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My Photo Projects – How To train Your Dragon 3

Sometime in September, myself, Jinxy Dragon and Ember Wolf, embarked on shooting Night Fury and Light Fury on a windy and cold day. *Smart thinking Eddie. 

For those who don’t know, these cosplay are the human form version of the dragons from “How To Train Your Dragon“.  We shot in two locations of Colwyn Bay in North Wales and Delamere Forest in Cheshire.  These locations were very contrasting but gave stunning areas to shoot in.  One of the things I wanted to try and shoot were smoke bombs.  They were fun but interesting to shoot, something I like to try again and get a better dynamic shot of the smoke with the cosplayer. 

This project came about as when I saw Ember Wolf as Light Fury and we decided that we should take this on a location shoot. During the planning stage, Ember was able to involve Jinxy Dragon (well, it’s in her title) to be her NightFury. I am always looking for projects to really get my creative mind going.  To try and convoy animal like poses but in human form is a challenge but also, I try and walk into a new project with new ideas or plan. 

We also had Dr Whero Photography filming behind the scenes montage of the day.  Please go and follow his work.

Special mention to Gabby_MCC who commissioned the cosplays for the cosplayers to wear.

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