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Interview with DemoraFairy Cosplay at LFCC 2019

Continuing our series of interviews with Cosplay Guests at London Film and Comic Con, we spoke to DemoraFairy Cosplay about her work.

When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it?

I started cosplaying 11 years ago when some school friends decided to all go to a con and cosplay together and invited me along. I’d never heard of cosplay before that, but dressing up as my favourite character sounded amazing, and I absolutely loved it.

Do you have a favourite costume?

Demora Fairy Cosplay in her Steampunk Mercy. Picture by Danarki

 I can never decide on this! It’s between Steampunk Mercy, Ankgorian Mercy and the Masquerade Armour. I love the Masquerade Armour cause it’s my favourite in terms of design, I love Angkorian Mercy cause I think it’s my most well-made cosplay, and I love Steampunk Mercy cause it was my own design and combines two of my favourite things – steampunk and Overwatch. So I can never decide which is my favourite out of those!

What is your most popular costume?

I guess either Steampunk Mercy or Angkorian Mercy, but I don’t know. Maybe I should do a poll and find out.

Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how?

If I was to redo an old one I’d probably redo Steampunk Mercy and put a lot more detail into the wings, I had a lot more ideas but ended up running out of time. I hate redoing things though and prefer to move onto new things, so I’d probably never go back to it.

Demora Fairy Cosplay in her Angkorian Mercy. Picture by Progenitor Photography

Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on?

I gave a talk on how to make a corset for beginners. I was always really scared of making corsets and had this idea stuck in my head that they were impossible, then when I actually looked into how to do it I found it wasn’t as difficult as I thought, so I wanted to try to share that. I made a corset and filmed each part as some bits are quite hard to explain, but make sense once you get your head around them. I hope it helped someone!

What are your current favourite fandoms?

Overwatch! It’s my obsession right now. Other than that I also like the MCU, Pokemon, and a few others.

What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the community?

Demora Fairy Cosplay in her Masquerade Armour. Picture by Lexo One Photographie

I love designing and planning how to make something and researching & trying out new techniques. I spend so much of my time thinking about how I’m going to do the next bit of a cosplay, especially if it’s something new that I need to experiment with to see how it goes.

Are you meeting any guests this weekend?

Sadly not, apart from cosplay guests!

What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way?

I’m a software developer, and I wouldn’t say cosplay has informed my work at all, but I would say my work has helped cosplay. I was able to program the Arduino in my Steampunk Mercy staff because of what I knew from my job, and I’m hoping to put more electronics like that into future projects. Unfortunately I’m much better at software than hardware, so I still have a lot to learn to do it properly!

You can find DemoraFairy Cosplay online at:


DemoraFairy Cosplay in her Hannah Alexander inspired Mercy. Picture by Progenitor Photography

Demora Fairy cosplay as Mercy. Picture by Unmadesugar Cosplay Photography

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