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Event Review : Destination Star Trek Birmingham 2019

For the weekend of 25th – 27th October fans of all ages beamed down to the NEC Birmingham in a variety of costumes to meet the many generations of stars from Star Trek. 

Along with the traditional uniforms, there were some great examples of inspired twists on Trek.

There were several free selfie points around the venue so fan could have photos with Voyager inspired Shuttle, a Hota Alien and Borg Alcove. It’s nice to see bigger venues add more free options for visitors as cons can quickly get expensive when you add photoshoots, autographs and talks. 

The NEC hall was well spaced out so you didn’t feel rushed and there was always plenty of room for a quick photo, to browse stall or find out about the latest game updates. Along with the selfie points, many stalls had some really interesting displays including a detailed map of the ship and space backgrounds perfect for a spacey selfie.

It can be a long weekend for Trekkies, so you could chill out and watch your favourite episodes from across the eras in the screening room – it was pretty busy throughout the weekend but there was always a few spaces to sit.

The European Space Agency had a stand showing examples of real-life of spaceships alongside a Lego Borg cube. It’s nice to see educational aspects in an entertainment environment.

The event hosted a number of different panels through the weekend including discussions about a wide variety of Star Trek books to updates on the Star Trek Online, including some of the actors from the show who lend their voice to the game. Discovery’s Anthony Rapp on Saturday (Lt. Stamets) and DS9’s Chase Masterson (Leeta) on Sunday.

On Sunday they held a Cosplay Parade- as a Cosplayer I prefer parade’s over competitions as it’s much more relaxed and friendly. There was a wonderful mix of cosplayers from previous competition winners to the more casual looks and several lovely families. Various attendees did a little skit on stage and my personal favourite was the mini Kirk & Spock who had a very dramatic fight on stage (although based on their mother’s face I don’t think it was planned!) Keep an eye out on the Handbag Cosplay’s page for an album of all the participants of the parade.

One of the highlights for fans was a sneak peek at costumes and props from the upcoming Picard TV show. Cosplayer were inspecting the badges and uniforms to update their own costumes. Personally I would love to have taken home a bottle of vintage Chateau Picard! The Captain himself, Sir Patrick Stewart, also made a brief appearance in a very popular paid talk. 

The next docking station for Destination is Excel, London on 13-15 November 2020 and confirmed guests include Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) with many more to follow. If you enjoy the comic con culture then it’s well worth a day visit and for Trek fans staying the weekend they often have exclusive parties in full costume – Black Tie or Formal Dress Uniforms encouraged and even some of the celebrities join in.

Thank you handbagcosplays for your review of this. If you want to follow handbagcosplays, can on her instagram account.

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