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Cosplay Stories : Carnage & Venom by Spidey-Mom

Carnage & Venom : Spidey-Mom

My 9yr old son loves to cosplay. He’s the reason we go to cons, the reason I dress up, the reason I do it all! With covid and the mandatory masks, we needed to rethink our cosplay. With inspiration from a video going around, we decided to go with Venom because he could wear a mask that looked like it was part of his cosplay! Since we cosplay as a mom and son team, and with the new movie out, we decided to do Venom and Carnage. A perfect duo with not too many costume parts needed.

I made them both. Venom is made from paper mache and cardboard for the head. I used a cut up mask along with puffy paint and hot glue for the texture and blending. A sweater is the sleeve. Stuffed the arm and slipped it into the pocket to make it look like his arm, while his actual arm is in the puppet!
I have a tutorial up on my tiktok: Spideymom

Carnage was made from paper mache and wooden rods which is lighter and allowed for larger mouth movement.

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