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Tips for Costume and Cosplay Sewing

If you like wearing costumes or doing cosplay, you know just how expensive this hobby can get. But you can avoid all those expenses relatively easily. You just have to make your own costumes. You can also make them for someone else and earn yourself some nice pocket money.

It might seem complicated at first, but if you know a few tips and tricks, you can master it pretty quickly. If you like the thought of sewing cosplay and costumes, stick around for a while and check out this article. Because today we’ll be showing you how to do just that.

Cosplay by Uncanny Megan

Choose the right fabric and machine

Costume sewing is quite different than normal garment sewing. For starters, costumes are made to look good but not to be worn very often. That is why the fabric that you use to make a costume shouldn’t have the same properties as those materials you use when sewing regular clothing.

Costumes are meant to be photographed, keep that in mind while choosing the fabric you’ll be using. Shiny materials are out of the question because they’ll ruin the picture with a shiny spot or a flash.

Another thing to keep in mind is the character. A costume should depict the character realistically. In other words, you can’t wear synthetic toga, it has to be made from cotton. You also can’t be Catwoman in silk, she wears nothing but leather.

Last but not least, your costume needs to be comfortable. You will be wearing it during the entire day, so it has to be made from breathable fabrics, if possible.

According to Hellosewing, your first sewing machine should be durable, convenient and simple to use. Always to choose quality over bells and whistles.

Structure is important

A costume which doesn’t have the right structure could easily become a floppy piece of fabric. An eighteen-century dress without a crinoline is just a limp, oversized piece of clothing.

Construct the proper interfacing and your costumes will hold up the way it should and look just like it’s supposed to. Large gowns require a petticoat or a few of them. Corsets need sturdy boning. And long coats need a nice waistline. Experimenting is always welcomed, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Go crazy with the details

The most fun part of costume sewing is the freedom you get to enjoy when working on small details. Techniques you would almost never use when sewing normal clothes are more than welcomed here. Embroidery of various kinds, crazy trims, heavy ornamentations, they can all be utilized and put to good use.

Cosplay by whatserscosplay

Don’t forget the accessories

A proper costume consists of more than just the outfit you’ll be wearing. Gloves, hats, belts, scarfs, and bags complete the costume and make it finalized. A steampunk outfit is nothing without some fingerless gloves and a cool hat. You can’t go overboard with accessories so don’t shy away from making a couple of them for each one of your costumes.

Great pattern equals great costume

Before you start sewing anything, you need to make a pattern first. You can find a lot of them online with just a simple search. Once you decide on a couple, try to visualize how they would look. Then alter them accordingly and create something of your own. You can also combine two or more patterns into one. Let your imagination run wild and see what it creates.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Now you are ready to start sewing amazing costumes and cosplay.

If you want to read more articles from HelloSewing, go to their page for more tips and articles like this.

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