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Interview with PurpleMuffinz (Wears and Makes a lot of Latex Cosplay)

What got you into cosplay?

A friend introduce me to the world cosplay. Which was perfect timing for me, I just started college and I was learning the ways of sewing. So I used that energy and started making costumes, I have never looked back since.

How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby?

It’s a community for like minded people who share their passion through the art of video games, comics etc…I like to show photos, this helps them realise it’s not “fancy dress” and a lot of time and skills go into every cosplay.

Where did the name purplemuffinz come from?

No real story to tell you! It’s was something “quirky” I wanted to use.

You are mainly work with latex.  What is the fascination with Latex and why use it in your cosplay?

I have always been into textiles and the use of different fabrics fascinates me. Latex is beyond anything I have worked with before. No sewing involved, seams are all glued.

I love how striking it looks, bold colours just like the classic comic book characters!

You have recently made your latex cosplay.  What difficulties have you experienced with making latex costumes?

When I first started making latex it was difficult but I never gave up. I started making back in 2017 and have seen my work improve. It was a struggle to find any knowledge, not like sewing. You can grab a book or watch a video in seconds. Also I never worn latex before! So the way I make it is how I inversion latex to be.

Have you worn non latex cosplays?

Yes! All the time when I first started out. I used to make foam armour and lycra costumes.

Any stories you like to tell about wearing latex costumes?

That you can spend hours not peeing! Catsuits makes it difficult but I try to take just won’t see me for an hour!

What has been your experience to people seeing you in latex both at events and online?

All been positive so trouble, just interest. I think people are curious, it’s something they haven’t seen before, I get asked a lot of questions. I think people like to try latex, now it’s more commercialised with celebs wearing it.

Are you planning doing commission work?

Yes, I would like to at some point. Just enjoying making for myself at the moment.

What would be your dream latex cosplay build you’d love to make?

Nova from Starcraft, it’s a mix of latex and foam armour so colliding both experience into one!

Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at?

That’s a tough one!

I have always wanted a cyber neon themed shoot, maybe somewhere in Japan, I think Major from Ghost in the Shell would cater well for this.

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