recognized by a lot of convention goers at ALA, which made me really happy when I was asked to have photos taken with others. I decided to cosplay as a character that not only not many people know of, but primarily to give a bit of diversity for cosplaying since I rarely see Kirby character cosplays at conventions. I wanted to give the series some well deserved love and since its my favorite game series, it was a no-brainer! The armor I had made was made out of a thick 8mm eva foam and I didnt have access to a heat gun so it was very stiff. I managed to have a ribbon tie system in place to maintain the armor’s form around my body, but this got in the way since my belongings were in a bag underneath the armor. To resolve this issue I’m planning to have pockets added to my pants. It’s quite interesting as I used to go to conventions when I was a kid. I remember taking photos with a lot of kind people and got to meet some of my favorite characters. Since last year, a close friend and her friend actually convinced me to start cosplaying as a side hobby in addition to my normal college studies. I was a bit shy and hesistant at first, but it was worth it as I love doing it now. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
07/02/2023Cosplay StoriesVelouria from Fire Emblem FatesCosplayer : @kimbearliiiCity: Anchorage, AKVelouria is a character whose design I instantly fell in love with upon seeing the images from Fire Emblem Fates. Her wolf meets Little Red Riding Hood design was too cute to not replicate, and I really wanted a character that I could take photos of in Alaska that would fit the beautiful scenery we get year-round. Her personality is borderline obsessive, but her lazy side I found super relatable. I started creating the outfit around March and finished in August, piecing together things as I found time between working and going to school full time The cloak is probably my favorite piece, partly because of how much I love the lace but it’s also functional and ridiculously warm! The corset was also fun to modify, and the pants and boots I actually use in everyday outfits because they’re great outside of cosplay! I didn’t have anyone recognize me at Senshi-con, but that’s okay, a couple people knew who I was at PAX West and it was nice getting to know other fans!a I’ve been a cosplayer since 2009 and started sewing and making my own costumes since around 2012,  I’ve lived in Alaska part-time since 2010, but moved up here full time in 2015. I got into cosplay after googling pictures of Naruto characters to use as a wallpaper for my computer and saw someone cosplaying Sakura and was instantly like, “I want to do this!”. Little did I know that cosplay would have introduced me to my best friends and a whole new avenue of creativity.My first costume was a closet-cosplay of Misa Amane from Death Note, no wig, no makeup, but people still recognized my character which I thought was amazing and instantly hooked! My first hand-made costume was of Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica, which introduced me to sewing stretchy boot covers, sewing bias tape, patterning, and experimenting with different types of seams. Definitely not what I would consider a good first choice, but I learned so much! Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
31/01/2023Cosplay StoriesHelping Hands from Labyrinth // Douglas from Terminator 2 // Cosplayer: pagsamiam  I’ve been a fan of Labyrinth, since VHS tapes. And I wanted to do this costume since the 2nd grade, but didn’t know how. I guess thanks to Flight of the Conchords and others cosplaying Bowie’s character, the idea came back! And with many events like movie screenings, renaisance fairs, and Halloween contests, I felt ready. Finding the supplies and putting it together, makes it so much fun. It was fun to see the final product, fall into place and I would keep going without sleep.  Terminator 2 is in my top 10 favorite movies. I’ve recently been watching movie reactions on YouTube. And those reacting to T2, along with myself, get pretty disgusted with the character Douglas, the abusive orderly at Pescadero hospital (who licks Sarah Connor’s face). I thinks he’s never been cosplayed before so I combined him with the T-1000, to make an easier reference. When I saw silver shiny, mini baking pie cups, they looked liked the T1000’s shot wounds. So I found the uniform of Douglas easily at the thrift store.  I added a metalic finger. Foil and steel tape is hard to work with, so I got thermal emergency blankets. The fold creases and wrinkles tighten up. Some people at Los Angeles Comic Con, said I was one of the twins which I believe is the story behind the actors who played the coffee vending machine guard. That makes me just as happy. Because they got T2 right Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
17/01/2023Cosplay StoriesPOM Wonderful / Cosplayer: catcancraft I decided to bring the Pom Wonderful bottle costume to life after years of joking about sharing the same body type. “Hourglass? More like Pom Wonderful bottle!” The overall aesthetic was inspired by retro cigarette girl costumes, hence the off-center hat that amusingly irritated so many! Like most of my costumes, the process was all about the details. Everything on the dress was cut, stitched and written/painted by hand. Since I don’t have a dress form, I had to fill trash bags with Polyfil to roughly fit my measurements. I even bothered to work up the math for the accurate serving size information for my weight & “liquid volume”. As for materials, the dress details are all done in felt & puff paint. (I wanted something that wouldn’t crack when stretching over my body!) The hat is made from cardboard, paint, netting, and phonebook paper. The bottle I’m holding is a fully functional purse that was dyed with alcohol ink, lined in cellophane with a ribbon strap and button closure. Purses are a must with all of my costume designs, as the function is as important as form! The response was INCREDIBLE! My costume went viral and FAST. I posted the original photos on my Facebook page around 6pm, and by 8pm, I was getting messages about being on the front page of Reddit. (I didn’t post it there, but many others did!) By the next day, my phone battery couldn’t stay full as I was receiving an unbelievable amount