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Re-Edit : Rei Ayanami / Neon Genesis Evangelion by NKLatex

This week re-edited photo comes courtesy of NKLatex as Rei Ayanami from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.

When I was first reminded of this photo by NKLatex formerly known as Nookills, I was just shocked by how I initially edited this photo. I can’t imagine why I thought this was a good edit in the first place. I found the photo really dark, none of the facial features on NKLatex is there and the angle of the photos give the feeling of “falling over”.

I started with the basic changes I always do, by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, HSL, and etc. Throughout this project of re-editing my older photos, I do not refer to the original edited the photo so I can see if I would make the same steps or make alternative decisions.

When transferring the photo to Photoshop, the first thing I wanted to correct was the rotation of the photo to be more upright but the original photo was taken as it was, so rotating the photo would create missing areas which can be filled in with the feature, Content Aware Fill.

Usually, when dealing with cosplayers who wear latex, I would usually elaboration the shine in the material, but recently watched the series, I decided to leave the suit as a matte finish look to the suit.

I tried to make the photo as brightly lit as possible without losing the details in the photos.

There isn’t much more I did to the photo compared to how I originally edited the photo.

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