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Interview with Cosplay In America

We interview a fellow cosplay blogger and photographer, Cosplay In America.  As the name suggests, based in America, he’s also published cosplay books.  We chat to Ejen of Cosplay In America about his time in Cosplay.

How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby?

Usually if the person isn’t familiar with cosplay, I go with the ol’ “It’s like Halloween” line. If they ask more detail, I’ll usually open to discussing the when, where or how about cosplays. Usually saying Halloween is enough to get the idea across. People are familiar enough with Halloween where folks dress up in costumes at parties or go trick or treating.

What got you into the cosplay community/What do you like about it?

I’ve been into anime and comic books since I was a kid but it really wasn’t until Anime Expo 2008 that I saw cosplay with my own eyes. I was familiar enough with it previously thanks to the internet. I think I’m attracted to people who create their own version of their world.I like to see how people apply their own personality into cosplays – meaning they tweak it to their own comfort level.

Where did the name “Cosplay in America” come from?

Cosplay in America as a name came about as an easy way to describe the book. It was about Cosplay and it was about cosplayers in America. The online social media presence of Cosplay in America is different from the books as I am not necessarily the photographer of the images on social media and the cosplayers may not be American. I know a few folks were confused when I highlighted cosplayers from different countries. I usually say the Instagram was started to promote the book and in a way, took on a life of its own.

Something interesting about your social media, that you posts come with a story/mini interview. How did that come about?

Honestly, I was tired of just seeing photos from cosplay spotlight sites and I would sometimes wonder who was the cosplayer, how did they decided on that character, what interactions was their most exciting at a convention. I did interviews for a few cosplayers in my second book so I posted those. Then I figured I could ask other cosplayers I found online questions as well. I started doing stories in 2017 but it wasn’t until 2018 when it was 99% stories.

What do you look for before approaching a cosplayer for your page?

Honestly I’m not sure. I’m kinda of all over the board. I like to think that what you see on my page would reflect what you would see at a convention. A bit of everything. If you look through my page you’ll see what I mean.

You’ve mentioned your cosplay books earlier. What inspired you to produce these books and will there be more?

Well, the first book originally came about from attending Anime Expo in 2008. Remember at this time social media was pretty young so before the internet you would spread information through type and photos – which meant a physical media. I was a photographer and figured a cosplay book was a great way to introduce cosplay to the masses. If I did Cosplay in America in 2018, I don’t think there would be books.

I am working on a third book, sort of a throwback to the first book by approaching those in the first book and re-photographing them a decade later along with their stories of how cosplay impacted their lives in that decade. I figured this would be a nice way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first book and end the series by going reconnecting with the original cosplayers from the first book.

The third book is slated to be on Kickstarter in early 2019 and if succeeds, will have books available by end of 2019.

What changes have you seen over the years in the cosplay community?

I love how the concept of cosplay has shifted. Before there was a more “hey, that’s anime, you can’t have that at this comic con” to all are welcomed. The other shift has been from for accuracy purpose to now for how you are comfortable representing your fandom. For example, if you choose to change the cosplay to reflect your standards and there’s enough to informed the viewer to which character you are cosplaying, by all means feel free ! A decade ago folks would cry for accuracy. Now it is up to each individual cosplayers to decide how to tailor the costume to their preference.

What has been a memorable event or moment you’ve experience?

Hmmmm, just the ability to travel the world and witness the impact of cosplay in their communities. Really what it is is listening to people’s stories of how cosplay has affected them and those surrounding them. To see someone joyfully living in the moment, without a care in the world, brings us back to when we were children.

Is there an event you’d love to visit?

Honestly I have a huge bucket list of conventions within the US and internationally that I would love to see. Figured I’ll spend the rest of my life at conventions !