of messages thanking me for my body positivity, fan art (!!!), and (uncredited, grrr) memes, etc! There was a bit of a backlash (re: my size) from some darker corners of the internet, but far and away the positive reaction overshadowed the bad. Pom Wonderful’s PR team re-posted my costume and sent me an amazing gift basket filled with all the Pom goodies a bottle could ever want. Over the years, I’ve had many people message me thanking me for my visibility, as well as sharing recreations of their own versions of the costume. The night after I posted the costume, I was handing out candy on Halloween night and I was recognized IN PERSON! Many of the parents had apparently seen me on Reddit. I was floored. Within the first few days of posting, I’d been interviewed for a podcast, featured on Buzzfeed and numerous body-positive articles, so you can imagine the response since the initial posting. It’s been three years since I posted the costume, and every Halloween since, the original post and the uncredited meme re-circulate. I’m still humbled by the massive response to a costume I ultimately made for my own amusement. But, I think that in itself sums up the spirit of Halloween and cosplay. You can be anything you want, and the joy in what you’ve made will shine. Many people commented on how genuinely happy I looked in the photos. Because I was! A silly vision come to fruition.The Pom costume checked off so many boxes: silliness, body positivity, creativity and more, that it resonated with a wider audience than I’d ever conceived it could, and continues to do so every Halloween. And the fresh pomegranates in my gift package weren’t so bad either. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
10/01/2023Cosplay StoriesGoku and Chichi from Dragon BallCosplayer: ssj_lalo & Hey_StephiePhoto: zeroe_filter for bigcityblerds​ Hey_Stephie When we first started dating 8 years ago, Dragon Ball Z was Lalos favorite anime. I on the other hand never really watched. It’s the first show we watched together from Dragon Ball all the way to Dragon Ball Z, even purchasing every dvd in the collection. ssj_lalo Dragonball was my favorite anime growing up and when Steph and I started dating I was able to rewatch it with her since she never had the chance to watch it. It was such an enjoyable time, seeing my partner fall in love with the anime I enjoyed dearly. So for it being our first time going to comic con it felt right to go with Goku and Chichi and like Steph mentioned it made it easier with our situation haha. Hey_Stephie This was our first time going to NY Comic Con. We had always talked about going but never actually went. But being that we are huge anime fans we decided to give it a try this year. We truly enjoyed ourselves and seeing not just the cosplay but the people who love and enjoy the same things we do! Being surrounded by people with a common interest and the ability to start a conversation with a stranger about a topic you both love was a lot of fun. I cannot wait for next year, and what ever costume my husband decides for us to wear, and me to design ! ssj_lalo Definitely best reaction was when we were just walking around. And a adorable kid was yelling “GOKU” and he was so excited to see me and show me his action figure that he just got and we took a picture together. It was just such a great feeling to experience. It was so wholehearted. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
29/11/2022Cosplay StoriesGritty Bunny : thebreezybiz Oh, I have an obsession with Gritty and absolutely love the chaotic mascot! To the point I’ve contemplated with my roommate to theme our bathroom with gritty colors, artwork and fuzzy bath mats. But I just love the chaotic energy of Gritty and I loved the idea of combining a mascot head with a bunny outfit for Dragoncon’s Bunny Hutch event. Haha, everyone’s reactions are usually the same: shock, disgust, confusion, love, lust(?), but by far the best thing to happen to me in the costume was at the Bunny Hutch Event at Dragoncon 2021. Someone gave me $10 and I started dancing immediately, the best $10 I ever made! I will also say that the costume is great for getting drinks at the sailbar since it’s kind of hard to not stand out! I have to give credit to my mom actually. She knew I loved anime and manga and saw that there was an anime convention happening while she was on a work trip in California. She went and picked up some posters and swag for me, told me about it and then helped me find my first convention: Animenext 2004. She mentioned that a lot of people dress up and that I should pick a character and cosplay them. That first one was Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2.What inspires me to keep going is the joy and connections I make through cosplaying. I love being able to dress up as characters with friends and have the ability to connect and make new friends because of those costumes. Follow Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
22/11/2022Cosplay StoriesPhoto by quachstar.jpg Somnacanth from Monster HunterCosplayer: the_gnome_queen I’ve been cosplaying for 9 years and every time I choose a cosplay I like to add something new to my skillset. Sometimes it’s from a franchise I’m deeply familiar with and sometimes it’s just something that catches my eye. Somnacanth was an example of the latter. I saw the concept art for the armor and was immediately drawn in by how different it was. The colors, the design, and the potential to add my own details to the armor was what attracted me. But I don’t like being ignorant of the source material and I hadn’t played Monster Hunter in years, so I started picked up Monster Hunter Rise. What I love about the game is the creature and world design, as well as the ability to craft materials into your own weapons and armor. Although the world of Monster Hunter doesn’t technically have magic, there are similar qualities to the experience. The Somnacanth Armor reminded me of something inspired by mysticism and the creature itself has almost supernatural qualities that I wanted to capture in the amor and details. I love finding new technology and incorporating it into my cosplays. With a recent project I discovered tiny LCD screens that play back eyeball visual effects with movement. I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the