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Interview with Strange Porcelain Cosplay

This week we chat to Strange Porcelain Cosplay.  Based in the north of the UK, we talk about her cosplay from her closet, advice for other cosplaying on the cheap and many more things.

What got you into cosplay?

To be honest, it’s a multitude of things. I love acting, playing dress up and using it as an excuse to socialise – cosplay offered an opportunity to do all of those things. It started as something I was testing the waters with but has since become an insatiable hobby!

How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby?

Costume play is my official terminology with the non-cosplay folk, but let’s face it “30-somethings playing dress up for fun” when referring to myself!

Looking at your social pages, you seem to have a lot of fun with cosplay. Which cosplay has been the most fun for you and why?

I love taking on eccentric characters, they help me emphasise my personality and give me an excuse to act like a total twonk. They give me an excuse to interact with the public more openly too. Though, undeniably, my favourite has to be Holtzmann. I get to go full weirdo and no one bats an eyelid. It’s great to see kids recognise the character as she’s essentially a Ghostbuster for the next generation, and if me staying in character makes a kids’ day then I’m good.

Talking about Holtzmann, you’re part of a Ghostbusters crew. Which crew are you part of and what so special about being a buster for you?

I’m part of the North East Ghostbusters and within that we have our female group Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. Ghostbusters is such an iconic franchise that has stood the test of time, despite the chaos and controversy of the latest instalment, I do feel like the group is still appreciated. So much work goes into being a Ghostbuster, particularly with building a proton pack. Our group is so sociable and inclusive and I have made some great friends. I even got the chance to go to an international con via invite from the GB Dutch Division and I loved it.

You have done a lot of “wardrobe” cosplay. Do you really own that much clothes to do this?

Hahaha, I love a closet cosplay. I have a full time, mentally exhausting job, which means time and funds are limited. I sometimes just need to get my cosplay fix and I rummage and build a character purely on what I have. Ooh look a shirt… that’s white… I know, Ashe from Overwatch. Boom. I don’t actually have many clothes, but I have a lot of plain coloured things that can be adapted well! I wish I had more clothes! But that’s what eBay is for…

How do you decide on the cosplay or are they somewhat random?

I’m drawn to particular personalities. I’ve grown up loving sci fi action films and admire kickass females, it’s empowering to be like “she’s fricking amazeballs… I wanna be her”. I do occasion jump on a bandwagon let’s face it, and challenge myself to whip up a popular piece quickly – Mad Max Summer from Rick and Morty for example. But for the most part I will watch something and go “dude she’s so cool! Or even he’s so cool!” – I still really wanna do Deadpool! Like proper full on dude Deadpool.

What has been the reaction to your wardrobe cosplay video you post?

I think videos give me an opportunity to show what I’m really like. Photos are static and open to interpretation. They don’t show off someone’s personality. My videos embody all my crazy and how fast I work. I didn’t expect people to like them much, but it’s almost become my “tag” almost so I will keep doing them til people get sick of me. And they’re quick and easy to do, so I can ship them out between bath and bedtime 😉 I always get told people love my accent, but I can’t help that, that’s just how I talk!

What advice would you give to people cosplay budget are limited?

First of all, don’t let it hinder you. You don’t have to spend a fortune, you just have to be patient. And eBay. So much eBay. It’s cheap, it’s quick and if you persevere with wording choice you can find anything. You can simplify any design too which helps with selecting items. My secret weapon is “Dirty Down” to weather any outfit, anything with a bit of dirt looks instantly awesome, dunno why but if it’s looks worn in, it almost becomes realistic. Charity shops also have hidden gems, it’s all about patience.

How would you like to be know/seen in the cosplay community?

I want to be seen as someone who just has fun with playing dress up and who does it well and quickly without the detail stress. I like being known as someone who can throw together a quick cosplay that looks good! I’m not as skilled as other cosplayers but I can still be as happy with my final product. I like feeling I’ve inspired people to cosplay – you don’t have to pull of a new epic foam build in order to do a good cosplay. Hell, my most popular cosplay is a dude and the only thing I bought specifically was a £8 prosthetic nose, everything else was from eBay or the depths of my wardrobe…

Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at?

Oooh so many!!!! Lemonade Huxley, Leeloo, Teela, MMPR Pink Ranger… but I have always wanted to do a Mord-Sith outfit from Legend of the Seeker. It’s full on leather head to toe and they’re flipping badass! Tbh, the whole TV series takes place in the woods pretty much so any nice wood! Actually scratch that, let’s go to New Zealand!

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