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Keeping Safe Online

With recent news of someone harassing a cosplayer at a convention which got out of hand, we thought we share some advice about being online and and the event of being harassed what to do.

  • Separate your online persona to your private self. Be cautious about the information you put online, such as identifiable location to where you live, daily routine such as going to a gym, putting on return address on items, etc.
  • If possible has an email account for online cosplay so if you need to close or change email address, it won’t impact on your personal life.
  • Be wary about the friends you accept onto social media.  Again, consider having separate social media accounts between cosplay, work and private life.
  • If a friend post something you are uncomfortable, be honest and let you friend know so they can take it down.
  • Do make sure on your personal profiles, you make sure the privacy settings are set correctly.
  • Dissociate your name from your cosplay page so it can’t be easily searchable or use cosplay photos as your profile picture.
  • Should someone harass you in person or online, cease all contact if it is safe to do so and seek support from the police and specialist services.

We also wrote an article about being safe at a Comic Con event should you want to read about it here. Also another article about how “Cosplay Is Not Consent is Not Enough” by Lil Prince

I know we all want to be sociable and tell the world everything about your recent achievements, but setting some clear boundaries will help in the future.

Hopefully this guide has help. Please do share this with anyone who you feel like would interest them.

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