monster head prop. However, I had never used that technology before and so it took some time to learn and master the coding needed to customize that effect as well as the wiring involved. One of my favorite aspects of cosplay is connecting with other creators and “talking shop”. Each year, NYCC draws extremely talented individuals to compete in the Crown Champsionships of Cosplay. I’ve been able to meet some truly amazing makers who are so giving and passionate about sharing knowledge within the cosplay community. NYCC was one of the first conventions I returned to in a post pandemic world and so it’s special to me in that way. This was my third time competing in the Crown Championships at NYCC and while I had won a category in the past, this was my first time placing in the contest. It’s truly an honor (and so humbling) to be recognized by such inspiring judges and stand alongside other cosplayers who are at the top of their game. I’ve never travelled to a convention that hasn’t been within driving distance from my home. The chance to attend C2E2 for the finals and meet other cosplayers from around the country and the world is thrilling!  I hope to make the Monster Hunter community proud! Something I really love about cosplay is seeing people’s reactions to something I’ve worked so hard on. With my Somnacanth Armor I was especially proud of all the details I added. From hand beading to lighting sfx and foam smithing to 3d modelling I am floored when people get to see the details I’ve added. There’s nothing more gratifying than someone saying “look at this…but then look at this….and then there’s this!” I love sharing knowledge about making things. When someone reaches out with a question about how I did something, or how they can learn a new skill it feels good. I hope my passion for this craft and community comes across in what I share. Cosplay has given me the opportunity to have a creative outlet among a group of likeminded people. Growing up, my father always taught me that age is just a number and if you love something you should embrace it. He passed away just before I started cosplay as a hobby and so I threw myself into it to deal with my grief. I was initially reluctant to share my hobby with those in my everyday life, but as I learned more about myself through crafting, I became more confident and proud of my creations. I realized I wanted to be the person that younger me would be proud of. I know a lot of people find them creepy, but I really just love gnomes! I’m totally dating myself, but I grew up watching a cartoon called David the Gnome. Gnomes have always kind of followed me throughout my life. Friends and family give them to me as gifts. They’re all over my house in small and large ways. I even have two gnome tattoos! Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
15/11/2022Cosplay StoriesPhoto by shotbyryandee​ SnowWhite from the MotherlandCosplayer: lakelilovescosplay I am an African American cosplayer and there is very little African American representation in certain genres, so I love to take well known characters and add my own cultural influence. It means a lot to me to have opportunities to show that cosplay can be inclusive and have diversity and that you can be creative and bring your own representation to any character. Snow White even by her name is historically the “fairest of them all” quite literally. Her name is even coined from having skin as white as snow. I thought this would be the perfect character to bring some color and minority representation to. The biggest challenge was creating her dress utilizing African fabrics and designs in a way that the character would still be recognizable but I could still pay homage to African culture. I tried several different skirt designs before finally going with a design that could tie in the same colors as the original Snow White costume but add some flair to it. It wasn’t hard to add the accessories once I figured out the skirt and dress design The best experience was being stopped by children and adults off all different colors, seeing the smiles when they saw my colorful dress, asking for pictures, wanting hugs, and being told that they loved my cosplay dress. It was so rewarding to have such a warm reception and to genuinely have my work appreciated.  Photo by shotbyryandee​ I am a co-founder of a disability nonprofit organization called Telic Empowerment and the best part is helping bring respect, inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities to my community. It is very similar to how I feel about cosplay in that I am passionate about helping change the culture of how people see others that are different. In cosplay, I’m trying to also expose people to seeing characters in all different shades and I’m advocating for people to respect, accept and appreciate the creativity a cosplayer of color has when they decide to cosplay a character that means creativity, diversity, and inclusion for all. Cosplay means anyone can participate and be free to create whatever you want. Cosplay is a positive outlet that allows people from all walks of life to come together. Cosplay is community. The worst part of being a cosplayer is seeing the tremendous amount of hate, disrespect, and outright abuse that cosplayers of color have to endure when they choose to cosplay a character that is not of color. I have even experienced this type of racism. This is why I continue to make efforts to showcase representation in all characters I portray. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
