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Interview with Pretzel Cosplay – LFCC 2019

At London Film and Comic Con this summer, we had a chat with the multi-talented Pretzel Cosplay. See our interview below.

When did you start cosplaying and what got you into it?
I have been making clothes and costumes since I was a teenager. I started by making gothic clothes because they were so hard to find in stores. That changed into making fantasy costumes and then it changed into making cosplay costumes! I just always loved to make my own clothes and be crafty.

Do you have a favourite costume?

Leafeon, costume and photo by Pretzel Cosplay

I think my ‘Woodelf Leafeon’ is my favorite costume. I made my own design for it, based on the Pokemon Leafeon. It has armor, a corset and a really cool leafy skirt! Everything handmade. I’m very proud of it and still love to wear it.

What is your most popular costume?
I think it’s a tie between Xayah and Cubone. For some reason people love those! Xayah is a costume I don’t wear a lot, because the wig that covers one of my eyes gives me a huge headache! But Cubone on the other hand… is super comfy and I love to wear that one! And people immediately recognize it being Cubone. That’s just so cool!

Is there an old costume that you would love to improve and how?
Yes, my Zelda (Hyrule Warriors) costume. I made it a few years ago (2016) and I didn’t like how the armor turned out. I really loved how the skirt turned out though, so I sold my old armor and kept the skirt. Now I’m better at crafting with EVAfoam, I picked up this project again! I’m working on the new improved armor right now and it’s turning out much better now So happy I didn’t completely forgot about the project!

Cuebone, costume and photo by Pretzel Cosplay

Are you giving any talks this weekend and what on?
I gave 2 talks. One about the thermoplastic material Worbla that I love to use for armors. And the other about how to design costumes for cosplay. I love to make my own designs based on existing characters and I love to craft with Worbla. So those two topics are really cool to talk about!

What are your current favourite fandoms?
Pokemon! And, also Skyrim and the Witcher. However, I still need to make costumes from those two games. But I want to make so many costumes… I have a huge list!

What do you enjoy most about cosplay; the process and the community?
What I love most about cosplay is the creative part. So creating the costume, learning new techniques and also teaching those techniques to other cosplayers.

Are you meeting any guests this weekend?
I did! I met my favourite actor from Harry Potter. He played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies. My teenage crush! It was so awesome to meet him

What is your day job and has cosplay as a hobby informed your work in any way?

She-Ra, costume and photo by Pretzel Cosplay

I’m a full time entrepreneur and I have my own webshop where I sell my handmade hoodies, dresses, onesies and shrugs! I also write E-books about cosplay crafting and I sell those in my webshop too. But not only books, I also digitalize the patterns that I make and use for my cosplay and offer them for download on my site. These cosplay resources are all first available to my patrons in my ‘V.ery I.mportant P.retzel club on Patreon! I attend conventions all over Europe as a cosplay guest, where I give talks about cosplay topics and judge cosplay contests. I’m really happy that I can call cosplay my job! It’s a dream come true really.

What are you social media links?
I’m most active on Instagram, my favourite social media platform! You can find me there:
On Facebook:
On Youtube:
And Patreon of course!:
And my webshop:

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