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Eddie’s Top 9’s of 2020

2020 has been one hell of a year to remember (maybe an understatement) but Eddie has been busy throughout the year trying to make all the cosplay content as possible. Just as in 2019, Eddie has compiled a list of Top 9 of various cosplay related photos and podcasts that FnC have produced.

With the Top 9 photos, Eddie decided to split it into three categories, Cosplay, Latex Cosplay and Re-Edit Photos, and these are based on Instagram likes that have been uploaded over the last 12-months.

Top 9 Cosplay Photos

It’s great to see photos taken at different events taken outside of the UK. Five photos were taken at New York Comic Con, two at Comic Con Stuttgart and the remaining at Viencon and Birmingham Comic Con.

Starting from left to right, top to bottom, here are all of the cosplayers who made it to the top 9 with links to their cosplay page.

Top 9 Latex Photos

Like last year, one cosplayer dominates the top 9 with her fantastic latex cosplay outfits. In fact, the Nightwing cosplay was the most popular photo of the year.

Here are the cosplayers who made it to the top 9

Top 9 Re-Edit Photos

A new feature this year was looking back through Eddie’s older photos and see if they can be improved with all the new skills Eddie has learnt over the years.

In each link is to the article, which describs has each photo was edited and updated with the 2020 skills.

Top 9 Podcasts

Another new feature for FnC is the Podcasts that Eddie records and releases each week talking about cosplays and everything else. The series is called Ed Talks About, where each week a topic is picked and Eddie and his guests discuss it. Eddie has really enjoyed recording these podcast, recording close to 30 episodes in 2020, and he hopes to continue then into 2021.

The list below are the most downloaded episodes this year.

Looking forward to what 2021 will bring. Eddie is looking forward to shooting photos with many people in their costumes, recording more podcasts with guests and writing more articles relating to the cosplay community.

Should you have any recommendation in podcast topics to cover, people to invite, or cosplays Eddie should shoot, please contact him via the website Contact Page or via any of the DM on his social media pages, links can be found below.

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