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Re-Edit : Burlesque Poison Ivy by Candy Valentina

This week’s Re-Edit is cosplayed by Candy Valentina, cosplaying as a Burlesque version of DC’s Poison Ivy.

Quick story, since I edited the 2015 photo, this photo was the one I wanted to re-edit the most as I didn’t like how dark the photo became, the aspect ratio is wrong, wasting so much “dead” space above and below the cosplayer. The background people and objects were a bit too distracting, and the image isn’t straight as you can see the building in the background is leaning to one side.

With all of that in mind, as usual, I started with the base RAW and made the changes to the exposure, highlight, HSL, and etc. I then, cropped the photo to Instagram 1:1 ratio, to better balance the space around the cosplayer. Next thing I did was put the photo through Photoshop, and removed the wristband, people and background objects from the photo.

I brighten the eyes on Candy Valentina, and also smoothed out the side of the of her body on the image right-hand side. And the last thing was to smooth out the exposed skin and face with added contouring.

I am more pleased with the updated 2020 edit of this photo then the photo I initially edited back in 2015.

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