08/11/2022Cosplay StoriesPhoto by fxdandy Mipha from The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild : bambilashesdesign I specifically designed this cosplay to wear to the Cosplay Met Gala event at Katsucon 2020. l decided this was a perfect opportunity for me to cosplay Mipha since I love her original design but it wasn’t my style of costume to create. So, I jumped at the chance to redesign it into an outfit I would love to make and have a ton of fun with!  This cosplay was a great opportunity for me to get creative and experiment – since it was my own design, accuracy wasn’t an issue! At the same time, I had set myself some challenges. I wanted as dramatic a mermaid tail effect as possible, so I ended up constructing a knee-down hoopskirt to get the right shape! One of my favourite parts of the whole build was the embellishment, since I let myself go all out in attaching beads, rhinestones and sequins wherever I pleased. The shinier the better! Photo by key.ve_living I first found cosplay years ago when I tagged along with my best friend to a convention here in Ireland, wayyyy back in 2008. Our con scene was absolutely tiny at the time – in my first year, the convention I went to was the only one in Dublin and had an attendance of about 800! When I cosplayed for the first time the following year, it was in a bought costume and it was definitely just so I could run around with my friends! It wasn’t until about five years ago that I switched to making all my cosplays, and the con scene has exploded here since. Mipha was the last costume I got to debut at a convention, back when it was safe to do so. Looking back at this cosplay reminds me that sooner or later, we’ll all be back to cosplaying together. For now, it’s okay to just be crafting at home, because it’s not forever! Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
01/11/2022Cosplay StoriesPhoto by gimmiecookie Powerline from A Goofy Movie : roquois The response when I first debuted this cosplay at Katsucon was amazing! I really felt my character was obscure and that many people wouldn’t remember it but I was wrong lol. So many people came up to me and we talked about A Goofy Movie and how the music was dope and it was really a great feeling. Just hearing someone say “OMG is that POWERLINE!?” and then stopping me in my tracks to sing and dance with me was sooooo amazing. I had a tiny bluetooth speaker attached to my back and was running around the con with Eye 2 Eye on repeat and so many people asked me to do the perfect cast and I did lol. Too many people stopped to sing and dance with me so I think the entire day was memorable. I didn’t think it could get any better but when I went to BlerDCon as powerline a few months later it was even more of a warm reception. The feeling of someone enjoying something you made, and that something meaning something special to you is a feeling I don’t have enough words for. I have always loved A Goofy Movie and felt Powerline was such a great character and decided to put my own spin on it as I am also a singer/songwriter. I had an idea of what I wanted my Powerline to look like. I love to dress up and be a bit over the top for my own performances so I felt I had to do the same with Powerline. I started with a zentai suit for the base and then I purchased thigh high sparkly boots from Amazon to start things off. I love a good high heel and the boots are really what brought it all together. What was challenging was hand drawing the atom symbol and making it removable so I could wash my cosplay. I also made the neck and arm bands removable too so I can easily wash my cosplay. I added buttons on the back of my suit for securing the neck piece. I also made the ears with hair clips so I can freely style my hair. Wearing my natural hair for this cosplay was so important to me. It really brings my personality to this character. I think for me cosplay has always been part of my life. I have always loved dressing up for halloween and really wanted to embody every character. It wasn’t until I discovered Otakon when I was 18 that I realized that people dressed up outside of halloween. It was my first con experience, I hand sewed a Sailor Moon cosplay and attended the con solo. I don’t think it gets any more nerve wrecking than that. It was a time when there weren’t many Black cosplayers at cons and not much Black or POC representation at cons. Despite that, I still managed to meet a few new friends and enjoyed every moment of the con! I even ran into two friends from high school which was super embarrassing but I was also happy to see them lol. Overall it was a new experience for me and learning the term “cosplay” was amazing, and the feeling of being my true nerd self amongst thousands of other people who loved anime and pop culture as much as I did was an unforgettable experience. Cosplay has taught me to love the skin I’m in and through cosplay I have learned that I am way more creative than I think I am. Creating cosplay and coming up with ideas to fit my body shape and hair type has been so fun! Putting my own spin on characters I love has taken my creativity to new heights. It doesn’t matter if I look like the character or if I’m even the same gender or species of a character I like, If I like them I can cosplay them and make it work for me. Cosplay is about having fun and expressing yourself through that medium and its such a unique type of fun immersing yourself into another world, dressing up, acting out and just living. YOLO right? Photo by jollette_merino_delvalle I have been making an effort to help others be fearless with things they are passionate about. Who I am now has brought so many amazing people into my life who I admire, who I draw strength from and we mutually cheer each other on. I had to go through a lot of hardships and feeling like crap to get here, but I keep reminding myself that it’s ok to be unapologetically me. I have to inspire myself to be great and to not revert back to who I was and I have to motivate myself to keep pushing forward to help others push forward. I basically had to fight myself to find my best self. I’m still a work in progress but I am making the best out of this journey. My greatest struggle is figuring out how to be both a cosplayer and a musician. Bridging the gap between the two hasn’t been easy for me. I have been told by industry people to “be sexier” or do things a certain way or make certain types of music and to separate my social media, and my brands too confusing… It really isn’t easy. I just want to make music, watch anime and cosplay when I want to and to share my passions with the world. Why can’t I write music, sing, perform across the world and still share my cosplay from the con I went to the week before? I often think “what am I missing” or “why can’t I love and do both”.  I would love to get booked at a con again and get to do both! I love artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Janelle Monae, Robyn, Megan Thee Stallion and so many others, but I also just want to be myself and make pop music without feeling like I have to fit some specific mold. They all found a way to be themselves and thrive doing what they love and I want that too. I just want to be Roquois; Singer, Songwriter, Superhero. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
