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Getting started in photography

Whenever I see someone who has a camera and I “politely” ask them do they know how to use it? I always offer to send them links I’ve used to understand how to do photography.  I think the following videos have improved my photography.

Some of the tips used in these videos do cross over each other which is good.  Peter McKinnon, does such a great weekly video that I really recommend following. Here are some tips I do with my photography.

  • On the camera, make sure the focus point of your subject is on the eye or the intended part of the photo.
  • Always think “what can I do that someone else hasn’t?”.  It’s great to take the same frame/photo as everyone else, but if you want to stand out, doing exactly the same thing won’t help.  Try a different angle or location instead.
  • Don’t forget to get higher or lower than your subject.
  • Always show what you have taken of the model so they can see when is taken and maybe make adjustments if they spot something you haven’t.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask others for help.  I am constantly asking for people’s help and most of the time, they have given me such invaluable tips to get me through the photoshoot.

I hope these videos and tips have helped in some way.  I hope to see more people out there with a camera and please, do send them to our Facebook page so we can show them off to the world your newfound hobby.

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