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Cosplay Stories : Columbia Pictures Torch Lady by maskjesticdesigns

Columbia Pictures Torch Lady
Cosplayer maskjesticdesigns
Cosplay assistant emmdart
Photographer Felixwongphotography

HARMONY : I was watching a movie and the idea sparked if you will. I wanted something more commonly known something anybody would have come across and it was perfect.

EMMA : Harmony always had on imaginative mind. She told me about her idea all the way back in 2019 and jokingly said I should hold a banner with the letters behind her, and well, she took me seriously. I don’t regret it tho, it was epic!

HARMONY : Seeing peoples delighted and shocked faces, hearing their enthusiasm as they begged their friends to look our direction or straight up bolted to us to ask for a picture made all the hours and needles poking my fingers worth it.

A little cinematic magic in person shared with a crowd of like-minded people.

EMMA :  For my part, the hardest part was figuring out a way to be able to hold it by myself while still making it easy to move around since we were going to be in a convention after all. The rope used to hold all up with wooden poles did break the first time I put the banner up which was really unfortunate but thankfully the cosplay lounge had some rope could use to fix it 

HARMONY : I studied a lot of different Greek styles before I bought the material needed. It is only the second garment I’ve mode with my sewing machine so I’m quite proud of it. A friend 3D printed the the torch and painted gold. The torch is powered by a portable battery pack hidden of the back of the dress.

EMMA : I learned that my arm strength is actually not as bad as I thought did cover the that maybe I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken but I do enjoy being part of something that seems to have reach so many people, sorta makes me feel wholesome to see that something we mode mode so many people happy and lough. Maybe I’ll start cosplaying more now.

HARMONY : I’ve come to love to sew a lot. It’s a creative outlet I never knew needed not wanted. Cosplay brings people together and l’ve made new friends and connections throughout these experiences I would not have otherwise 

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