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Other Interviews
25/09/2019InterviewsEnding our series of interviews from July’s London Film and Comic Co, we sat down with Jamie and Leon of Red Lion Cosplay to talk about their win at the Cosplay Championships. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the LFCC Cosplay Championship! It was so well deserved. For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourselves? Jamie: Hi everyone! I’m Jamie and I’m one half of Red Lion Cosplay! I mostly do the painting and sewing on our builds. Leon: My name is Leon and I’m the other half of Red Lion! My talents lie in working out how the costumes will work, and building them! What made you decide on your costumes for the championship? Leon: The Lion King has been my favourite film since I saw it for the first time in 1994. I think we chose Timon and Pumbaa because they really fit Jamie and I – since he’s small and twitchy and I love my grub haha! Jamie: Timon is one of my all time favourite Disney characters and has been a dream cosplay of mine since I was a kid! The Lion King is also our favourite movie, and we loved the designs from the broadway show. We wanted to make something challenging and unique! You have been working on these costumes for around a year, is that correct? What have you enjoyed most about the process? Jamie: We worked on them for about 10 months altogether! The parts I enjoyed the most were definitely painting Timon’s head and the entirety of Pumbaa, because I started to see them come to life and it was so exciting! Leon: I think what I enjoyed the most was when we did the first tests actually wearing the puppets. Seeing them move around for the first time was really great for our motivation. I’m sure with such a complicated build there were some difficult moments. Can you remember any in particular and how you got through them? Leon: I nearly threw Pumbaa out the window. Twice. The main problem was that I had to build him on a mannequin and I just didn’t have enough hands at any one time. His size was a definite problem when trying to make his head because the mouth kept opening at the worst moments. Very frustrating! Jamie: I think we made everything on Timon and Pumbaa about 3 times because Leon kept deciding that it wasn’t good enough! Watching him rip off Timon’s legs (that we thought we’d just completed) with only 3 weeks to go until LFCC was horrifying! Hahaha! The reaction to your costumes has been very positive, are there any reactions that have been particularly memorable? Jamie: When we were at LFCC we were stood in the same spot for about 4 hours having photos taken which was awesome! One thing I did find sweet was a little girl coming up to Timon and just giving him the biggest hug! I hugged her back with Timon’s free arm and it was so adorable! Leon: I think the reactions from the Broadway actors have been amazing too. We even had a girl from The Lion King in London come up to us at LFCC and I think she was shocked we’d created them in a tiny one bedroom flat! When it came to the actual competition what did you think of the whole experience, were you nervous? Did you enjoy your time with the other contestants? Jamie: Showmasters were absolutely brilliant accommodating us (mostly Pumbaa XD) and it was actually only my second time ever on stage. I thought I’d be soooo nervous but I actually had little to no nerves at all, and had an absolute blast on stage! The other finalists were mostly so lovely and so supportive – we actually had a group chat on Instagram with about 8 of us in it, and we’d been chatting for weeks up until the con, showing each other our progress! It was really nice. Leon: What Jamie said. I was really only nervous about physically getting up onto the stage but the Cosplay Team at Showmasters were so accommodating and we’re very grateful to them. What are you going to spend your winnings on? Jamie: It’s all gone into our savings as we’re heading off to Orlando for Disney World next year! Leon: —and a romantic meal at Disneyland Paris in a few weeks! I hear you haven’t had much of a rest period and are already back to work on more big Lion King themed builds? Jamie: We’ve had a little rest so far so that’s been lovely! But yep, we’re going to start on Mufasa and Zazu from the broadway show for next July when we’re judging at LFCC! Leon: Mufasa is my absolute dream build and I cannot wait to start his mask. We actually went to visit the Lion King Broadway Pop Up Shop when we were in London and got lots of great reference photos. Well worth a visit! Congratulations again and thank you for answering our questions. You can find Red Lion Cosplay online at Facebook and Instagram. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
18/09/2019InterviewsView this post on Instagram A post shared by COSPLAY TUTORIALS | Netherlands 🇳🇱 Limburg (@pretzlcosplay) At London Film and Comic Con this summer, we had a chat with the multi-talented Pretzel Cosplay. See our interview below. When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it?I have been making clothes and costumes since I was a teenager. I started by making gothic clothes because they were so hard to find in stores. That changed into making fantasy costumes and then it changed into making cosplay costumes! I just always loved to make my own clothes and be crafty. Do you have a favourite costume? I think my ‘Woodelf Leafeon’ is my favorite costume. I made my own design for it, based on the Pokemon Leafeon. It has armor, a corset and a really cool leafy skirt! Everything handmade. I’m very proud of it and still love to wear it. What is your most popular costume?I think it’s a tie between Xayah and Cubone. For some reason people love those! Xayah is a costume I don’t wear a lot, because the wig that covers one of my eyes gives me a huge headache! But Cubone on the other hand… is super comfy and I love to wear that one! And people immediately recognize it being Cubone. That’s just so cool! Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how?Yes, my Zelda (Hyrule Warriors) costume. I made it a few years ago (2016) and I didn’t like how the armor turned out. I really loved how the skirt turned out though, so I sold my old armor and kept the skirt. Now I’m better at crafting with EVAfoam, I picked up this project again! I’m working on the new improved armor right now and it’s turning out much better now So happy I didn’t completely forgot about the project! Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on?I gave 2 talks. One about the thermoplastic material Worbla that I love to use for armors. And the other about how to design costumes for cosplay. I love to make my own designs based on existing characters and I love to craft with Worbla. So those two topics are really cool to talk about! What are your current favourite fandoms?Pokemon! And, also Skyrim and the Witcher. However, I still need to make costumes from those two games. But I want to make so many costumes… I have a huge list! What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the community?What I love most about cosplay is the creative part. So creating the costume, learning new techniques and also teaching those techniques to other cosplayers. Are you meeting any guests this weekend?I did! I met my favourite actor from Harry Potter. He played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies. My teenage crush! It was so awesome to meet him What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way? I’m a full time entrepreneur and I have my own webshop where I sell my handmade hoodies, dresses, onesies and shrugs! I also write E-books about cosplay crafting and I sell those in my webshop too. But not only books, I also digitalize the patterns that I make and use for my cosplay and offer them for download on my site. These cosplay resources are all first available to my patrons in my ‘V.ery I.mportant P.retzel club on Patreon! I attend conventions all over Europe as a cosplay guest, where I give talks about cosplay topics and judge cosplay contests. I’m really happy that I can call cosplay my job! It’s a dream come true really. What are you social media links?I’m most active on Instagram, my favourite social media platform! You can find me there: Facebook: Youtube: Patreon of course!: my webshop: View this post on Instagram A post shared by COSPLAY TUTORIALS | Netherlands 🇳🇱 Limburg (@pretzlcosplay) Like this:Like Loading... [...]
11/09/2019InterviewsView this post on Instagram A post shared by Corvidae Cosplay Emporium (@corvidaecosplayemporium) When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it? Both myself (Lib) and Ryan (the other cosplayer who makes up Corvidae Cosplay Emporium) started cosplaying when we were in our late teens- what we didn’t realise then was that we had been doing it for as long as possible. Our parents always had both of us dressed in costumes, with my first major costume being a giant foam Flounder when I was 5 and Ryan going on camping holidays to castles where he would always wear his knights armour. We are both creative and love the process of making cosplays and the excitement of wearing them, it’s why we got in to it and why we’re still doing it! Do you have a favourite costume?  Probably for Ryan and I it would be the Orochi and Nobushi. They’re both finished to a standard where we don’t particularly feel we need to do anything to them (which is a rare feeling for me!), they’ve lasted fantastically well considering the amount of wear they both have, they’re both incredibly comfortable and just really easy and fun to wear. The characters are brilliant and we’ve begun gaining a little group of For Honor cosplayers that meet up with us when they’re at the same cons and that is just the greatest feeling ever, a bunch of Samurai/Knight/Viking cosplayers just running around shouting things at one another! What is your most popular costume? Either our Destiny costumes (Taniks in particular) or our Orochi and Nobushi from For Honor. We have travelled to a lot of conventions alongside Numskull Designs promoting Destiny 2 with them on behalf of Bungie, so a lot of people know those costumes because of that. They’re old now, about 3 years old, so they’ve been around for a while. The Orochi and Nobushi are two cosplays that, as I said before, we think we’ve finished to a fantastic standard. The Ubisoft developers love the work too, they took one of the photos from a shoot we had with Dr Whero Photography and recreated the image in game, which is a massive honour but also meant our picture was pinned to the top of the For Honor subreddit for a while- a lot of the For Honor community knew us after that! Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how? We both still want to finish our Monster Hunter World costumes, the ones we won last years Cosplay Finals at LFCC in. But we’re both still putting those off because there is always more exciting things to build, and like I have said before in a previous interview those costumes took so much out of us we can barely cope with looking at them for a prolonged period of time! Once they come out of storage it’s only a case of a few minor tweaks- I want to airbrush a lot more detail in to all the paint work, particularly the Azure Rathalos, there are some bases like the Odogaron leg armour that need remaking for a tighter and more snug fit to my legs, and we’ve still a helmet to make for one of them! Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on? I am! My first talk in on the Cosplay Design Process- I have a BA (Hons) in Fashion and Costume so the talk is basically taking the usual design processes of both fashion and costume in an industry setting then applying it to how we make cosplays. It is a useful method if, like me, you’re head is all over the place when you craft! The second talk is on Cosplay Competitions and winning at the Showmasters Finals, so it’ll be a brief explanation of how we got our place in the regionals, a look at the cosplays we won in, what we did to attain high marks in prejudging and how we took our performance to the next level! What are your current favourite fandoms? We both, along with a lot of our friends, are once again getting back in to Destiny. If you’re prepared to grind and spend all night screaming at the ridiculous RNG its a fantastic game with some beautiful visuals and brilliant characters. Safe to say our next big builds will be Destiny-related!       What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the community? The process. For both of us, making the costumes and figuring out the tiny details or best way to make something work is really good fun. But then when we come to conventions and see all our friends and have great fun in cosplay I definitely start to wonder if maybe the community is just as enjoyable and the process. Are you meeting any guests this weekend? We are not unfortunately! We’re busy all Saturday judging the Cosplay Finals and we’re not sure how busy Friday and Sunday will be- we’re all planning on heading up to the signing area at some point to see who there is about, maybe someone will catch our eye! What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way? For me, cosplay is the reason I went to university and studied a costume degree. It has had a massive impact on my life in that way, and I made cosplay the core to everything I did at university. Ryan and I both do take commissions and often make things for a variety of different sources, but we both also have normal jobs too. I’m a No 7 Beauty Advisor and Ryan owns Hearnshaws Antiques and Vintage, selling and sometimes restoring antiques. He is very crafty, so it makes sense that he would do something like that! What are you social media links? Like this:Like Loading... [...]
04/09/2019InterviewsContinuing our series of interviews with Cosplay Guests at London Film and Comic Con, we spoke to DemoraFairy Cosplay about her work. When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it? I started cosplaying 11 years ago when some school friends decided to all go to a con and cosplay together and invited me along. I’d never heard of cosplay before that, but dressing up as my favourite character sounded amazing, and I absolutely loved it. Do you have a favourite costume?  I can never decide on this! It’s between Steampunk Mercy, Ankgorian Mercy and the Masquerade Armour. I love the Masquerade Armour cause it’s my favourite in terms of design, I love Angkorian Mercy cause I think it’s my most well-made cosplay, and I love Steampunk Mercy cause it was my own design and combines two of my favourite things – steampunk and Overwatch. So I can never decide which is my favourite out of those! What is your most popular costume? I guess either Steampunk Mercy or Angkorian Mercy, but I don’t know. Maybe I should do a poll and find out. Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how? If I was to redo an old one I’d probably redo Steampunk Mercy and put a lot more detail into the wings, I had a lot more ideas but ended up running out of time. I hate redoing things though and prefer to move onto new things, so I’d probably never go back to it. Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on? I gave a talk on how to make a corset for beginners. I was always really scared of making corsets and had this idea stuck in my head that they were impossible, then when I actually looked into how to do it I found it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, so I wanted to try to share that. I made a corset and filmed each part as some bits are quite hard to explain, but make sense once you get your head around them. I hope it helped someone! What are your current favourite fandoms? Overwatch! It’s my obsession right now. Other than that I also like the MCU, Pokemon, and a few others. What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the community? I love designing and planning how to make something and researching & trying out new techniques. I spend so much of my time thinking about how I’m going to do the next bit of a cosplay, especially if it’s something new that I need to experiment with to see how it goes. Are you meeting any guests this weekend? Sadly not, apart from cosplay guests! What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way? I’m a software developer, and I wouldn’t say cosplay has informed my work at all, but I would say my work has helped cosplay. I was able to program the Arduino in my Steampunk Mercy staff because of what I knew from my job, and I’m hoping to put more electronics like that into future projects. Unfortunately I’m much better at software than hardware, so I still have a lot to learn to do it properly! You can find DemoraFairy Cosplay online at: Facebook: Like this:Like Loading... [...]
28/08/2019InterviewsThis year’s London Film and Comic Con was the largest ever, boasting a cosplay stage full of interactive content and a wonderful line-up of cosplay guests. We sat down with Kaldorei cosplay for a chat about her experiences in the community. When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it? It was back in 2012 I went to MCM Comic Con just for a day to see what it was like as I had no idea. I was completely blown away by all the amazing costumes people had and inspired to make my own. When I did I returned the next year and tried the masquerade on the off chance, it really made me come out of my shell as I used to be very quiet and nervous. Thanks to cosplay I found my voice and comfort zone, I’m a completely different person now. Do you have a favorite costume? Its hard to choose as I like all of them but if I had to choose it was to be my Warsong Commander as I look like a completely different person wearing it and it’s fun to be imposing and scary! My normal self is the complete opposite. What is your most popular costume? Again it would have to be my Warsong Commander as it is a very striking/ eye catching costume but for World of Warcraft fans its nostalgic I get a lot of cheers when I wear it. What I really like is people who come up to me a talk about their Warcraft characters and their favorite experience while playing the game. Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how? I would love to re-make Xena again with 3D printed props and a proper corseted dress as it’s so much fun to cosplay her. I don’t tend to go back to my past costumes though as my future list is way too long and I like to focus on learning new skills. Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on? I gave a little panel about 3D printing for beginners, how to model props and the advantages/disadvantages of printing props. What are your current favorite fandoms? I have been a massive world of Warcraft fan now for about 16 years, I’m also a Zelda lover. I really like talking to people about the most recent game Breath of the Wild everyone has a different experience with the game, I just find it fascinating. What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the community? It has to be nerding out with people who love the same things as you and making new friends because of it. I also like inspiring people who want to make a costume but don’t know where to start or how to begin. Are you meeting any guests this weekend? Sadly no as my schedule this weekend is pretty jam packed, I really wanted to see Brandon Fraser as I’m a massive fan of the Mummy movies. What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way? I’m a studio assistant at a 3D modelling studio. So I like to model new props during quiet periods which means my skills are kept sharp and my interest in new software keen. It means I’m practicing all the time, I’m always looking for things to model. You can find Kaldorei Cosplay online at “Kaldorei Cosplay” on both Facebook and Instagram. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
12/06/2019InterviewsWe chat to Melissa about her body paint experience, the characters she’s drawn on herself and also her charity campaign she’s currently doing. What got you into cosplay? As I’m more of a body painter, I just really liked pushing makeup and seeing what else I could do with it. I used it as face paint for a long while and then I just felt like I wanted more! So I would paint my chest and then down to my stomach. In the end, I just paint head to torso every week, turning myself into different characters for my community. How do you explain cosplay to friends/family members who don’t know this hobby? “Bringing fictional characters to life.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melissa Croft 🇬🇧 (@mcroft07) You are known for body painting comic book characters on yourself. What made you decide to get into this hobby? I’ve always loved comic book characters, especially the style in which they are drawn and coloured. At first, I just had a fascination with wanting to make myself look 2D, but I gradually developed my own style with the paint. I suppose I never really decided to take it on as a hobby, I have just always played with using makeup “incorrectly” until I learned that it would be easier to do this with face paint, then it all developed from there. What was your first body paint character you did and was it to the level that you liked it? Haha! Well at first I used to play around with zombies and sfx. But the first real head to torso paint was Dark Phoenix. I thought it was great at the time but now I look back it gives me such a headache because it is so bad. But that is only because I have had a lot of practice and really honed in on my skill. I’m sure in 5 years time I will look at the paints I do today and feel like they need improving though. The key is to always practice, always improve, and always try new things. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melissa Croft 🇬🇧 (@mcroft07) Which Character has been the most fun to recreate and also the most challenging and why? Lady Mechanika! She is such a fantastic character. I do love her because I found this paint stressful, but so rewarding. It was the first time I wanted to practice detail work which there is a lot of. I also had to create and source a lot of props for that paint. I painted her as a subscriber request and then Joe Benitez ended up in my stream! He was so happy with it that he asked me to do a live demo on his stand at Comic-Con in London. I guess one of the most important things was the subscriber who requested it. I really connect with my community a lot and this subscriber was there for the stream, but unfortunately passed away a few weeks afterward. I was trying to message them to tell them about the opportunity that this paint had given me but couldn’t get through and wanted to send a huge thank you and a free print to them for such an amazing request. I received the message a few months later from someone who had inherited their computer. For all of these reasons, Lady Mechanika has a huge place in my heart. How much planning do you need to do before you start painting on yourself and how long on average it takes to paint yourself? This varies per paint quite a lot. My Twitch community has helped so much with immediate supplies such as wigs and contact lenses. If I haven’t got time to prepare something during the week then I can find a paint that just requires a wig I have and the lenses. Other paints might include a collar being made which can be done the day before. However, I’m currently working on a wig that will take a few months to build, I’m happy regardless because I just want to create the characters my community love. As for the average time, I would say 12 hours. The paints I have done which are head to torso could range from 9 hours to 18 hours depending on the level of detail. Having said that, I have also painted some face and chest looks which have taken 11 hours before too. I think it is probably difficult to gauge at the moment though, I’m always chatting and being silly on Twitch with my community and this is definitely a little distracting! I wouldn’t change it for the world though! Have you or would you love to do a live body paint session on stage at a comic con event? Yes! I was able to do this for Joe Benitez. I would love to do more though but perhaps not on a stage, they can take hours! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melissa Croft 🇬🇧 (@mcroft07) You stream your body paint sessions on Twitch.  What made you use this platform and how have you found using this platform? I used to just paint in the corner of my room and upload videos and photos to Instagram. After a while, I thought to use Youtube but I didn’t really like video editing very much so this didn’t work out for me. I then discovered KayPikeFashion and Twitch. I realised that if I live streamed my work then I wouldn’t have to edit any videos! I started it up and it was really fun, it meant I had some people to talk to while I was doing these sessions which would take up to 15 hours. Twitch has been amazing to me, it really brought a breath of fresh air. I’ve made a lot of really fantastic friends on there, had amazing experiences and been able to improve my work. I also think it has made me more confident and a better person as a whole. Do you get many rewards from using Twitch such as the interaction from your fans? So much. I love talking to my community and learning things from them. We are often very silly and I spend most of my time talking or reapplying the paint which I’ve cried off from laughing. I always have a smile on my face when I think about how great my community is, what they have done for me, and seeing the support they give me. They are the real MVP’s, I just provide a place for us all to gather. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melissa Croft 🇬🇧 (@mcroft07) What advice would you give to people about starting a channel on Twitch? You really need to understand that Twitch is more of a community-driven platform. It isn’t a “get rich quick scheme” or anything. People go into Twitch for the wrong reasons such as fame and money. But if you want to start because you want to be part of the community and grow your own audience then that’s great! Make sure you really are yourself because it is so easy to tell when you are being fake. It’s live for a good few hours at minimum and people can tell. I found growing all my social handles beforehand was incredibly helpful so I had some people to drive there. Finally, just be a good person! You’ve been posting #paintbatgirlblue on your social media platform. What is it and what does it mean to you? Each year I host an open collaboration which fundraises for a charity. Last year we did #paintdeadpoolpink and this year it is #paintbatgirlblue. Initially, it was aimed towards the body art and makeup community but a lot of people wanted to get involved regardless and I loved that! I ask people to take a popular character and change the colour. So this year I want to see a bunch of blue batgirls. We do this to show that as a community we can make a difference by working together, raising awareness and achieve something great. For Cancer Research UK we have currently raised over £1,500 this year. I wanted to show that this is a supportive community and that there are so many different styles of art out there. It’s a great thing to be able to see so many different variations of how people may interpret Batgirl if she was blue. In my opinion, it reinforces that art is not a competition, it’s just people creating what feels right for them and appreciating that everyone is a little different. It’s a wonderful thing to organise. I have so many messages about people sharing their stories regarding how cancer has affected them and that they appreciate what I’m doing. It can be a little stressful to organise and try to get people on board, but when I see people enjoy it, I see those stories, it’s probably the most rewarding thing I can do. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Melissa Croft 🇬🇧 (@mcroft07) How can people help out with your campaign and raise awareness? You can help out by creating a blue Batgirl! If you do, use the hashtag #paintbatgirlblue and tag me on Instagram @mcroft07. I share all the looks and will be creating a college at the end to share online. You can also donate to the page here: . While donating is not necessary, they do need funding to be able to make a difference. Even £1 will help! Going back to body paint, what character is your ultimate goal to paint on yourself? My ultimate goal is to complete a series of every Lara Croft outfit. I’m a huge Tomb Raider fan and I want to paint them all well so they do her justice! It’s a big project to work up to but it’s definitely worth it! If you want to follow Melissa’s work, you can on the following social media accounts. Twitch / Instagram / Twitter / Website / Facebook Like this:Like Loading... [...]
29/05/2019InterviewsThis week we chat to Metamorphica Cosplay who as well as being a long term cosplayer, having cosplayed for 20 years, we talk about her health limitation which can hinder but talk about her she rises above it. What got you into cosplay? I’ve always had a love of costume and sewing (I have a degree in fashion design) and it was a Halloween fancy dress party at university that started it all as I decided to make a costume of a character id fallen in love with – Catwoman from Batman Returns. Shortly after that I attended my first convention and found a world where dressing up as your favourite character could be done at any time of the year! How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby? If a friend says they are a fan of a particular sport, I’ll say, you know how you buy the replica kit of your favourite player and wear it to matches to support that team and player and represent your love for that sport? That’s similar to cosplay. We wear the outfits of characters we love to show our passion for that particular subject.  Some go further and research how the costume was made so they can recreate it themselves. To them, that shows their love and respect for the design of the character, not just that character itself. Otherwise, I just say, it’s a creative way of expressing love for a film or game or comic or whatever the subject source. You get to pretend to be your favourite character for a few hours and socialise with like-minded fans.  I always say don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it! View this post on Instagram A post shared by @metamorphica_cos How long have you been cosplaying for? Showing my age here, but my first costume above was made in 1997………so that would be over 20 years! I remember a time before worbla, eva foam, and cheap lace front wigs 😀 Can you remember your first cosplay and what it was like to be in it? My first proper cosplay was the Catwoman cosplay, I wore to a HUGE hotel convention in 1998. I entered the masquerade competition and came first in the movies category.  Remember going on stage and being blinded by the lights (as it was a proper stage above the audience) It was only after that i was told one of the guest actors had got out of his chair and bowed down on his knees to me (luckily it coincided with me saying ‘ Meow’ into the mic 😀 ) The whole evening I wore it, I was asked for photos and strangers would chat to me about the costume and their love for the character and film. I felt amazing wearing it and it got me hooked. View this post on Instagram A post shared by @metamorphica_cos What has been your favourite cosplay and why? Oh, this is a hard one as I’ve had so many favourites over the years for so many different reasons.  Callisto (from Xena Warrior Princess) for being my first major build and getting photographed with the actress who played her, Liara T’Soni for getting me into special effects makeup and meeting so many wonderful fellow Mass Effect fans as well as the actor/performers Mark Meer and Rana McAnear.  Maleficent for the fun of wearing a character little children want pics with..also scare them hahaha, Morrigan for the challenge of her ball gown costume and feeling so regal and Flemeth for my first major armour costume and feeling of bad-assness! I believe you have a medical condition. Explain to us what it is and how it affects you in your daily life? I do, in fact, I have a few. The main ones I have are Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism. Without going into much detail as I could be here all day, they are very similar in symptoms. Basically, they involve chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety and it causes depression and stress can be very detrimental. People don’t think of ‘stress’ as being bad but it’s all hormones and chemicals in the body and mess those around, it messes everything badly.  The latter condition is quite serious as I have to take hormone replacement medication and not taking it could kill me.It affects every day of my life. I don’t actually remember a time where I wasn’t in some sort of pain, somewhere. It also sets off other issues related to them like migraines, tension headaches, ibs, skin sensitivity, eye issues, allergies, etc. Just look up symptoms of hypothyroidism and the list is huge. With pain levels, after a while, the body and mind become adjusted to that level and you just carry on at a level of pain that would probably floor a healthy person. So when you see me in complaining I’m in pain, it’s bad.   