25/10/2022Cosplay StoriesSkull from Persona 5 // Cosplayer : boolprops I was enamored with P5 when my fiancee and I played through it together, but I decided to cosplay from the series when my sister and cosplay partner @calorline decided to cosplay from the game. I cosplayed Skull to complement her Joker because he’s my favorite Phantom Thief and these two characters are close friends like my sister and me. The other major reason I cosplayed Skull was to cosplay the game’s user interface (UI), which is almost like its own character in the game. I’m a UX/UI designer, so I spend half my time playing games looking at the user interface/experience. P5’s UI is an inseparable part of the game and reinforces the theming and game “feel” so well I couldn’t resist incorporating it into the costume. Similar to how cosplay can translate character representations in the real world, props can translate graphical game elements into tangible artifacts. I can also easily transfer the UI prop to my sister when we cosplay from P5 and it’s her turn in battle! For Skull, I bought the base costume from and made my own vertebrae pieces for the back out of EVA foam and spray paint. The mask is a gorgeous piece by @detravoid (IG) and the pipe is PVC from Home Depot. The wig is courtesy of Arda Wigs. The battle UI is comprised of a trifold display board, foam board, and construction paper – I’m a walking science fair display. Getting the base “backpack” to fit over the jacket vertebrae without damaging them was tricky, so I made a prototype with an extra board. Once I had a working prototype for the base, I added some adjustable backpack straps, which blend in with the black of the Skull suit, and the UI “wings”. It made my day seeing how excited people got when they saw me with my sister as a complete P5 cosplay unit. I enjoy sharing our builds because this and many of our other projects are collaborative. It’s extra satisfying to watch a project come together when the result is greater than the sum of its parts and is a testament to teamwork and a shared vision. I’m glad we made people smile and recall the joy of experiencing Persona 5, because that’s what cosplay means to me: expressing yourself and the shared love of meaningful media, stories, and characters. My one piece of advice is keep learning. Whether you’re picking up a new skill, having difficult conversations, or trying to understand the experiences of others, I think having an open mind and an open heart is really important, for yourself and others. You can learn something from everyone’s story. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
18/10/2022Cosplay StoriesZohakuten of Hantengu from Demon SlayerCosplayer: aerospace.acePhoto: jaecin_88 & gkcarter21Convention: AnimeFest 2022 (Dallas, TX) I was drawn to Zohakuten’s design and since I generally lean towards the shorter characters when cosplaying, it was perfect. This cosplay was a chance to challenge myself with sewing his skirt and making his drums since it was only my second time working with EVA foam. Besides that, I love to cosplay characters that not many have cosplayed before. It makes me happy seeing reactions to characters I love that may not get as much recognition. I learned quite a lot through this cosplay. It was pretty tedious but overall it was super fun to create and design everything. I’m most proud of how the skirt and drums turned out. Since he has no official coloring yet or have been cosplayed barely at all, I wanted to make the cosplay my own. I love the fabric I used for the skirt and even added details that aren’t in his official design. I think it makes him look more extravegant and demon like versus how his manga design would look in real life. I think the biggest challenge was making the harness to wear the hoop of drums. Luckily I was able to figure it out but I was really crunching for time since I barely gad a week left until the convention. At Anime Fest I expected maybe a few people to know my cosplay since he’s only in the manga right now but I was honestly surprised with the response I got. Including those who didn’t know the character but loved my cosplay! It really made me feel like all the work I put into it was worth it. I was honestly surprised I won best prop in the cosplaycontest! That may be the perfectionist in me talking but when the judges said that the prop looked real I genuinely didn’t think it was me! What was even more surprising was when an actual drummer (unconnected to the con) thought they were real as well! Winning best prop was one of the happiest moments I had at the con! I can’t wait to enter more in the future! Cosplay is like an escape from reality for me. With college and work, it’s exhausting to live day to day only thinking about my future and studying. My motivation comes from the breaks I make to work on creating my cosplays and dressing as some of my favorite characters. I find a challenge in every costume and prop I make but it’s more fun than anything. I’ve made amazing friends through this hobby and feel like I can really express myself. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
11/10/2022Cosplay StoriesAdmiral Ackbar from Star WarsCosplayer: propstohistoryPhoto: erikjawsphotoConvention:; C2E2 (Chicago, IL) I was working as the Propmaster for Netflix’ Bridgerton Experience which is set in the Regency Era of England. We were coming towards the end of the show in Chicago and I wanted to “dress up” for the last show. I had recently acquired the mask for Admiral Ackbar and I remembered Adam Savages take on the character, where he combined period clothing to create something similar. So, off to Etsy to find an Admirals coat and accessories. Thats how you have ‘Grand Admiral Ackbar’. The very first time. Which of course was on the set of Bridgerton Experience. My coworkers loved it (for the most part) and our Violinist began playing the Star Wars main theme when I first walked out onto set. This led to that last show of the tour being filled with Star Wars references added by the announcer, the musicians and the actors. Some subtle, some not so subtle. And largely the guest received it rather well, as to them, i was just another guest in costume. Surprisingly, it was extremely easy to put together. The biggest difficulty was cooling. As anyone knows, wearing a big rubber mask for hours at a time is not the most comfortable thing ever. I’ve since solved the problem with simple fans, but when I first built it, it was done on a bit of a time-crunch. And walking around a con (or in my case, work) without adequate ventilation is just not fun.I work full time in the film industry as a propmaker/sfx artists and that affords me the very fortunate opportunity to be creative as job. Every day is something new. and right now its Space Suits, lots of Space Suits Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
