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Event Review : MegaConLive Birmingham 2022

This was the first comic con event of the year for me and boy this event was fun.

I will have to admit when I first got to the venue and saw the hall and how big it was I was a little surprised as some of you know, this event is run by the previous owner of MCM Comic Con, but if you just see this event run by new people then actually the size of the event seems to be correct.

I felt looking through the stalls, there was a lot of variety to look at and buy. There were your usual stalls such as Genki Gear, Cupcake Company, David Birchham, but there were a lot of independent stalls selling unique items, artworks, geek stuff and more. It was refreshing not to be seeing most stalls selling Funko Pops and there was some uniqueness. Also there was a nice steampunk area to study or have a look at.

The number of cosplayers was amazing to see. For a first time event, it seemed cosplayers came out in force and wanted to be part of this. It was such lovely weather so some people decided to head outside to take photos. I chose to be inside for most of my time, walking around to meet with as many people as possible. I really enjoyed seeing the wide range of cosplays I saw over the weekend and for me as a photographer for me to walk around and then picking locations to fit the cosplayer really worked for me.

I think some of the complaints I have about the event are both the name of the event and the look of the event. What I mean by that is I don’t know what MegaConLive mean as a name, it is meant to be big things, mega construction items, etc. The name doesn’t really describe to me what the event is. In time, that will change, as MCM doesn’t mean much but has built a reputation with that name. The other thing is the look of the event, more on the mascot and font. It seems it is geared towards a very young audience. I’m not sure if I knew about this event, I’d assume this event really involved geek culture a place for cosplayers to turn up, etc.

Overall I really enjoyed myself at this event. The space there was enough for me to walk around, take photos, enough areas for me to take photos around the venue. Like most Birmingham events, it was such a nice chill event and a lot of people who I spoke to, share the same opinion. This will be an event I’ll visit again next year should it come back on the calendar.

Check out the podcast I recorded with guests of Kitty Cosplay and CJ the Geek where we discuss this event covering some of the things we have chatted about here and more.

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