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Interview with WC Cosplay (Working Princess)

What got you into cosplay?

I have always been a big nerd, geek whatever word you want to use. One of my earliest ‘nerdy’ memories I have was scaring the crap out of my mom because I was trying to get spiders to bite me so I could develop powers like Spider-Man.

But I digress, having always been deeply ingrained in pop culture I’ve attended conventions since I could remember. Cosplay happened organically for me having seen so many amazing costumes and taking photos of cosplayers (always with permission). I have always been a creative person and not having a creative outlet in my day job I jumped right into cosplay!

How do you explain cosplay to friends/family member who don’t know this hobby?

I mostly introduce it as costume design focusing on popular culture characters. I they want to see pictures I start with Princess photos as almost everyone knows a Disney Princess or two.

I more often get asked what is at comic cons and my go to line is they are a celebration of popular culture!

You have done a varied spread of cosplay genres. Which do you think you are known for? (e.g. anime, tv, games, etc)

My first thought is I’m most known for Princess cosplays, however I think my Vegeta and Captain Marvel had a pretty wide spread.

Which has been your favourite cosplay you’ve worn and why? Any of them been a challenge to build/make?

I love all the cosplays I’ve made, there are some which I will never wear again for some reason and some that my feelings for over the years has changed (cough, cough Elsa). I think my favourite, and definitely the cosplay that I have the most fun while wearing no matter what is going on is Vegeta.

Also most likely because Vegeta is one of my favourite all time characters.

I understand you are involved in Princess party company, would you mind detailing what’s that about?

Yes! Princessing! I actually own the company, I have been running it since about November 2017 and it has been one heck of a ride. #LadyBoss

We do children’s birthday parties, events and much more. It’s a fun job and full of teh cutest moments.

What made you get involved in this idea?

I first started with the company back in 2014. The old owner was searching for someone who had La Muerte (from The book of Life) for a party. That’s where I came in, I was on boarded pretty quickly. After a couple more parties I was hooked. Since then I had been the second in command.

Fast forward a few years, the old owner wanted to spend more time with her family and offered me the company.

If you could work with an established cosplayer or photographer, who and why?

I have always been a big fan of Yaya Han. I am not the best at sewing although I get lots of practise. I would love to get some tips and trick and sit down to chat with her. And I love Avante Geeks original designs they’re amazing!

This may seem cliche or unoriginal but I also would love to do something with Jessica Nigri, love her or hate her I think she comes across as really down to earth and I think it would be a lot of fun to hang out with her.

Money is no object, which cosplay and location you love to shoot at?

I have ALWAYS wanted to do a winged siren cosplay. Like full on Greek Myth with Wings for arms and clawed feet. Obviously the only place to shoot that would be Greece (which I would also pack Wonder Woman for).

It would take A LOT of feathers, which all cosplayers know are very expensive, and some major creative thinking for how to cover myself in them (sewing vs makeup or prosthetics). Lots of testing would be involved and trials. I love this idea!

To follow WC Cosplay’s work, you can on her Instagram page

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