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Interview with Envyious

With the cold months of winter on the way we take a look back at the scorching hot UK Summer with our London Film and Comic Con interview with Envyious.

morrigan, dragon age,

Envyious Twitter selfie from LFCC

How has your LFCC been? Have you managed to get out from your table and onto the con-floor?

I’ve been on the con-floor a little bit, I’ve had a good look around. My day; to sum it up, would be WARM! I’ve had a good time but yeah, warm!

The usual question; when and how did you get into cosplay?

So, I made my first costume out of my living room sofa cushions-a Halloween costume, based on my favourite character from League of Legends at the time. A friend of mine suggested that I go to a convention just to see what it was all about considering I’d made a costume based on a character and it just severely spiralled out of control from that!

[Laughing] It does that!

I got asked about pages an’ that on my first time there and then within my first year I was starting to be invited to places and it’s just been… Yeah! I love it!

Ryuko Matori, Anime, Cosplay,

Envyious as Ryuko Matoi. Picture by Sonesh Joshi Photography.

Which costume do you think you are most recognised for and which is your personal favourite?

The cosplay I’m probably known the most for would be my Ryuko Matoi costume, mainly as its risqué because it requires under-boob! And my personal favourite would be Morrigan from Dragon Age as she’s a character I absolutely adore, it was really fun using leather and I think I look like her a little bit, I hope so anyway and yeah, I just love her as a character.

Me too.

So, what was your most complicated costume to make and/or which took the longest?

The costume that was most complicated I would say would be my Demon Vi. The giant gauntlets I made to scale, I made all the fingers mechanical, so each one of the fingers moved. So I had no use of my hands all day, the mechanics inside were all made out of wood and fishing wire, re-enforced in various different ways, use of thermoplastics.. They were heavy! Yeah, that was really mechanically complicated to make and wear. I had to have a handler for the day, I had no hands!

Demon Vi, Cosplay, Claws, Gauntlets

Envyious as Demon Vi. Picture by Jehad Fadda Photography

And then my longest costume would be my Alexstrasza. I spent about 4 months making it, half of that was just soldering scales onto foam-I don’t like soldering scares onto foam anymore! 

What new skills have you learnt through cosplay? 

Especially with my work I feel like I’m quite a jack of all trades, master of none. I have picked up so many skills. I can now do foam work, I’ve started resin casting, leatherworking, I now repair all my own clothes and shoes, I’ve started cutting my partners hair occasionally-from wig work. I’ve picked up so many skills across the board it’s insane.

Do you have any panels this weekend and what are they on? 

Yep, this weekend on Sunday I’m going to be running a panel called “Horns, Headdresses and Ears: How to Get Things on Your Head!” Basically it’s a run-down of, most of my costumes revolve around horns or headdresses of some sort so I feel that I kind of specialise in basically getting stuff onto your head safely and securely so…

Alexstrasza, Demon, Magic, Cosplay, Armor

Envyious as Alexstrasza. Picture by Laughing Orc Photography

What are your favourite fandoms at the moment?

Oooh that’s a difficult one…I am still a massive Warcraft fan and have been for about 9 years, still playing sort-of hardcore. So I’m gonna disappear into the ether soon as the new expansion is about to drop, so yeah, massive World of Warcraft fan.

And fandom wise I also reeeally love Dragon Age. TOO MUCH!


Which of your costumes had the most unexpected reaction? Was there something you put together quickly or was obscure but it surprised you how many people got it? 

Yeah, a really recent one! I made Carmelita Fox from a game called Sly Cooper. It’s a bit of an old game now but Jesus the reception I’ve had from it has been insane! I think its ‘cause it’s an older, more retro character which hasn’t been cosplayed much and everyone’s just  got really good memories of those games, they are fantastic! If you want to go play them they are on the PS Store and I really recommend them. But yeah, I had a really great reception which for something that I kicked out to be easy and comfortable I really wasn’t expecting.

Last question, are you working on anything new at the moment, new costumes coming up? 

I’m just about to start work on Kai’sa form League of Legends. Which is going to be, again, pushing myself, it’s going to be hard. I’ll be making a latex-skin bodysuit and it’s not going to be comfortable so.. It’s gonna be fun!

 Thank you.

Morrigan, Dragon Age, Cosplay

Envyious as Morrigan from Dragon Age. Picture by Demorafairy Photography

You can find Envyious online at: 




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