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Interview with Jokerlolibel Cosplay

Recently we did an interview with Jokerlolibel Cosplay. A Los Angeles cosplayer who’s into her gaming cosplay, skilled in Cinema Makeup and just an amazing cosplayer. Here is our interview about her cosplay, what’s her favourite game, the reaction to her Elastigirl cosplay and the THICC comments that came with it.

Hello Jokerlolibel Cosplay, What got you into cosplay?

I started about 10 years ago, I was obsessed with anime and inspired by Japanese cosplayers.

Looking at your previous work, it’s very game heavy. What is your favourite game and character ever?

THE WITCHER 3. This is the best game ever! And of course Geralt is my favorite man.

Which has been your funniest or favourite cosplay you’ve worn?

Junkrat (original costume) is the funniest for sure. The way I moved around the con on one leg and the other in a ballet shoe was hilarious.

Which photographer do you enjoying with and why?

My tripod is my favorite photographer haha.  Honestly I didn’t work with many, so I cannot single out one, but I have a couple in mind with who I really want to work.

Recently you’ve received negative comments about your Elastigirl cosplay. Firstly what inspired you to cosplay as her?

I love “The Incredibles” and well the new costume of Elastigirl has blown my mind away and her body type is similar to mine. And I have always been pretty insecure about my big butt so it was mentally challenging for me considering that most of the attention goes to the lower body.

How did you feel about those negative comments?

They made me laugh because most of them are ridiculous haha.

What inspired you to do the “thicc” photo?

I was reading comments and was like “it’s not physically possible to have a waist like that, what do they want from me, remove my ribs?” And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

What has the reaction been so far to your thicc photo?

Pretty positive! I love that people get inspired. A lot has been going on in the cosplay community. Lots of people have to fight every time they cosplay for an opportunity to do that and be accepted. So my post is just a way to say “screw you” to all the assholes out there who affect other people with their unimportant opinions. I got some messages from other Elastigirls who had the same problem. They are happy I did that photo.

You’ve worn so many cosplay’s. Which has been the most difficult to make and why?

Junkrat, that cosplay crafting was killing me. I have never crafted something that big, and also had to come up with a way how to hide my leg. So the entire cosplay was a collection of tries and fails.

If you had the money, what would be your dream cosplay, location to shoot it in and which photographer would you like to work with?

Oh damn, That’s a hard question, I don’t plan that far, most of my cosplays are done suddenly and unexpectedly. But I would say Triss Merigold alternative look. This cosplay is really expensive because for this one I have to get breast implants and if I could choose any location it would be somewhere in Europe to represent Beauclair. And about the photographers… I have to choose the best the Witcher photographer. I have a couple in mind.

If you want to see more of Jokerlolibel Cosplay work, you can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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