04/10/2022Cosplay StoriesPunk Sailor MoonCosplayer: figglybuffPhoto: felixwongphotography & jriversxphotographycustom car xtrek_lun Convention : Otakon (Washington DC) Sailor Moon was my first love ~I guess you could say in anime~ + as the first source of my femininity + empowerment at a young age that stemmed from Asian influence. I grew up watching the American version. Then I rewatched the OG Japanese + fell deeper in love. As a kid born in 93, I appreciate it more as an adult. In middle/high school days, I was a misfit. I heavily experimented with my looks + fashion choices to express myself. I had more phases than the moon (pun intended) but my emo/punk phase never trickled out of my system completely. How could I pay homage to one of my favorite childhood fandoms? By marrying the rebellious side of my teen angst years with the soft, feminine magical aesthetic of Usagi/Sailor Moon. I was watching Sailor Moon Eternal + Sailor Moon Crystal on Netflix. I saw a Facebook post from my friend, Amy Tiller asking for a Sailor Moon replacement in their Punk version group at Otakon ASAP. How crazy the timing was since I was in the middle of watching the anime! The fact that we rushed it in two days to finalize the entire look was impressive. Amy Tiller treated it as a free commission + we exchanged ideas based on the iterations of Sailor Moon’s looks. I loved the idea of wearing a denim vest with a Punisher crossover since the last con I cosplayed as the Punisher. She crafted + adorned the denim vest, the hair accessories, hand-painted the brooch, + put grommets in the blouse to make a shoelace effect.Her sister, Beth Tiller made the tiara out of cardboard, took a red gem from old jewelry then glued it using gold puff paint, jeweled my mask, + made the beaded mask holder. She reduced the floofy pigtails with bubble braids. She also re-arranged the metal chains intertwining my shirt. I chose a mix of clothes to fit the punk scene to be recognizable enough. I styled the wig + hot glued heart shaped red gems on the pigtails. To stay on brand, I used the Sailor Moon ColourPop makeup palette. I added anime lines under my eyes for extra flair. I “hardened the look” with gothic touches by introducing black leather garters + thigh highs. I am thankful that this was a collaborative effort. This entire outfit was put together by the power of love and friendship! 🌙 ✨🖤 The Punk Sailor Moon because of how perfect the situation was under time pressure + how my look was completed through the assistance thanks to new friends. I was overwhelmed with compliments + met cosplayers who rocked Sailor Moon characters. I was in the spotlight of the anime sports car section. A customized Subaru was decked out in Sailor Moon artwork. I was given a dope sticker of a modern day Usagi posing with the car just as I was in real life. The unique photo opportunity was the most memorable to me. Otakon was my first Anime con + being Sailor Moon was the cherry on top. Despite the stressors of cosplay crunch, I’ll still look back + be over the moon of the experiences I shared. During my childhood, I looked forward to playing dress up + planning my Halloween costumes in advance. I chose obscure characters + would happily tell everyone the lore behind the character I was recreating! I discovered cosplay in 2010. In highschool, I felt alone most of the time so I crafted + created in my spare time to share with others online. My way of escaping reality = planning my self-photoshoots at home. I would post my cosplay photo sets on Tumblr to reveal my love for > insert characters here < My first cosplay + videogame was Lara Croft: Tombraider. I dressed up as her many times in my youth because I played a lot of the games. She was a strong, badass icon whom I admired. As I started to begin my fitness journey, I subtly dressed up as her. Then gym regulars started to refer to me as, “Tombraider”. I didn’t know this at the time, but this is where my cosplaying journey began. Cosplay was a constant in my life since I was in diapers. I just didn’t know what it was at the time or that it would become my lifelong mission as an adult. It gave me my sense of self, the strength to see myself in these characters + stories, a supportive community,+ an awakening of my creative power. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
27/09/2022Cosplay StoriesKing Dedede from Kirby // Cosplayer: super_reflex.cos I’ve been a fan of Kirby games pretty much my entire life. King Dedede was one of my original cosplay ideas when I first started going to cons.  I first experienced and heard of conventions back in 2006 I believe. Thanks to my brother, I was able to go to my first Ohayocon in 2007 and I volunteered and got to experience how cool cosplaying was. In 2011, I finally tried to cosplay thanks to some amazing friends I met freshman year of college. Since then, I’ve learned how to sew, work with wood and foam, make various different pieces of clothing, and even work with makeup. I actually based the costume off a design I made a while back where I based it off a more japanese-styled traditional outfit. Since he’s a uh, penguin so I took some creative liberties but tried to keep the look so it was still recognizable. I used real velvet for the jacket and on the back, I satin stitched his insignia on the back. For the hammer, I used EVA foam and made a pattern similar to wood panels and used the amiibo as a reference. And used Terraflex for the rim of it to keep it solid. I’ve learned cosplay is a very important way to expand many horizons. It has opened many doors, introduced me to many great people I can consider friends, and increased my problem-solving skills. Cosplay has also helped me become a much more social person and to take all opportunities I can and use them as much as I can! Not to be corny, but don’t worry. This isn’t even your final form. It takes a really long time to get good at anything and the best thing to do is at least try. It won’t happen all at once. Let time run its course, keep with it, and keep practicing. And remember to keep having fun and no one can judge you if you’re having fun. Cosplay is meant to be a fun time dressing up with friends and enjoying all the nerdy stuff we love. Don’t take it so seriously. Have a good time, enjoy your friends, and take it easy! Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
