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Event Review: City of Heroes

City of Heroes, the first of it’s kind organised by Rogue Events and takes place in the Hilton near Birmingham airport. As a massive Arrow/Flash fan I felt like I should definitely be there. A few of the guests included Stephen Amell, Caity Lotz, David Ramsay, Brandon Routh, Jason Mamoa, Candice Patton and some more. The event had a few hiccups the weekend before at the Supernatural convention (Asylum 14) but my experience of this weekend has been really fun. Yes it was busy, and yes you will have queue, but I wasn’t to bothered about this.

The first day (Friday) mainly included registration, buying photos/autographs and the first nights party. (with the theme Queen’s Court) A good way to start of the convention as there will be a lot to follow still. The panels on the Saturday were really good fun and always interesting to watch and listen to. Including Stephen Amell’s quote: “I’m not Arrow good, but I’m Hawkeye good.” The shot got fired. We got our first photos (with Stephen and Caity) taken while Vicki and me were dressed up as the Huntress and Canary. Both of us got comments on our costumes, which is always awesome and fangirl-worthy. (as seen in the video)

The Saturday was followed by a party as well, “Movie Stars” as theme, where we decided to dress up as DC’s Sirenes. A lot of dancing and a long, but very fun night! But there’s still the Sunday and all though we did ended up very tired we still managed to get all out autographs and photos, with a slight lack of panels. Plus I managed to buy a coffee lounge with Caity Lotz. The coffee lounges are chats with a small group of people including one of the actors. They are very limited (20 people a day) but so much fun to get a little bit of time with the guest you like best.

But overall, City of Heroes was a really fun convention. Definitely worth the money and such a great opportunity guests. One recommendation, try to stay in the hotel the convention is being held in. We stayed in the IBIS which was 15 minute walk on the day, but about 30 min by night. (as the NEC shut) It doesn’t seem long but it’s quite the fuss if you have to move from one to the other place.


All photo ops I got at City of Heroes

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