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Eddie’s Top 9’s of 2019

I thought I would do a review of 2019 of the most liked selection of photos on my Instagram page from my selfies, cosplay and latex cosplay photos I’ve taken, but also talk about the challenge I gave myself to improve my photography.

Top 9 Selfie

So over the year, if anyone has been following me on Instagram and Twitter would have seen me pose the same way in every selfie I’ve taken. There is a story behind this idea.

I do try and think of a signature pose I can do with everyone where it’s easy and fun to do. When the games of Spider-Man and Kingdom Heart came out, I kept seeing lots of “In-game” selfie, where the playable character can take a selfie. This gave me the idea that if everyone wanted to get selfies like this, then so will I. So every selfie I’ve posed has my signature arm out, my mouth open and leaning into the photo on the left.

I was surprised that some people just wanted my signature in-game selfie with me. I do think I’ll carry this in-game selfie into 2020.

People featured in my top 9 selfies are hannah_in.wonderland, Stacey Rebecca, Aussie Aquaman, pajama_boy_wonder, Purple Muffinz, Jinxy Dragon Cosplay, Ember Wolf Cosplay, Joker’s Harley and Harley’s Joker.

Top 9 Cosplay Photos

Some of these photos were taken in 2018 as I usually wait about three months from the photos being taken, and slowly upload one photo per day from various events or location shoots.

I’m very pleased to see some of my location shoots have made it into the top 9 where hannah_in.wonderland (she featured a lot in this top 9’s) where she was cosplaying as Mera from the film Aquaman and Jinxy Dragon Cosplay and Ember Wolf Cosplay as dragons from How to Train your Dragon being featured.

I do love seeing my photos being liked. It gives me happiness that some people out there do like the work I do. I might not get the huge likes that the cosplayers get, but I understand that as a photographer, I cover a wider range of cosplayers rather than a specific cosplayer.

People featured in my top 9 cosplay photos are jessica_heeren_cosplay, hannah_in.wonderland, Jinxy Dragon Cosplay, Ember Wolf Cosplay, oceanmystcosplay, flenoacosplay, NikkieHyuga, neah_cosplay, mattgu_cosplay, and crashqueenbaby.

Top 9 Latex Cosplay

Again, like before, some of these photos were taken in 2018 and one taken in 2017. I felt that latex cosplay should have it’s own top 9 as I’ve taken more and more cosplay photos which feature latex and you guys seem to like it as much as I do.

The first photo of Purple Muffinz, was my most popular liked photo of 2019, in fact, she appears in this top 9, three times, which if you don’t know her work, mostly works with the material of latex. I recently worked with Purple Muffinz on a location shoot, hopefully, I can share those photos with you very soon, where I took photos of her Samus, Batgirl and Nightwing cosplays.

I do love how latex appears, how it’s all shiny and reacts to the light, how the costume closely resembles the figure-hugging outfit portrayed in comics or artworks. I also, like to see what costumes can be made from latex, it seems there are no limits just like it’s cotton or form constructions.

People featured in the top 9 latex cosplays are Purple Muffinz, Lie Chee, Zombaebby, Cosplay Kira, Nookills, and wherewasgondorcosplay.

Looking forward to sharing more photos and selfies in 2020 and what makes you guys click that like button.

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