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Cosplay Stories : Blathers / Animal Crossing by sailor_joestar_cosplay

Photo by kevinqgray

Blathers from Animal Crossing / Cosplay by sailor_joestar_cosplay

The joy halo was definitely the eye-grabber for Animal Crossing fans! Being told that others were inspired to add reactions to their own Animal Crossing cosplays was the best outcome I could hope for. One fan of my cosplay saw me filming myself doing the actual “Joy” reaction movement and (safely) ran from across the room to tell me how their night was made by seeing that happen.

Blathers resonated with me on such a personal level. We’re both obsessed with academic exploration while being slightly awkward and info-dumping about fun topics. His expressions and daytime sleepiness are also so similar to my own!

The costume was mostly purchased. I knew that I couldn’t do a cosplay without a personal, handmade touch, so I added a “Joy” reaction halo and a mask with Blathers’ iconic red cheeks. I ended up having to make very last minute adjustments to the flowers on the halo, since the con it was debuted at was windy enough to pull the glue! I always bring emergency super glue for situations like these, so the halo was saved.

Cosplay in general has been in my life since I was about 12 years old. It was always a way to wear a more confident persona than I had myself, being a teen suffering from depression and anxiety. I made friends through conventions, and eventually discovered that I am trans through crossplay and character exploration. Cosplay has been a way for me to fully express myself in many creative ways.

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