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Cosplay Stories : Agatha Harkness / WandaVision by thranduart.cosplay

Agatha Harkness from WandaVision by thranduart.cosplay

I’ve always been drawn to powerful, female characters. Witches especially. Usually painted as villains (and let’s be honest, they do some bad things depending on how they’re written), they are always the most fun and fabulous to embody in cosplay. They get the best outfits! I’ve really been on a vintage kick lately and I just loved Agatha’s 1950’s housewife silhouette in that first black and white episode. I wanted the challenge of making it look like she just walked off the screen into ‘real life’.

The dress itself was fairly simple thank goodness! I modified an existing pattern and changed her skirt to a circle skirt so it would have a lot more flounce and flair because why not! I couldn’t find the correct plaid fabric in black and white anywhere, so my biggest challenge there was creating the plaid myself in Adobe illustrator, then having it printed by Spoonflower on their cotton fabric, which worked perfectly. I am a nut for accuracy most times haha! The true challenge was ensuring how I would make myself look ‘black and white’!! Thankfully Welovecolors makes colored gloves and tights in a light grey tone, so I glued nails onto the gloves and added some shading on the knuckles. Then I had to mix my body paint to get the exact match for the color on my face and neck, and use black and grey eye shadows for the rest of the details. I’m super pleased with the overall effect!

Photos by szxygy96

People loved it (at C2E2)! Some people did a double take when I was still for a few moments then would move – they thought I was a mannequin! A few thought I was the Mom character from the movie Pleasantville, but a lot of folks recognized me right away which was awesome. I had fun walking around when I had the chance and watching people just try to figure out what they were seeing haha! Also, people thought I had matched my mask to my makeup, when in reality I have had that mask for months and it just happened to be a perfect match when I put it on for the con!

(Greatest strength as a cosplayer) lies in my personal decision to choose characters I believe I can physically embody and use makeup to transform into. That being said, it’s important for folks to remember that cosplay is NOT about looking exactly like a character you cosplay. It’s about having fun! My decision to choose characters I can imitate as closely as possible is how I like to cosplay. My ability to transform into these characters is my greatest strength, but if I was to choose a secondary strength, I’d say it would be my attention to detail. It’s a blessing and a curse!

Oh gosh. (cosplay) actually changed it. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing folks, make a ton of new friends, find a new passion that fills me with joy – and I’ve had some incredible opportunities (like getting to travel to Chicago!). I am so thankful everyday that I discovered cosplay. It makes me so happy and I really can’t imagine my life without it. I’ll probably continue to do it well into my advanced years. Gandalf cosplay, here I come!

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