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“I love your work”, “Do you though?”

I feel like history is repeating itself, with what I’m about to say. 

Every so often when I send back photos back to people either cosplayers or models with my other photography page, 99% of the time I am rewarded with phrases like, “omg, I love them” or “they are gorgeous, can’t wait to share them”, and I’m both think to myself “wow I did a great job” and “Did I really do a great job?” 

I will admit I do find it hard to handle praise from people, I don’t know why, just something from a young age. I do spend a lot of time looking at photos either through my social media feed, or when I’m looking up the cosplayers wall for what work they’ve already done so I don’t repeat it, I’m introduced to such wonderful array of work, which I at times have thought to myself, “wow, I can’t top that”. I know this shouldn’t and isn’t a competition with other photographers but I have a mentality that I want to get the best photos for someone and if I believe they got better photos from someone else, I would rather they used their photos. 

I do shoot with people whom I regularly know or have become friends with. And more often there praise for my work is always there. But a little part of me always thinks, are they saying that as I’m their friend, we’ve worked together or they don’t want to hurt my feelings. 

I want to believe that if my work needed more work or there was something fundamentally wrong, they can come tell me so I can rectify it. I know my pride will take a bit of a kicking but I rather try and resolve any issues, then my work not being used. 

I’m not expecting all my work to be uploaded by the cosplayer or model, ultimately it’s their decision what they like to upload, but I try my best to make that decision to upload my work an easy one. 

I do get told I’m there favourite photographer which I do question them about cause as previously mentioned, they probably have worked with so many talented photographers and I can’t picture myself being amongst them. 

I’ll also admit that if I don’t hear these praises that I’ve not done a good enough job and that I’ll have to try harder. But at the end of the day, I must learn that praise is good regardless if it’s someone I know or a complete stranger who stumble entirely upon my page and leave a comment of, “I like your work”.

I would want people to continue telling their photographers, especially your favourite ones, how much you like or love their work. Yes, it’s an ego feeding exercise but it’s something which some photographers work off. 

I must learn that praise is a positive thing and regardless whether it’s friend obligations giving praise, or the same people saying the same thing, it’s a good thing to hear and it should push me to be better at what I do. 

Let me know what you think. Do you find praise from family or friends good or do you take it with a “pinch of salt”

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