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Re-Edits : The Winter Soldier by sketchmcdraw

This weeks Re-Edit is of SketchMcDraw as The Winter Soldier.

Taken at Magikkon, I bumped into SketchMcDraw and we got this photo amongst others during this event. This was one of my favourite photos I took that year as it looked like it could have been the Winter Solider ready for his next mission.

When I choose this photo to re-edit, it has always bothered me about the arm not looking like one complete piece so I made sure I corrected that, by using the clone stamp and covering the elbow area.

The other thing I added was the sky. I wanted to look like he was on top of a building, ready to complete his mission. I used an existing photo of a sky and tried to composite in. I don’t really use layers much so during this project, I want to get a bit better at this.

I’ve included a side by side so you can compare the two photos. As you can see, I went for a different crop so they do not exactly line up.

2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2020 Edit
2015 Edit
2015 Edit

If there is a photo that I have taken you think I should consider re-editing, please let me know in the comment or DM me on social media.

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