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Social Media Tools

I thought this week I would share the tools I use to social media. As much as I am stuck in front of my laptop or phone, there are times I schedule posts so I can pretend to have a social life outside of FnC.  So here are some of the tools I use to schedule things.

Note: We are not endorsed or sponsored by any of the apps below.

Facebook Page

I’m assuming you have a page from Facebook.  They have an in built scheduling system, where you can upload, photos, links, text, etc, up to six months ahead of time.
Another tool you can use is that if you have a twitter account, you can have posts from FB to twitter. Beware, this feature isn’t perfect as post on the main feed where there is more than two photos, text will appear on twitter but images don’t.

For instruction on how to link your facebook page to twitter, click here.


For scheduling on twitter, you can use tweetdeck, which is a web page app.  You can setup with columns of certain feeds such as mentions only, following a users feed, search term, etc. It’s a shame there isn’t an mobile app for when you are on the go.


This is fantastic to cook up certain condition for an action to happen. Using IFTTT for when I create a Instagram post, it creates a photo native post on twitter instead of creating a link to the post.
There are literally hundreds of conditions which can be created for your social media, which I have used for my tumblr, facebook and other social media pages.


Buffer is a great tool to schedule images into Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook. You’ll have to do some configuration to your instagram account and maybe facebook to be able to schedule posts.  But once setup, you be able to schedule your square photos without having to manually pushing the image into the app.

You can use this app both via web app or mobile app.

The only limiting factor is that, you can only get schedule 10 post at a time. But once one or more have been post, you can top that back up to 10 posts.


A great little mobile app, which you can make photo collages, add a basic watermark/tag. It can even create a instagram friendly square photo, either fitting perfect cutting the photo or creating those blurred/coloured bars. 

I use this app to create those silly “I’m at Comic Con”, which allows you to create/add “stickers” to place logos, object, anything on top of the photo.

I hope this has been useful. If there are tools you use and like to share with others, please let us know via the comments below.

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