You have to plan your day ahead as you only have a limited amount of energy to work with and doing too much can have a knock on effect to the next day and so forth. Cold weather can set off a ‘flare’ (a sudden increase of symptoms) so I have to be very careful in cold and wet weather. I had to quit working due to it, I even had my own costume making business but sadly the depression and stress took to much of a toll on me and I had to stop. Luckily I have a very supportive partner who helps me cope with everyday life. View this post on Instagram A post shared by @metamorphica_cos How does this affect you to cosplay? It’s affected how much I can do in my hobby. I used to be able to knock 4 or 5 costumes out a year, I’m lucky I can manage 1 or 2. Due to not being able to work, I have to budget carefully what I can do and it’s another reason costumes I make might take longer to do as I slowly buy the materials needed. I also have to look at a costume and work out if I can physically manage wearing it. For example. Maleficent. I know I couldn’t wear any of her winged costumes as it would cause too many issues with my shoulders having a harness on, even a very light one (I’ve done a winged costume a long time ago, so know the issues involved). My body shape has also changed a lot due to medication and the hypothyroidism, the latter controlling metabolism itself. So I’ve gained weight because of both of them. I know anyone can cosplay anything, but I choose to cosplay what I feel confident and comfortable in. So skimpy costumes are also off the table for me now.  As mentioned above cold weather can affect me so I have to be very careful at conventions and shoots when it’s cold as that can trigger a flare which means I may not be able to then do the next day of an event.  Warm costumes are a must!At events, I often run off adrenaline and endorphins (because cosplay gives me both of those)  and crash hard after the event is over. What people see at events isn’t me in everyday life. We talked about how this affects you but how do you not let it affect you? I don’t let it stop me enjoying myself or doing the hobby i love, i just have learnt how to manage my health whilst at events and whilst in costume. Cosplay for me is a form of therapy both physical and mental. I get out and am active, I socialise with friends and meet new people, the endorphins I make whilst out in costume keeps me going. As for making cosplay costumes, I don’t rush them now, if one gets made in time for an event – brilliant! If it doesn’t I don’t stress about it anymore. I make sure I have the comfiest shoes possible for the character as there will be a lot of standing, though I make sure I have access to somewhere to sit if need be. I take plenty of immunes boosting supplements before an event and so far I’ve not come down with ‘con crud’ since. I always take painkillers, ice pads, and heat pads with me to events so I can soothe any issues after a day in costume and my partner is very helpful in looking after me too. View this post on Instagram A post shared by @metamorphica_cos Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at? I’ve been very fortunate to live in a country (Wales) with loads of castles, so the location wasn’t an issue when it came to fantasy cosplays. But I would have LOVED to have shot in the London Westminster station, Canary Wharf or the O2 Dome, with my Liara costume as they are SO futuristic and would have made the most amazing backdrops. Now though as that costume is sadly retired. I think when I get my Maleficent christening gown done, to be shot inside a castle main hall, fully decked out with candlelight like Hever or Warwick castle would be amazing. Like this:Like Loading... [...]
22/05/2019InterviewsWhat got you into cosplay? A friend introduce me to the world cosplay. Which was perfect timing for me, I just started college and I was learning the ways of sewing. So I used that energy and started making costumes, I have never looked back since. How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby? It’s a community for like minded people who share their passion through the art of video games, comics etc…I like to show photos, this helps them realise it’s not “fancy dress” and a lot of time and skills go into every cosplay. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ✝️Purplemuffinz✝️ (@purplemuffinz) Where did the name purplemuffinz come from? No real story to tell you! It’s was something “quirky” I wanted to use. You are mainly work with latex.  What is the fascination with Latex and why use it in your cosplay? I have always been into textiles and the use of different fabrics fascinates me. Latex is beyond anything I have worked with before. No sewing involved, seams are all glued. I love how striking it looks, bold colours just like the classic comic book characters! View this post on Instagram A post shared by ✝️Purplemuffinz✝️ (@purplemuffinz) You have recently made your latex cosplay.  What difficulties have you experienced with making latex costumes? When I first started making latex it was difficult but I never gave up. I started making back in 2017 and have seen my work improve. It was a struggle to find any knowledge, not like sewing. You can grab a book or watch a video in seconds. Also I never worn latex before! So the way I make it is how I inversion latex to be. Have you worn non latex cosplays? Yes! All the time when I first started out. I used to make foam armour and lycra costumes. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ✝️Purplemuffinz✝️ (@purplemuffinz) Any stories you like to tell about wearing latex costumes? That you can spend hours not peeing! Catsuits makes it difficult but I try to take just won’t see me for an hour! What has been your experience to people seeing you in latex both at events and online? All been positive so trouble, just interest. I think people are curious, it’s something they haven’t seen before, I get asked a lot of questions. I think people like to try latex, now it’s more commercialised with celebs wearing it. Are you planning doing commission work? Yes, I would like to at some point. Just enjoying making for myself at the moment. What would be your dream latex cosplay build you’d love to make? Nova from Starcraft, it’s a mix of latex and foam armour so colliding both experience into one! View this post on Instagram A post shared by ✝️Purplemuffinz✝️ (@purplemuffinz) Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at? That’s a tough one! I have always wanted a cyber neon themed shoot, maybe somewhere in Japan, I think Major from Ghost in the Shell would cater well for this. Follow PurpleMuffinz on the following social media accounts. Patreon / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook Like this:Like Loading... [...]
08/05/2019InterviewsYou may be thinking with a channel called “LatexFashion TV” that they have nothing to do with the cosplay community but they have featured and attended a few Comic-Con Events to capture the cosplayers who wear latex costumes. We chat about the reason behind the fascination of latex, it’s place in Comic-Con and more. Explain to people what you do? Hi, I’m Cole. I make videos showcasing all things latex fashion from couture to cosplay. What is your fascination with Latex Fashion? Latex is such a unique material to capture on camera. The way it reflects light is like nothing else. Also, it’s totally bad-ass. You’ve attended a few comic con events. What’s your impression of these events compared to others you have been to? Comic Cons are such a great place to celebrate the pop culture we all love and it’s amazing seeing everyone cosplay bringing their favourite characters to life. In your opinion, what makes latex a great material to wear at comic con events. Latex is a perfect material for comic book characters or superheroes. It can be tight fitting or loose and flowing depending on the look your going for and makes a costume stand out unlike anything else. Cosplay by Maizy Marzipan Do you think there is still a ‘stigma’ for using latex material as a cosplay? I think most people just see latex cosplays as cool cosplays and don’t think about the material. And we see more latex cosplays each year as it’s become more popular. You film a lot of videos, showing us latex models and cosplayers. What made you produce videos in this style? We love to showcase models/cosplayers and their passion for latex and one of the ways we do that is with interviews and features. It’s always great to hear why someone chose that character or outfit and what it means to them. It’s a great way to show off their outfit too! Who has been your favourite Latex Cosplayer you’ve seen or worked with? I can’t pick a favourite, they’re all awesome… But a particular shoot I remember was with latex Ghostbusters I’ve loved Ghostbusters forever and that was amazing. Cosplay by Roxy love Is there a way for people who wear latex cosplay to contact you should they want to be featured in one of your videos? Sure, get in touch on our social media or website. We’re usually at MCM London and would like to attend more. Is there someone in the cosplay community whom you like to film for your channel? We really love working with Midknight Dragon, she was our first cosplay shoot as Selene! We love filming with Cozplay Girl too! Also, Maizy Marzipan, Candy Valentina, Purplemuffinz and.. arghh so many cosplayers people to name. We love them all. Is there any plans to expand LFTV? Our videos have always been quite short but have been working on longer content for later this year. And a series of features on latex fans who wear or work with latex every day, that’s been really cool to make.   Don’t forget to visit LataxFashion TV’s Social Pages. Website / YouTube / Vimeo / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook Cover Photo Featuring Stacey Rebecca & Cozplay Girl Like this:Like Loading... [...]
