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Making Face Masks

Many of us have been doing our part for the community whether that’s fundraising, helping a neighbour or sewing scrubs and masks for the NHS and keyworkers. The UK government have now advised to wear masks or face coverings in confide areas where its hard to social distance. From the 15th June masks/fade coverings are mandatory and must be worn on public transportation throughout the UK.

I live in the South West which currently has the R rating of 1, which means there’s a high chance of coming in contact with someone who is carrying the virus Covid-19. To protect myself, friends and family I have been sewing face coverings from my cotton stash I’ve hoarded over the years from cosplay making.

I found a free sewing pattern for face coverings online from The sewing pattern was perfect for myself as I have to wear glasses. This handy sewing pattern came with an option to place a small piece of fabric into the lining of the mask to hold a piece of wire which can be moulded to the nose. The pattern also came with two other varieties to choose from, Simple face covering and a face covering with an inner pouch to place some sort of filter in between the two layers.

I love that you can make varied face-covering depending on different needs of friends and families. One pattern to do them all.

Starting this tutorial I urge everyone to read the whole way through each variety as some steps are the same across all the options. I also advise using a 1.5″ allowance on the outer ear side when doing option 2. The filter pouch. This helps a lot when folding to make the tunnels for the elastic later. The tutorial is self-explanatory and quite easy to understand if you’ve done a bit of sewing before.

In one evening I did 3 face coverings from 2 cotton fat quarters. I used garden wire for the mouldable wire around the nose. This can be easily removed when washing the face coverings. I had some difficulty buying some elastic due to demand, however, in the tutorial, it shows you what other options are available to fasten the covering in place. Making these have been keeping me busy through the last part of lockdown. It also means I’ve been reusing, recycling and keeping my family safe, which makes me feel good. Only another 20 or so to sew.

Note that these masks are to be used in non medical situation, such as travelling on public transport.

This article was written by Stephanie who was lovely to share her experience in making fabric masks.

Please note, there are other guides you can follow should this recommendation doesn’t suit your needs.

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