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Interview with Envyious (the girl who likes horns)

This week we interview the wonderful and talented ‘horned’ cosplayer, Envyious. She has both competed and judge in cosplay competitions. We talk about her love for cosplay, her time as a cosplay judge and why the fascination for horns.

What got you into cosplay?

By accident almost, an old school friend of mine was posting photos of herself at cons and in costumes on facebook, and she encouraged me to give it a try. I made my first costume for my current favourite character on League of Legend for halloween. She then convinced me to try take it to a con and I’ve been hooked since!

How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby?

I’ve never really found too much difficulty explaining to friends and family, they’re all super supportive and creative types with my dad being an engineer and my mum who makes animal miniatures and quilts. I say I create costumes for characters I love, it’s another art form, like painting, but I get to learn useful life skills in the process. If anyone questions it, I try and explain it in more simple terms, It’s just a hobby where I make bits and it makes me happy, nothing more to it than that.

Looking at the past cosplays you have done a lot of gaming based characters such as League of Legend, WoW, Blizzard. Which has been your favourite and why?

I’ve spent a lot of time on all the games, I’m a massive blizzard junkie. My favourite costumes would have to be Jaina Proudmoore and Morrigan from Dragon age. I’ve adored jaina for the years I’ve played warcraft, and the amazing character development, it’s a real pleasure to bring her to life. The dragon age series has a special place in my heart as it helped me through a very difficult time, Morrigan was almost a rock of mine per say, so I love portraying her.

Also noticing, you have a lot of photos that contain ears/horns.  Should we be worried about you and why the fascination for them?

I’ve had an obsession with dragons from a young age, like, really bad haha, and really love monster girls. I’d say I’m a furry (Oh no! Get the pitch forks!) And I have a real appreciation and interest in anthropomorphic and monster suits I just really enjoy making head pieces!

In one of our Monday Discussion, someone mentioned you as their inspiration whom they look up to in the cosplay community, how did that feel?

Honoured. It’s quite a surreal feeling almost. It really meant a lot, when often I don’t see myself as too much of a presence in the cosplay community, just chugging along doing my own little fun thing.

So you have competed in cosplay competition and have been on a judging panel.  Which did you enjoy more and why?

I enjoy entering more! I have a background in performing arts, I really adore being able to put the skills to use and trying to really bring characters to life. I’d really love to be able to work singing into some skits one day. Though I really enjoying getting to see the hard work and love put into other peoples costumes while judging.

From your experience as a judge, what do you look for when judging a cosplayer?

Someone who doesn’t talk about the costume faults, I know it plays on our minds a lot, but focus on all your good bits, if we miss your mistakes that only works in your favour. I find it really helpful when people have almost practiced what they’re going to talk about, walk us through the costume top to bottom, able to show knowledge about your chosen craft forms, progress photos and diaries are brilliant too! (But have them at the ready, don’t waste time trying to pull them up, we only get a few precious minutes with you, show us your best).
I believe a judge should try and encourage the cosplayer to talk about their best, bring people out of their shells, make them comfortable, You want to feel at ease around a judge.

What advice would you give to a cosplayer when competing in a contest?

Just because you don’t win or place, it doesn’t mean your costume isn’t good enough. Don’t take it personally. Its different techniques, materials, practices, it can come down to tiny really small things, it’s not always bigger is better. Small perfectly executed costumes can beat detailed big builds that aren’t as well polished. Just try to relax and enjoy yourself.

You’ve worked with some whole host of photographers. Who has been the best to work with and why?

My favourite photographers to work with has been laughing orc and Catberry. Laughing orc honestly puts me at ease, he’s very easy to get on with, his editing is fantastic and he’s such a kind hearted fellow, I’m lucky to work with him so frequently. Catberry honestly knocks it out the park every time, she works so damn hard for you it’s not even funny! Always trying to push her boundaries too, along with making sure your super comfortable too (she also makes great coffee!)

Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at?

I’d love to make a monster suit, a realistic one. Either a dragon such as toothless, or a realistic quadsuit based on a creature like Trico from the last guardian, or a realistic dino style suit for a bi pedal dragon! I love beasts and fantasy creatures and getting to interact with people in character in a realistic sense would honestly be so much fun, along with representing a character i really love.

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Cover Image by Catberry Photography

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