24/04/2019InterviewsThis week we chat to the wonderful Natashenka Cosplay who cosplays Black Widow and got invited to meet the cast of Avengers and meet her icon Scarlett Johansson. Read her interview with us about her experience as Black Widow and meeting Scarlett. What got you into cosplay? I started cosplaying after watching Avengers Assemble for the first time back in late 2012. Before that movie, I’d been a very casual comic book fan and seen a couple of the Marvel films, but for some reason Avengers Assemble really caught my eye. I’d never paid much attention to the MCU before, but this really intrigued me – the way all of the characters wove themselves together. Natasha Romanoff stuck with me after the movie finished and I honestly don’t really know why. I had seen Iron Man 2 so I vaguely knew who she was, but as I googled her and read her history, I just connected with her in a way that I never have done with a character before. I went out that weekend and bought the Phase 1 boxset, got myself caught up, and kept coming back to Black Widow. I saw a Facebook advert for MCM Birmingham a few weeks later. Me and my friends had always wanted to go to one and we decided to try cosplay – something we’d admired for a while but never attempted ourselves. That was when I made my first Black Widow costume. I think I literally said, “I want to be her.” Looking back, it was actually rather poor, but it was a starting point! I was hooked when I saw everyone in amazing costumes, and I wanted to improve my own skills. Fast forward six years and here we are! How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby? Sometimes it’s really hard to explain to people who don’t really know what the hobby is. I’m lucky because my friends and family are super supportive. My Grandad especially proud and shows my photos to all his friends and our extensive family. When it comes to people who don’t know what it is, I always get a laugh, as I think they think it’s just playing dress up. But when I take the time to explain the crafting and effort that goes into it and the social aspect, they are usually pretty impressed, and tend to ask to see photos. It also comes in handy at work conferences – when you have to introduce yourself and tell everyone an interesting fact about yourself to break the ice, it gets people talking! You cosplay a few different versions of Scarlett Johansson characters, namely versions of Black Widow and Major from Ghost in the Shell. What is it about her you like cosplaying as her? Scarlett Johansson is one of my biggest role models. It started with Black Widow, she totally drew me in with her performance and made me fall in love with a character I can really relate to. I then worked my way through her back catalogue, watched interviews with her and even did a few university projects on her (my dissertation was on Natasha Romanoff and I got a first, so I’m proud of that). She’s just such a strong and confident woman who brings strong, powerful female characters to life in films but who also cares enough to promote that in the press and the public eye – she’s an absolute inspiration to me. She’s also really funny and seems really down to Earth, which I like. You’ve been invited to both early Fan Events of Avengers Infinity Wars and Endgame. How did you get involved with that? Being invited to the Infinity War and Endgame Fan Events was simply a case of knowing the right people. One of my good cosplay friends was asked to assemble a team of Avengers for the Infinity War event by Disney last year and they asked me to be Black Widow. The Endgame event was a lot more spontaneous, but the same thing happened. I have no idea how they have that connection with Disney, but I am forever grateful that they asked me to represent my favourite character. I can’t ever say thank you enough to my friend, to Marvel Studio and to Disney for giving me the opportunities they have. The fact that they thought I was good enough to appear at both events is just an amazing feeling and it’s brought me so close to an insanely bunch of cosplayers who I’m proud to call my friends and Avengers family. You’ve met Scarlett at the Endgame Fan Events whilst wearing your Black Widow cosplay. What was that like and what did she say about your cosplay? Meeting Scarlett Johansson was the most surreal moment. I had no idea it was going to happen until literally half an hour before, if that. We were stood at the top of the stairs by the press and she came over. She was really impressed by our costumes, exclaimed “wow!” a lot, before stepping forward to me. She really loved my cosplay and asked me how I braided my wig. When I asked if we could take a photo, she immediately said “uh, yeah!” as if it was a given that we would do that, and she took a couple with me. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over that moment. She was the loveliest person who genuinely wanted to talk to us and say hi. I’m so happy that she’s as nice in real life as she is on the big screen and in the press. The whole thing was so weird but probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. My friends are the most wonderful people who know how much meeting her meant to me, so they let me have this moment and I love them all for that. And thank you to all of them for letting me cry over them afterwards! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Alex Rose (@natashkacosplay) How nervous were you about the event and meeting Scarlett? I was so nervous beforehand! I was given maybe half an hour’s notice that we were going to go down to the press area for photos and the whole time I had this ball of anxiety in my chest. As we met Paul Rudd and Chris Hemsworth it only got bigger, because I knew she was coming next. I honestly don’t remember much of what happened between Chris Hemsworth leaving and then Scarlett appearing, I was so focused on not crying or shaking. I kept my cool (somehow!) while meeting her but as soon as she was moved on I just lost it all over Dr Strange and Iron Man, and Marvel got it all on film and put it on This Morning and their own YouTube, which is so embarrassing but also really cool. Meeting the person who I’ve adored since 2012, the person who inspires me every day and who introduced me to the MCU and cosplay and essentially all of the people I’ve met through cosplay, was overwhelming. It was made more of a big deal because I’d resigned myself to never meeting her. She doesn’t do much press, she doesn’t do meet and greets, so I thought this would be impossible. The fact that not only did it happen, but a friend made it happen for me? That blew my mind! How hard was it to keep quiet about your invite to the event? It was ridiculously hard to keep quiet about the event! People have been genuinely mad at me and my team for not telling them, but what they don’t understand is that we are always under embargo from Disney. With the Infinity War event, we knew for about a week or two that we were going and had a secret schedule for the day, and our embargo was lifted a few days before so we could at least tell people we were going. With the Endgame event, however, we knew a week before that Disney wanted us, but we couldn’t say anything to anyone. Security was so strict that we only found out the venue the day before. We had a code phrase to tell security on the door to be let in and only after all the ballot tickets had been collected could we post anything online. It was so cool, security were cracking up, it was so funny. Disney worked so hard to keep the event secret and they did so well. And luckily most of my friends are understanding about the secrecy. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Alex Rose (@natashkacosplay) Has there been any other cosplays you’ve enjoyed wearing? Aside from Black Widow and Major Kusanagi, a few cosplays I’ve enjoyed wearing have been D.Va from Overwatch, Elsa from Frozen and Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games. Effie was probably my favourite because I hand-glued over 100 plastic butterflies together into a dress and got to run around MCM being all perky and ridiculous. She was so uncomfortable to wear though as I couldn’t sit down or bend in the dress. I’d love to bring her back someday; I had a brilliant reaction from people to her. Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at? Money (and skill) no object, I’d love to make a life size D.Va’s Mech from Overwatch, but I’m nowhere near that level of skill or craziness yet! To Follow Natashenka Cosplay, click on the following social media accounts.Instagram / Twitter / Facebook Like this:Like Loading... [...]
17/04/2019InterviewsSince 2019 we’ve been hosting weekly interviews with cosplayer of our community. We would like to throw it out there who you think we should interview on our website? The only catch is, we want you to nominate someone and why? We try and look for cosplayer who have something unique about how they cosplay, or their contribution to the community. It’s not restricted cosplayer. If you are a photographer, notable person in the community, we will be happy to interview you. Here are some of the past people we’ve interviewed Ginny Di (The Singing Cosplayer)Envyious (the girl who likes horns)Poisonne (2b, latex and more)CJ (that Guy on the Live MCM Stage)Raven Star Cosplay (Being Body Positive)Interview with David Love PhotographyThe 86th Floor (The Cosplay Music Videos)AmazonMandy (Life of a Commissioner) Fill out the form below and our team will review and contact anyone we think would be great to interview. Name(required) Email(required) Cosplayer's Name(required) Social Media Handle / URL(required) Reason for nomination(required) Submit Δ Like this:Like Loading... [...]
10/04/2019InterviewsThis week we interview the duo that is Zin INC and The Irstress. They have done some stunning cosplay both as a pair and solo. We talk deeper about cosplaying as a pair. What got you both into cosplay? Zin: The passion for performing and making costumes The Irstress: For longer than I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of dressing up in costumes so it was a matter of time for me to discover cosplay as a hobby. I got on stage for the first time in 2012 and I’ve been an active cosplayer ever since. I love both the costume making and acting aspects of cosplay. How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who doesn’t know this hobby? Zin: It’s Halloween every day 😀 The Irstress: Whenever I explain it, I usually tell people I make costumes, stage props, makeup, wigs, etc. and go to competitions where I perform a brief choreography or do photoshoots. Sometimes I describe it as “amateur theatre, but I make the costume and makeup as well”. I do my best to explain it as an art form, comparing it to traditional forms of art (acting, design, craftsmanship, etc.) View this post on Instagram A post shared by ZIN (@zin_inc) First things, congratulations on being the first ever Bulgarian WCS team. What were the cosplays you wore and what is it like being the first for your country? Zin: Grell and Madam Red from Black Butler. It is a huge honour and a dream come true The Irstress:  Thank you! For our WCS performance, we chose Grell Sutcliff and Madam Red from “Kuroshitsuji” – an anime that we both love dearly. I had wanted to cosplay Madam Red ever since I started cosplaying, so the feeling of finally wearing the red dress and costume (since I made two of her costumes) was amazing! And Zin is the best Grell I could ever wish for. Being the first team of Bulgarian representatives was as scary as it was exciting. We were quite nervous since we didn’t have past representatives to guide us, so we basically ventured into the unknown and it took us a while to figure out how everything should be done, but that was all part of the fun. How long did you plan the cosplays which won your representation for your country? Zin: About 4-5 months The Irstress: I think we got the idea a few months before the qualifications it took me personally at least a month of hard work to make the costume and chainsaw. The performance took us less than a week since we’re used to working together on stage. