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Cosplay Stories : J. Jonah Jameson / Spiderman by burnsbillcosplay

Photo by dvann562

J. Jonah Jameson from Spiderman: burnsbillcosplay

The decision to cosplay JJJ was actually by desperation. We attended our first Dragon Con in 2019 and the USPS had (at the moment) lost our 40 pound package of costumes, more than half of our stuff was missing. All I had was whatever was in the suitcase and most of that was for my Commissioner Gordon cosplay.

A week before I was just messing around with idea of playing JJJ, posting a pic or two on Facebook saying, ‘hey look at this! It might be a hoot to play’ with no real intention of actually doing it, but given the situation at DragonCon it was a fallback now so I went for it and JJJ was ‘born’ at DragonCon 2019. I’ve only been playing him for a short time as the pandemic didn’t help of course. This year’s WonderCon was only his second con appearance.

Before cosplay I was an Old West reenactor for over 20 years and when that dried up cosplay seemed like a natural transition of course. I got started into cosplay in 2014 by accident when a friend of mine was making a fan film revolving around the Joker and they needed a ‘Commissioner Gordon’ He thought I could fill that part, I wasn’t sure until I looked in the mirror during our conversation when I had my reading glasses on and literally said, ‘oh shit, he’s right.’ 

From there I had Gordon make con appearances and we’ve even got an entire GCPD set up for cons, an office, a jail, a mugshot line up, the works. I now have 13 cosplays with more on the way.

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