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Cosplay Stories : Mexican Wonder Woman / Mujer Maravillosa by muygroovy

Mexican Wonder Woman / Mujer Maravillosa – Cosplay by muygroovy
Photo: foote4productions hsailormoon chuanosta

The first time I debuted Mexican Wonder Woman, the response was unreal. “La Chancla de Justicia” is the piece that sent my cosplay into viral mode!   I was over the moon to see my cosplay on BuzzFeed, WeAreMitu, and LatinLife!  It’s cool that I can still Google, “Mexican Wonder Woman” and I pop up.

My cosplays are mostly mash-ups with some humor added in.   Since I am an older cosplayer and vertically challenged, I thought long and hard about how to cosplay as my childhood hero, Wonder Woman.  When I first heard Wonder Woman was coming to the big screen, I had to come up with my own tribute to the Amazon goddess.

It took about two years to come up with the whole concept.  I started piecing together the cosplay.  I even used a table cloth to make the skirt because I could not find the right fabric.  I completed version #1 of Mexican Wonder Woman just in time to debut at SDCC 2017.  (Side note:  I also put in an appearance as Dr. Poison that year as well).

Like with all my other cosplays, I wanted to do a mash-up that would make people smile.  Also keep in mind that given the touchy political climate at the time, I did not want to create a look that would be disrespectful to either my country, my culture, or DC Universe.  

As for the name #mexicanwonderwoman, that’s super easy to remember.  Trying to get people to remember “Mujer Maravillosa” would be challenging.

Trying to stay true to my Mexican culture and the legacy of Diana, I crafted, what I think, was my most beautiful and creatively fulfilling cosplay.  I racked my brain to get the Mexican elements just right; the traditional Mexican braided crown, the glittery WW eagle emblem, and gold lamé gauntlets were my vision of what a mashup of both worlds.  

And of course… you can’t forget “La Chancla.”   La Chancla de Justicia (The Sandal of Justice) is the hallmark of my costume and single-handedly took my cosplay to the next level.  Anyone who knows old-school Mexican discipline knows not to mess with a woman who uses la chancla.

I know this is totally cliche, but cosplay is my creative outlet.  There is something so satisfying about having a vision and creating a living piece of art.  Mexican Wonder Woman is my Mona Lisa.  All pieces were created from scratch.  Then, the best part is wearing it out and getting the accolades. You can’t beat that feeling.  It’s truly the best “high.”

I never knew I had it in me to create and cosplay.  It just happened.  I started small with my homage to Speed Racer and I never looked back after that:

  • Oogie Boogie
  • Steam Punk Day of the Dead
  • Ripley with her pet Aliens.
  • “League of Our Negan” mash-up with A League of Our Own and TWD.
  • Melesandre from GOT (both young and old versions)
  • The Shame Nun – I went viral with this one because it was an interactive experience.  People were shocked that I was able to crank it out so quickly after the episode aired.  I think I was the first one with it.

I love the cosplay universe and it’s people.  I wish I knew about this world when I was younger in the hood.  I was such an outcast and geek.  I’m thankful that I was able to join the community of fun, creative and vibrant people that make me feel alive and that spark joy!

I’m hoping on debuting my latest version of Mexican Wonder Woman at SDCC 2022.  I’ve had some snags in getting it together.  Crossing my fingers that it will be ready for showtime.

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