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Interview with Kaldorei Cosplay at LFCC 2019

This year’s London Film and Comic Con was the largest ever, boasting a cosplay stage full of interactive content and a wonderful line-up of cosplay guests.

We sat down with Kaldorei cosplay for a chat about her experiences in the community.

When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it?

Kaldarei Cosplay as her Warsong Commander from WoW. Picture by Roee Zinaty

It was back in 2012 I went to MCM Comic Con just for a day to see what it was like as I had no idea. I was completely blown away by all the amazing costumes people had and inspired to make my own. When I did I returned the next year and tried the masquerade on the off chance, it really made me come out of my shell as I used to be very quiet and nervous. Thanks to cosplay I found my voice and comfort zone, I’m a completely different person now.

Do you have a favorite costume?
Its hard to choose as I like all of them but if I had to choose it was to be my Warsong Commander as I look like a completely different person wearing it and it’s fun to be imposing and scary! My normal self is the complete opposite.

What is your most popular costume?
Again it would have to be my Warsong Commander as it is a very striking/ eye catching costume but for World of Warcraft fans its nostalgic I get a lot of cheers when I wear it. What I really like is people who come up to me a talk about their Warcraft characters and their favorite experience while playing the game.

Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how?
I would love to re-make Xena again with 3D printed props and a proper corseted dress as it’s so much fun to cosplay her. I don’t tend to go back to my past costumes though as my future list is way too long and I like to focus on learning new skills.

Kaldorei Cosplay as Skull Kid from Zelda. Picture by FreshCrewStudios

Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on?
I gave a little panel about 3D printing for beginners, how to model props and the advantages/disadvantages of printing props.

What are your current favorite fandoms?
I have been a massive world of Warcraft fan now for about 16 years, I’m also a Zelda lover. I really like talking to people about the most recent game Breath of the Wild everyone has a different experience with the game, I just find it fascinating.

What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the community?
It has to be nerding out with people who love the same things as you and making new friends because of it. I also like inspiring people who want to make a costume but don’t know where to start or how to begin.

Are you meeting any guests this weekend?

Kaldorei Cosplay as Magdha from Diablo III. Picture by Artflower Fotografie

Sadly no as my schedule this weekend is pretty jam packed, I really wanted to see Brandon Fraser as I’m a massive fan of the Mummy movies.

What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way?
I’m a studio assistant at a 3D modelling studio. So I like to model new props during quiet periods which means my skills are kept sharp and my interest in new software keen. It means I’m practicing all the time, I’m always looking for things to model.

You can find Kaldorei Cosplay online at “Kaldorei Cosplay” on both Facebook and Instagram.

Kaldorei Cosplay as a Druid from WoW. Picture by Shinigami Photography

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