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Event Review: London Film and Comic Con 2015

This review is just a Food and Cosplay point of view.

So, what can we say about LFCC 2015….it was hot!

Let’s get the bad bits out of the way. Yes it was hot, crowded and the venue was weird. There seemed to be too many people crammed into spaces that were clearly too small. Although LFCC claimed they had tried to organise the queuing system to be most efficient, particularly inside, the sheer numbers of people meant that it was incredibly difficult to move around (see the vlog).

It was odd to see that people with “priority” wristbands, still had to queue to get back inside even when normal entry guests were allowed in. Fortunately the queue seemed to move, as slowly as that might have been, but due to the sheer size of the queue it meant that this endeavour still took a few hours. The queue to get into the venue itself was ridiculously long and made us glad that some of us had passes to skip them as we had to get inside to do some panels.


The venue itself was multi-layered with loads of natural light coming in from the glass ceiling (good if you’re a photographer). There seemed to be one main hall with dealers table, then it went off to an upstairs area with more dealers table and celebrities. What confused was me was from this upper floor, how on earth do I get to the other two further floors? In the end I only got to second floor, and gave up looking for the third floor. The layout of the hall wasn’t marked off very well with the maps being very confusing and the aisles very narrow.

Despite all this the team had fun once we found areas of the con where there was space to breathe and take photos. The cosplay area, while out of the way, was as well organised as could be under the circumstances. The costumes at LFCC this year were amazing and there were loads of really strong competitors for the Showmasters Cosplay Championship. The winner was the incredible Panterona Cosplay with her Queen of the Damned costume.

I just wanted to say, thanks to all who turned up for our panel or stayed from a previous panel to listen to us about cosplay bullying and positivity. We have had such great response from it and would love to do this type of panel again (so remember to request us as guests at the next con).

Anyway, I’m rumbling on, check out our vlog of the weekend, which turned out to be more of the Ekko Cosplay show with her repeated appearance in it. hehehe.

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