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Penumbra-Cosplays (@penumbra_cosplays) So how do you decide what cosplay you do as a duo? Zin: We both love the anime and the characters, also they have great chemistry together The Irstress: It was a very impromptu idea. We didn’t specifically intend to qualify for WCS. I remember us casually talking about how much we love “Kuroshitsuji” as an anime and how much we’d love to cosplay some of the characters there. Then out of nowhere an idea was born: “Why don’t we cosplay Madam Red and Grell and try applying for WCS?”. And the rest is history. Who argues the most about getting things done? Zin: We are both Libra, so it’s balanced, but Irstress is more serious and organised The Irstress: I guess that would be me. We both do our best to follow a schedule. However, out of the two I’m the one who constantly stresses out about deadlines, costume details and props. I suppose I’m more in charge of getting all the small details on the costumes, makeup, etc. right, while Zin makes sure our stage performance is on point. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Penumbra-Cosplays (@penumbra_cosplays) How do make sure you keep on track of your projects? Zin: I try to follow a schedule The Irstress: We make a schedule for the month and try to follow it. It doesn’t always work out as planned, but we’re good at improvising. How tough is it being in a team cosplay? (maybe say “What do you think are the pros and cons of being a cosplay team”) Zin: For me its actually easier to come up with a performance for a duo, and is also more enjoyable to share the passion The Irstress: The pros are that it can be super fun (as long as you’re working with the right people) – crafting and thinking of a stage performance together is always very pleasant. Also, for me personally – I have a heavy case of stage fright, but when I’m performing with a friend on stage, I feel much more secure. One of the main drawbacks however is that you need to take responsibility for other people apart from yourself – e.g.  if your teammates can’t finish their costumes on time or don’t attend rehearsals, the whole group might fail. In some cases, it turns out you need to work on other people’s costumes the night before the con and that can be extremely stressful. Nevertheless, I enjoy both cosplaying alone and in a team. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ZIN (@zin_inc) What tips would you give to others who work in a duo/group? Zin: Playoff each other strengths/weaknesses, don’t be afraid to correct each other, but don’t be demanding, have fun 🙂 The Irstress: Work with people you like – I think that’s the most important rule since at its core, cosplay is about having funMake sure everyone is serious about the project.  – Make sure everyone will have the time to make their costumes and will be able to attend rehearsals.If anyone can’t make their costume or needs a lot of help from the other teammates, make sure this is discussed beforehand (so that you can fit it in your schedule). The last thing you’ll want is someone surprisingly telling you they can’t make it a day before the convention.Make a schedule and follow itMake sure you have at least a weak to rehearse. Usually the bigger the group, the longer time you need to make a good performance. Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at? Zin: Versailles, Notre Dame, Victorian London ( i guess that the current Age is also no object haha) The Irstress: One of the things we lack in Bulgaria cosplay-wise are photo studios with different settings. So one of the things I’d really love to try at some point is taking a bunch of my cosplays and going on a photo vacation somewhere with such a studio. I’d especially love to shoot in a Japanese classroom set. I’d also love to revisit Meiji-mura again along with a professional photographer Cover Photo by Stefan Solakov Like this:Like Loading... [...]
03/04/2019InterviewsThis week, we interview the cosplay duo of LauraNiko & Miyuki Kurame Cosplay. Read how they deal with being in a Cosplay pair, their love for Final Fantasy, who argues the most and more. What got you both into cosplay? Since we was child we always been very fans of the anime that we saw on TV and we also played a lot of videogames, when we saw that people were “wearing anime costumes” at conventions we discovered that it was the best time to make it! Also, going with friends from the same series made us very happy! How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who doesn’t know this hobby? Well, all our friends and family know very well what cosplay is because they also like it, but normally when we have to explain what is our hobby we just say: “We make costumes ourselves as characters from anime, manga and videogames or movies that we like a lot, something like a halloween all year long where you can win contests and go to make super cool pictures” You two have done a lot of cosplays together.  How long have you been cosplaying as a duo? Since 2010, we met at a convention and soon after we started our relationship. We loved cosplay since before we met, but one of us like to sewing and the another one make the props so which was perfect to make a team! so the idea of always doing cosplay together was immediate and very important for us! We can see you’ve done a lot of Final Fantasy cosplay.  What draws you to these characters? Everything. We really love the Final Fantasy sagas although we have our favorites like: Final Fantasy IV, V, VII, VIII and XV, but also we are a big fans of SquareEnix in general. They are part of our childhood videogames, since we like them from small, so for us the Final Fantasy world is important. We also really like the soundtrack of these videogames, so whenever we do some Final Fantasy cosplay we listen to their soundtrack. What has been your most successful cosplay? Obviously Noctis and Prompto. They are the cosplays with which we have reached most people and more have shared us. They are also the cosplays with more photos we have because people like it a lot, and we love the characters and the videogame. They are the cosplays that we love the most and we have been uploading photos of them since 2016 (although Laura has made more characters of FFXV) So how do you decide what cosplay you do as a duo? It is very easy, each one has a very different style of characters we like it so we have never had doubts in which character each one choose. Almost always they are usually friends or couples so it is perfect for us. Only with 2B Nier Automata, it happens that we both love the character but there is no problem, we can exchange the cosplay hahaha. Who argues the most about getting things done? Miyuki sure hahahaha she is a perfectionist and always wants everything with the minimum detail. But even so, normally we do not usually argues a lot about cosplay decisions and how to do it. In general, we always have the same ideas and that’s why we never face each other. How do make sure you keep on track of your projects? Normally we always decide cosplays of characters that we love a lot, that’s why our “hype” never gets off when we’re working on it, even if we spend several months of work, we continue with the same enthusiasm as the first day. That is why we believe that it is very important to decide cosplays of characters that are very important for you, because in that way you will never lose the illusion of doing that cosplay. How tough is it being in a team cosplay? For us it is very easy! Each of us is dedicated to one thing. For example Laura make everything that is textile parts and Miyuki does everything that are props and armors, that means that no one of us wants to talk about the work of the other hahaha. Although when we talk about styling wigs, each of us stylized our own wig because that way we work more at ease. What tips would you give to others who work in a duo/group? Always have an open mind. Each member of the group can have their own way to doing something, so you always have to look at all the ways even if they are crazy hahaha, but if you have complicity and you know how to distribute the work… It will be very easy to do cosplay in team! Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at? Miyuki: I would love to go to Japan with my Noctis cosplay and have a super cool photoshoot at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building because is where the Insomnia Citadel of the Final Fantasy XV is based. LauraNiko: I would like to make the Cya guardian of time cosplay of the Hyrule Warriors in a cathedral or somewhere at night! Follow Envyious on the following social media pagesInstagram / Twitter (Lau) / Twitter (Miy) / Facebook Like this:Like Loading... [...]
27/03/2019InterviewsThis week we interview the wonderful and talented ‘horned’ cosplayer, Envyious. She has both competed and judge in cosplay competitions. We talk about her love for cosplay, her time as a cosplay judge and why the fascination for horns. What got you into cosplay? By accident almost, an old school friend of mine was posting photos of herself at cons and in costumes on facebook, and she encouraged me to give it a try. I made my first costume for my current favourite character on League of Legend for halloween. She then convinced me to try take it to a con and I’ve been hooked since! How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby? I’ve never really found too much difficulty explaining to friends and family, they’re all super supportive and creative types with my dad being an engineer and my mum who makes animal miniatures and quilts. I say I create costumes for characters I love, it’s another art form, like painting, but I get to learn useful life skills in the process. If anyone questions it, I try and explain it in more simple terms, It’s just a hobby where I make bits and it makes me happy, nothing more to it than that. Looking at the past cosplays you have done a lot of gaming based characters such as League of Legend, WoW, Blizzard. Which has been your favourite and why? I’ve spent a lot of time on all the games, I’m a massive blizzard junkie. My favourite costumes would have to be Jaina Proudmoore and Morrigan from Dragon age. I’ve adored jaina for the years I’ve played warcraft, and the amazing character development, it’s a real pleasure to bring her to life. The dragon age series has a special place in my heart as it helped me through a very difficult time, Morrigan was almost a rock of mine per say, so I love portraying her. Also noticing, you have a lot of photos that contain ears/horns.  Should we be worried about you and why the fascination for them? I’ve had an obsession with dragons from a young age, like, really bad haha, and really love monster girls. I’d say I’m a furry (Oh no! Get the pitch forks!) And I have a real appreciation and interest in anthropomorphic and monster suits I just really enjoy making head pieces! