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Event Review: MCM London 2018 (May)

Reedpop first London and biggest comic con of the year for the UK saw thousands of pop culture fans, superheroes, gamers, comic collectors, movie buffs and anime enthusiasts descend on ExCeL London.

With such celebrities such as Tom Ellis of Lucifer, Letitia Wright of Black Panther, Brianna Hildebrand of Deadpool and many more from the silver screen, tv and youtube personality.

The event itself was really nice, the layout was big with big lanes to move around and with the addition of the MCM App which helps find stores such as Genki Gear tee shirt stand.  Transports was limiting as Custom House was closed off but I think that was done, to help redirect traffic towards Prince Regent where the main entrance to get into the venue was on the East side of Excel Centre.

There was a huge presences of Comic Village this year with more Comic guests this year then any other year.  The MCM Live stage hosted by CJ of Two Geeky Guys and Tabitha Lyons was again a huge success.

As always the cosplay was outstanding.  All three days who I scheduled to shoot with as well as those I caught in between shoots, can be seen in the links below as well as a vlog at the top of the page.

Friday Photos

Saturday Photos

Sunday Photos

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Sounds like they finally will become the number one event I the UK for everyone if they keep up the good work, not just numbers, I mean truly loved by the community.
Actually looking forward to going this October now, I’ve boycotted it since about 2012!
Great photoshoots Eddie, really inspiring x

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