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Corvidae Cosplay Emporium Interview – LFCC 2019

When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it?

Both myself (Lib) and Ryan (the other cosplayer who makes up Corvidae Cosplay Emporium) started cosplaying when we were in our late teens- what we didn’t realise then was that we had been doing it for as long as possible. Our parents always had both of us dressed in costumes, with my first major costume being a giant foam Flounder when I was 5 and Ryan going on camping holidays to castles where he would always wear his knights armour. We are both creative and love the process of making cosplays and the excitement of wearing them, it’s why we got in to it and why we’re still doing it!

Do you have a favourite costume?

Nobushi and Orochi
Photo by Robert Mann MA Photography

 Probably for Ryan and I it would be the Orochi and Nobushi. They’re both finished to a standard where we don’t particularly feel we need to do anything to them (which is a rare feeling for me!), they’ve lasted fantastically well considering the amount of wear they both have, they’re both incredibly comfortable and just really easy and fun to wear. The characters are brilliant and we’ve begun gaining a little group of For Honor cosplayers that meet up with us when they’re at the same cons and that is just the greatest feeling ever, a bunch of Samurai/Knight/Viking cosplayers just running around shouting things at one another!

What is your most popular costume?

Either our Destiny costumes (Taniks in particular) or our Orochi and Nobushi from For Honor. We have travelled to a lot of conventions alongside Numskull Designs promoting Destiny 2 with them on behalf of Bungie, so a lot of people know those costumes because of that. They’re old now, about 3 years old, so they’ve been around for a while. The Orochi and Nobushi are two cosplays that, as I said before, we think we’ve finished to a fantastic standard. The Ubisoft developers love the work too, they took one of the photos from a shoot we had with Dr Whero Photography and recreated the image in game, which is a massive honour but also meant our picture was pinned to the top of the For Honor subreddit for a while- a lot of the For Honor community knew us after that!

Corvidae Cosplay Emporium hosting this year’s LFCC Cosplay Championship.

Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how?

We both still want to finish our Monster Hunter World costumes, the ones we won last years Cosplay Finals at LFCC in. But we’re both still putting those off because there is always more exciting things to build, and like I have said before in a previous interview those costumes took so much out of us we can barely cope with looking at them for a prolonged period of time! Once they come out of storage it’s only a case of a few minor tweaks- I want to airbrush a lot more detail in to all the paint work, particularly the Azure Rathalos, there are some bases like the Odogaron leg armour that need remaking for a tighter and more snug fit to my legs, and we’ve still a helmet to make for one of them!

Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on?

I am! My first talk in on the Cosplay Design Process- I have a BA (Hons) in Fashion and Costume so the talk is basically taking the usual design processes of both fashion and costume in an industry setting then applying it to how we make cosplays. It is a useful method if, like me, you’re head is all over the place when you craft! The second talk is on Cosplay Competitions and winning at the Showmasters Finals, so it’ll be a brief explanation of how we got our place in the regionals, a look at the cosplays we won in, what we did to attain high marks in prejudging and how we took our performance to the next level!

Destiny costume
Photo by Dr Whero

What are your current favourite fandoms?

We both, along with a lot of our friends, are once again getting back in to Destiny. If you’re prepared to grind and spend all night screaming at the ridiculous RNG its a fantastic game with some beautiful visuals and brilliant characters. Safe to say our next big builds will be Destiny-related!




What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the

Destiny costume
Photo by Dr Whero


The process. For both of us, making the costumes and figuring out the tiny details or best way to make something work is really good fun. But then when we come to conventions and see all our friends and have great fun in cosplay I definitely start to wonder if maybe the community is just as enjoyable and the process.

Are you meeting any guests this weekend?

We are not unfortunately! We’re busy all Saturday judging the Cosplay Finals and we’re not sure how busy Friday and Sunday will be- we’re all planning on heading up to the signing area at some point to see who there is about, maybe someone will catch our eye!

What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way?

For me, cosplay is the reason I went to university and studied a costume degree. It has had a massive impact on my life in that way, and I made cosplay the core to everything I did at university. Ryan and I both do take commissions and often make things for a variety of different sources, but we both also have normal jobs too. I’m a No 7 Beauty Advisor and Ryan owns Hearnshaws Antiques and Vintage, selling and sometimes restoring antiques. He is very crafty, so it makes sense that he would do something like that!

What are you social media links?

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