20/09/2022Cosplay StoriesWinchester Mystery HouseCosplayer sayyadina42Photographer: wireheadarts kylie.clark_makes.thingsCon: Silicon 2022 (San Jose, CA)Sarah Winchester was heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune. Her husband died of tuberculosis and afterwards she moved to San Jose, California. She bought a small farmhouse in 1886, and began adding onto it. She was basically a hobbyist architect, and in a time before building codes she could do anything she wanted! Each room was a new creative project, and she added onto the house with no overall plan. She had the budget to pay for amazing woodwork, beautiful stained glass, and many innovative and modern features for the time such as a shower and an in-house “telecom” system. The house reached seven stories before the 1906 earthquake destroyed a large portion of it. I was inspired to make the costume when I visited the house in 2021. There were so many details that I felt I could incorporate into a really interesting garment. I also realized that the 100th anniversary of Sarah’s death with nearly coincide with SiliCon in 2022, so it seemed like the perfect time and place to present the costume! The bottom half of the costume breaks down into four flat panels. The bodice is based on a standard Victorian style pattern. The difficulty came in connecting with the top and bottom smoothly, and in supporting what became a very heavy “skirt.” Originally I was going to have it hang from a frame that just attached to my waist, like a bustle.  Ultimately though I had to build a wheel base to get the weight onto the ground. The structure is made of PVC pipe. To get the costume on and off I have to hammer it together or apart with a mallet which is a pretty funny looking process! Figuring out how to do the lights was difficult as well. I had hoped to use a ready-made product of some kind so I wouldn’t have to deal with wiring, but I couldn’t find anything that would work. So I learned to solder for this costume, in order to use lights that would work for the effect I wanted! Wearing the costume at the Winchester house was really neat, because of course the people on staff there know the house so well. They were able to appreciate better than anyone the details that I incorporated. And I incorporated a lot of details as accurately as I could! It was also really interesting seeing the house in person again after having studied the pictures so closely while working on the costume. The house felt smaller than before, in a friendly and familiar way, because I had put so many parts of it into my head in the process of putting it onto my costume.I would like to recognize Janan Boehme of the winchestermysteryhouse for providing pictures of the tower windows, and Estella Inda of the San Jose Library California Room for providing the picture of Sarah Winchester. Thank you so much!!! Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
06/09/2022Cosplay StoriesPhoto by kevinqgray Blathers from Animal Crossing / Cosplay by sailor_joestar_cosplay The joy halo was definitely the eye-grabber for Animal Crossing fans! Being told that others were inspired to add reactions to their own Animal Crossing cosplays was the best outcome I could hope for. One fan of my cosplay saw me filming myself doing the actual “Joy” reaction movement and (safely) ran from across the room to tell me how their night was made by seeing that happen. Blathers resonated with me on such a personal level. We’re both obsessed with academic exploration while being slightly awkward and info-dumping about fun topics. His expressions and daytime sleepiness are also so similar to my own! The costume was mostly purchased. I knew that I couldn’t do a cosplay without a personal, handmade touch, so I added a “Joy” reaction halo and a mask with Blathers’ iconic red cheeks. I ended up having to make very last minute adjustments to the flowers on the halo, since the con it was debuted at was windy enough to pull the glue! I always bring emergency super glue for situations like these, so the halo was saved. Cosplay in general has been in my life since I was about 12 years old. It was always a way to wear a more confident persona than I had myself, being a teen suffering from depression and anxiety. I made friends through conventions, and eventually discovered that I am trans through crossplay and character exploration. Cosplay has been a way for me to fully express myself in many creative ways. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
16/08/2022Cosplay StoriesPhoto by Juve Travels Boba’s Bountea / Cosplay by Steve Robin Laughter… just people laughing and enjoying it. Also, there’s a moment where some folks are confused about what it is, then you hear them get it and it’s magic. It seems to give them good feelings and energy. My wife (robin quick) and I love boba tea and Star Wars. We frequently make jokes about the play on words. We figured once I got the helmet it would be doable. My buddy Zaldy Serrano is an amazing graphic artist who made all the logos. The 3 of us came up with the name and design over 4th of July weekend. We flew down to SD from the SF Bay Area so we had to make it portable and coming up with a way to construct the costume framework and figuring out lightweight materials was a challenge. We ran into many issues trying to paint some of the parts. No paint would stick the shower curtain (inner and outer parts) and the hula hoop frame. I was printing the logo on Cricut printer and had the worst time. So a few days before we flew down, I found a printer close to my house who printed it in vinyl. Then when we got to the con it was a beast to apply it to the shower curtain and get it to stick. We are beside ourselves with the response. As we were assembling it, we didn’t know if it was any good or if anyone would like it. Glad we are here. It’s strange to walk around and people take pictures of you… then take the costume off and be totally anonymous. Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