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Evie Gene (@eviegenecreates) In one of our Monday Discussion, someone mentioned you as their inspiration whom they look up to in the cosplay community, how did that feel? Honoured. It’s quite a surreal feeling almost. It really meant a lot, when often I don’t see myself as too much of a presence in the cosplay community, just chugging along doing my own little fun thing. So you have competed in cosplay competition and have been on a judging panel.  Which did you enjoy more and why? I enjoy entering more! I have a background in performing arts, I really adore being able to put the skills to use and trying to really bring characters to life. I’d really love to be able to work singing into some skits one day. Though I really enjoying getting to see the hard work and love put into other peoples costumes while judging. From your experience as a judge, what do you look for when judging a cosplayer? Someone who doesn’t talk about the costume faults, I know it plays on our minds a lot, but focus on all your good bits, if we miss your mistakes that only works in your favour. I find it really helpful when people have almost practiced what they’re going to talk about, walk us through the costume top to bottom, able to show knowledge about your chosen craft forms, progress photos and diaries are brilliant too! (But have them at the ready, don’t waste time trying to pull them up, we only get a few precious minutes with you, show us your best). I believe a judge should try and encourage the cosplayer to talk about their best, bring people out of their shells, make them comfortable, You want to feel at ease around a judge. What advice would you give to a cosplayer when competing in a contest? Just because you don’t win or place, it doesn’t mean your costume isn’t good enough. Don’t take it personally. Its different techniques, materials, practices, it can come down to tiny really small things, it’s not always bigger is better. Small perfectly executed costumes can beat detailed big builds that aren’t as well polished. Just try to relax and enjoy yourself. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Evie Gene (@eviegenecreates) You’ve worked with some whole host of photographers. Who has been the best to work with and why? My favourite photographers to work with has been laughing orc and Catberry. Laughing orc honestly puts me at ease, he’s very easy to get on with, his editing is fantastic and he’s such a kind hearted fellow, I’m lucky to work with him so frequently. Catberry honestly knocks it out the park every time, she works so damn hard for you it’s not even funny! Always trying to push her boundaries too, along with making sure your super comfortable too (she also makes great coffee!) Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at? I’d love to make a monster suit, a realistic one. Either a dragon such as toothless, or a realistic quadsuit based on a creature like Trico from the last guardian, or a realistic dino style suit for a bi pedal dragon! I love beasts and fantasy creatures and getting to interact with people in character in a realistic sense would honestly be so much fun, along with representing a character i really love. Follow Envyious on the following social media pagesInstagram / Twitter / Patreon / Twitch / Facebook Cover Image by Catberry Photography Like this:Like Loading... [...]
20/03/2019InterviewsSo, tell us where we might have seen you? If you ever attend MCM comic con you have probably heard me more than you have ever seen me. My voice has been echoing around the main halls for the past year. That or if you like bad puns or puppets doing bad things at comic con you may know me from that. If you like your TV news and spoilers, you can find a lot of my work on the site SpoilerTV too. That’s quite a lot thinking about it, I wish I had just gone with my initial thought of “At your mum’s house”.*Ummm…Thanks CJ You are currently working with MCM on their Live Stage. How did that come about? That is a bit of a weird one. I had initially talked to MCM two years ago with ideas I had about the Buzz stage and how they could change it and about hosting. I never heard back from them after that conversation. Then just over a year ago I got a message from the current stage manager who knew of me and seen my comic con musical and pun videos I had posted and asked if I’d like to get involved in the stage. After one show MCM decided to get rid of the MYM Buzz stage (not sure if that was because of me or not). So, the stage manager and I pitched the idea of re-branding it and changing a few things and make the MCM Live stage. With the simple idea of more fun, more interaction and different Q&A’s that you would get on any other panel stage. We also wanted more links to the cosplay community and gaming community so we got Tabitha Lyons (Aka ArtyFakes) to come host with us who is great on stage and a pretty talented cosplayer to boot. At MCM Birmingham this month it will be the one-year anniversary of the new stage and it’s still here, so we must have done something right. Luckily I have Tabby to reign me in if I’m being to much of an idiot on stage, she is a lot more professional than I’ll ever be. What funny stories can you tell us from your experience being the host on the Live Stage? There are so many I wouldn’t know where to start. I have spooned guests on the sofa while doing the interview. I have carried some of them on stage to audition to work for them. We have had fans singing songs with the celebrities that they made up as kids. Stealing audience members phones and sending random snapchats to their friends with the guests. I am the first to admit I get bored during long Q&A panels (a lot of guests even admit this too), so any opportunity we can have to have some fun with them always seems to go down well with both guests and audience. It’s great knowing that I have taught big Hollywood celebrities how to speak in a Geordie accent, or them telling me “I’m like the girlfriend no one wants”. I think the funniest thing that I keep is a tally of “How many celebrities I have I peed next to”. I always end up in the urinals at the same time as the guests, purely accidently I swear! Which guest have you had on your stage which has been the most surprising? I would never say I am surprised but the one thing I love about hosting and meeting the guests behind the scenes is that you see a side of them you don’t necessarily get a chance to develop from a quick 30 second photo or chatting during an autograph. Most of them always seem in awe/shocked at some of the fans they meet, the stories they here and really do love the experience of going to these events and meeting everyone. I have learnt a lot from voice actors, authors and actors about the whole process they go through to create what we see and love, and sometimes I don’t envy them on how much blood, sweat and tears they go through. I think the main thing is to remember that the characters they portray or what you see and read in interviews only give you a small insight into the person that they are. So, in that sense, maybe all of them surprise/intrigue me in some way. Who would you like to have on your live stage? To be totally honest, I’m happy to chat to anyone and everyone. I have watched so many TV shows and Movies that just meeting these people and finding out about the process of making the shows/films and fun experiences they have had make everyone so interesting. If I had to narrow it down I suppose I would say: the cast of Chuck, LOST, Lucifer, Buffy, anyone from Marvel, anyone from DC, anyone from Star Wars, Person of interest, Stranger things, most netflix shows……..should I stop now?*Yes please! Do you enjoy having the crowd so close to interact with? It’s the crowd that makes it so much fun. It’s very rare I will take a break and leave the stage because I am interacting or chatting with the crowd. I’m a strong believer in making all the panels about the audience. Getting their questions heard, playing fun games with them and the guests. Comic Con is all about making new friends and doing something you can enjoy with people of similar interest. I love the idea of getting cosplayers involved and having the guests meeting the people that have taken the time to dress to match their favourite shows (at one point we had 60+ Disney cosplayers with the Disney guests) You also have fingers in other pies. Such as helping the TV show Lucifer get renewed. How do you feel having had a helping hand with that? It was so weird how that came about. I do a lot of work with SpoilerTV but I very rarely post articles on the site that are serious or reviews. Lucifer was a show I loved and I personally though it was cancelled way sooner than it should have. So I wrote an article about how the fans can help to promote and get the show back on air. Once the article posted, my phone start going crazy with notifications of people sharing and messaging me thanking me for the article. This ended up with cast and crew tweeting and sharing and talking to me. I then spent a number of weeks just being involved on twitter and chatting with fellow lucifer fans. It was pretty cool getting Tom Ellis (who plays Lucifer) to MCM and meeting so many of the community who were fighting to save the show. I actually met Tom a few weeks back at a different event. I was shocked he spotted me and came over to give me a hug and had a conversation with me. It’s a great show and I can genuinely say the cast and crew are amazingly nice people and deserve every success on Netflix. You’ve also had a hand with helping us record some fun “Cosplay is not consent” videos. Why did you get involved in this project with FnC? My mum made me do it, she is a big fan of Food and Cosplay. Just kidding (well not about the fan part). I had been wanting to do a project with FnC for a very long time and this topic seemed to be something that we both felt strongly about. I am a big fan of videos being funny and memorable but also making a point. Plus who doesn’t like videos involving puppets. It is still a message that needs to be put out there but the video broke over 2 million views so hopefully it has made a difference in some sort of way. If not it was great fun making up the ideas and creating something that people enjoyed. What future plans do you have that you can tell us? Currently my video making has been put on hold but I will be hopefully focusing more on the SpoilerTV youtube channel (we have managed to get 40K subs in a year so its growing rapidly). The main thing I will be focusing on will be returning to the MCM Live stage this year. We have a lot of great ideas for the stage this year and the guests at MCM. All I will say is expect less Q&A from me and Tabitha and more fun interactive content with the guests involving the audience. Not many stages offer that opportunity so I’m pretty proud that MCM are trusting us to do new and interesting things at a comic con panel. Like this:Like Loading... [...]

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