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Interview with LatexFashion TV

You may be thinking with a channel called “LatexFashion TV” that they have nothing to do with the cosplay community but they have featured and attended a few Comic-Con Events to capture the cosplayers who wear latex costumes. We chat about the reason behind the fascination of latex, it’s place in Comic-Con and more.

Explain to people what you do?

Hi, I’m Cole. I make videos showcasing all things latex fashion from couture to cosplay.

What is your fascination with Latex Fashion?

Latex is such a unique material to capture on camera. The way it reflects light is like nothing else. Also, it’s totally bad-ass.

You’ve attended a few comic con events. What’s your impression of these events compared to others you have been to?

Comic Cons are such a great place to celebrate the pop culture we all love and it’s amazing seeing everyone cosplay bringing their favourite characters to life.

In your opinion, what makes latex a great material to wear at comic con events.

Latex is a perfect material for comic book characters or superheroes. It can be tight fitting or loose and flowing depending on the look your going for and makes a costume stand out unlike anything else.

Cosplay by Maizy Marzipan

Do you think there is still a ‘stigma’ for using latex material as a cosplay?

I think most people just see latex cosplays as cool cosplays and don’t think about the material. And we see more latex cosplays each year as it’s become more popular.

You film a lot of videos, showing us latex models and cosplayers. What made you produce videos in this style?

We love to showcase models/cosplayers and their passion for latex and one of the ways we do that is with interviews and features. It’s always great to hear why someone chose that character or outfit and what it means to them. It’s a great way to show off their outfit too!

Who has been your favourite Latex Cosplayer you’ve seen or worked with?

I can’t pick a favourite, they’re all awesome… But a particular shoot I remember was with latex Ghostbusters I’ve loved Ghostbusters forever and that was amazing.

Cosplay by Roxy love

Is there a way for people who wear latex cosplay to contact you should they want to be featured in one of your videos?

Sure, get in touch on our social media or website. We’re usually at MCM London and would like to attend more.

Is there someone in the cosplay community whom you like to film for your channel?

We really love working with Midknight Dragon, she was our first cosplay shoot as Selene! We love filming with Cozplay Girl too! Also, Maizy Marzipan, Candy Valentina, Purplemuffinz and.. arghh so many cosplayers people to name. We love them all.

Is there any plans to expand LFTV?

Our videos have always been quite short but have been working on longer content for later this year. And a series of features on latex fans who wear or work with latex every day, that’s been really cool to make.  

Don’t forget to visit LataxFashion TV’s Social Pages.

Website / YouTube / Vimeo / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Cover Photo Featuring Stacey Rebecca & Cozplay Girl

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