Cosplays We Like: Wonder Woman

She is the hero of heroes, with the blessings of the gods and using her powers for peace and love. It is Wonder Woman! Here are some Wonder Woman cosplays that we have come across that we like!

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Reposting the most ‘MURICA looking picture I have to remind y’all to VOTE TODAY (if you’re from the ??). This election is very important for not only the country’s future but for the tone of politics moving forward, and voting is the one way we can actually have a voice!! (I voted early two weeks ago ?) . . . As a black woman especially, I’ve heard multiple stories from my grandparents about how they were suppressed from voting and how my own grandmother couldn’t even vote until the 60s. I think sometimes people feel like we’ve had these rights for a long tome, but 50 years isn’t really much in the grand scheme of things. I vote now because not only do I want to have a voice but I also am grateful for how they and others before me FOUGHT for the right to do so. Just as Wonder Woman fights for love and justice (HAHA DAT FULL CIRCLE RIGHT DER) . . . . Bomb edit by @felgnox . . Base photo by @idruthat . . . #wonderwoman #rockthevote #vote #electionday #wonderwomancosplay #cosplay #blackcosplayerhere #blackcosplay

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