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Cosplay Stories : The Peacemaker / The Suicide Squad by Daracelll 

Photo by Felix Wong

The Peacemaker from The Suicide Squad / Cosplay by Daracelll

Well, I grew up a huge wrestling fan, so any wrestler turned actors, I always support their projects. Like The Rock, Dave Bautista, and John Cena. I was initially skeptical when he was cast as Peacemaker but still excited to see how he would do in the Suicide Squad movie. After seeing it, I really liked him as Peacemaker. It inspired me to cosplay Peacemaker because I really like the character, John Cena, and me paying homage to wrestling.

I first wore Peacemaker to Dragoncon 2021, and many people loved it. They were like, “Peacemaker?! Nice!” When the Peacemaker show came out, I .became obsessed with Peacemaker. I’m always thinking of ways to make my cosplays better and stand out from other cosplayers, so I had the idea of having Eagly flying over me.

I’ve never seen anyone do that; I’ve seen birds on the cosplayer’s shoulders but never floating over someone. So I bought a stuffed eagle, built a stand for it, and wore it like a backpack.

The first time I wore it to Megacon was last weekend, and immediately people loved it. I’ve heard so many people shout, “It’s Peacemaker! and Eagly!!” So many photos were taken of me, which is the best compliment for cosplayers!

I was spoiled by my very first convention I’ve ever been to, Dragoncon 2011, and Dragoncon is where people bring their “A” game cosplays. Seeing other’s awesome cosplays and their quality inspired me to make mine better. So each year i strive to make my cosplays better and more accurate to the real characters. I cant come with no half a** cosplays,

Thank God I invested in a 3D printer because most of the Peacemaker cosplay was 3d printed. I 3D printed the helmet. 3D printed the dove emblem for the shirt, the shoulders pieces, and the gun. I made the belt out of eva foam with a holster for the gun. The only thing I had to buy was the blue leather gloves.

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