09/08/2022Cosplay StoriesPhoto by dtjaaaam Ruin Guard from Genshin Impact / Cosplay by biotom27 The experience has been amazing. it always makes big views and has a lot of people coming up to take pictures at the events I take it to. My socials have been getting crazy traction since I started posting a build process for it. There are some really dedicated people in the community and it just brings me joy that other people love what I do. Other than that it’s really opened my door to more opportunities with people in the community that I’d never imagined I’d be friends with, let alone talk to.  From my small viewport on the Ruin Guard, most of the con-goers were just in awe that a 10ft tall costume was standing in front of them, let alone sometimes walking in front of them. Even with the amount of space I had at A-kon, I had to show off the Ruin Guard’s signature spin. almost every time I’d hear the group of people wow in amazement. The main challenge was scale. I have 3 main principles: Accuracy, Scale and Uniqueness. so i had to make it big. I had a small room while building it and it got so big that on some days it had to lay on my bed. The first one is a bit of the reason I hauled the Ruin Guard 6 hours to Dallas. I knew the Eng VAs for Genshin were going to be there, and I managed to meet them and record some videos and take some pictures. I couldn’t believe that the actual talent for the game were acknowledging my work, I almost teared up inside the costume. The next one, I’m going to sound like an awful person, but once in a while I’d scare a person or two while cosplaying. Makes me happy that I’m roleplaying the Ruin Guard which is supposed to strike fear due to its size. Another challenge was making it spin like it does in game. I had come up with multiple sketches and ideas on how I was going to accomplish it. At one point I was going to purchase a large lazy susan wheel that would have jacked the price up to $70-ish dollars, but decided I can do it for cheaper. In the junior year of high school, I started getting fully into anime and heard about this convention. After going, a lot of the time I was just excited naming out all the characters being cosplayed. So the next event I decided to cosplay myself. The unfortunate thing was that no-one was selling the cosplay I wanted, which was my Warlock from the game, Destiny. It was a hodge-podge of cardboard, EVA foam, cardstock and a mass produced Assassin’s Creed hood, but that’s when it all started. Over time, I keep taking on more difficult and diverse characters that test my skills in crafting and a bit of engineering. I want to keep getting better at what I’m doing and expand my skill set at the same time: 3D modeling on Blender, playing around with servos and LEDs on Arduinos, Airbrush painting just to name a few things. On top of that, I take commissions and make cosplay pieces and props for other people, some say I might be able to make a living out of this but I’ve yet to see it myself. But at the end of the day, I’m just a guy that enjoys crafting and to amaze other people with my craft is why I enjoy cosplay so much. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Biotom27 cosplay 🇵🇭 (@biotom27) Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
02/08/2022Cosplay StoriesColumbia Pictures Torch LadyCosplayer maskjesticdesignsCosplay assistant emmdartPhotographer Felixwongphotography HARMONY : I was watching a movie and the idea sparked if you will. I wanted something more commonly known something anybody would have come across and it was perfect. EMMA : Harmony always had on imaginative mind. She told me about her idea all the way back in 2019 and jokingly said I should hold a banner with the letters behind her, and well, she took me seriously. I don’t regret it tho, it was epic! HARMONY : Seeing peoples delighted and shocked faces, hearing their enthusiasm as they begged their friends to look our direction or straight up bolted to us to ask for a picture made all the hours and needles poking my fingers worth it. A little cinematic magic in person shared with a crowd of like-minded people. EMMA :  For my part, the hardest part was figuring out a way to be able to hold it by myself while still making it easy to move around since we were going to be in a convention after all. The rope used to hold all up with wooden poles did break the first time I put the banner up which was really unfortunate but thankfully the cosplay lounge had some rope could use to fix it  HARMONY : I studied a lot of different Greek styles before I bought the material needed. It is only the second garment I’ve mode with my sewing machine so I’m quite proud of it. A friend 3D printed the the torch and painted gold. The torch is powered by a portable battery pack hidden of the back of the dress. EMMA : I learned that my arm strength is actually not as bad as I thought did cover the that maybe I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken but I do enjoy being part of something that seems to have reach so many people, sorta makes me feel wholesome to see that something we mode mode so many people happy and lough. Maybe I’ll start cosplaying more now. HARMONY : I’ve come to love to sew a lot. It’s a creative outlet I never knew needed not wanted. Cosplay brings people together and l’ve made new friends and connections throughout these experiences I would not have otherwise  Disclaimer: All images and videos used, do not belong to FnC and belong to their respective owners. This story first appeared Cosplay In America and if you want to share a “Cosplay Stories” to be shared here on this website, full details can be found here. Like this:Like Loading... [...]

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