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Try wearing the other persons pair of shoes

For a while now, I have had this thought that more photographer should give cosplaying, more specifically actually making a cosplay from scratch.  But also cosplayers should give being a photographer (not just for your friends) a try too. I think it would be an important insight for both sides.

Now, I am not saying I used to be a cosplayer by any stretch of the imagination and besides Anna helping me make the cosplay of Ren from RWBY, before I decided to make journey of being a photographer, I thought I give it a try making a cosplay.  I mean, how hard can it be.  And before you ask, there are no photos of it, I made sure of that.

So one of my favourite characters is Terry McGinnis Batman from Batman Beyond series.  I looked at the design and thought, that’s a nice “simple” costume to make.  All I have to do is buy a base morphsuit, get some extra black fabric for the ears and gauntlets and then some red for the logo and we are good to go. OMG, how wrong I was. 

I did the thing of leaving it late, no planning involved. Tried and rush it for a comic con and failed.  With my lack of skills, I ended up hand sewing the logo, bad idea. The ears and gauntlets were horribly made and thought out on how to present them. But in the end, I was proud of how it came out.

I took it to a few comic cons and got some good reactions. The buzz of people recognising it, getting some photos with people. At that moment I understood why people go through all that pain to get a costume ready for a comic con show.  It is also a reason why I am not so hard on a cosplayer when plans changed, cause with all good intentions, things happen and they were don’t on purpose.

I do plan on wearing an improved version of Batman Beyond suit again. Just need to find someone to make it for me as skill wise it’s still rubbish.

I know my good friend Anna now has a dual role as both photographers as well as a cosplayer. Asking her about it and she seems to really enjoys being a photographer. I am guessing cause she knows how to get the best out of a cosplayer through a pose or telling a story.  I really feel that if you can’t find a photographer to take photos of you, why not ask a friend to help out.

It’s important to know what the process people go through from either making a cosplay or getting photos from the camera, computer and then to the cosplayer, getting that feedback and improving on your skills.

Cover image by RE:Image Photography

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