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Cosplay Stories : Maria Calavera (Grimm Reaper) / RWBY by Ashweez Cosplay

Maria Calavera / Grimm Reaper from RWBY : ashweezcosplay

My biggest achievement has been by far my Maria Calavera “Grimm Reaper” cosplay, from RWBY. I have never sunk so much time, money, and effort into a single costume. I learned so much about prop-making and sewing through this endeavor. I pushed myself (but not too much) making this cosplay and I like to think it shows in every detail.

I have not just one but many incredible experiences because of my Maria cosplay. I met one of the creators of RWBY in it and he even posted ME on HIS instagram (omg!). It was featured during a RWBY livestream where that same creator remembered me and sang my praises. I met the VA who plays Maria while in said cosplay. I then went on to win two cosplay contest awards with it, a Judge’s Award and 1st Place in Journeyman.

It’s by far my most awarded cosplay to date. Through posting build progress photos online and competing in cosplay contests, I’ve met some amazingly talented cosplayers, both online and in person. I’ve also gotten to work with some really awesome photographers when cosplaying Maria.

Cosplay has been a part of me for half of my life now. I discovered it at age 15. As a 31 years old now, it’s hard to remember my life before I had cosplay as my main hobby and creative outlet. I can’t think of another hobby of mine that has taught me so much, introduced me to so many new friends, and given me so much joy. A hobby that I’ve slowly turned into a business. It’s such a huge part of my identity. I’m a cosplayer, first and foremost. It colors everything in my life.

I want everyone to know that anyone can be a cosplayer. You don’t need to make your cosplays from scratch, or take professional photos, or have a million followers. If you’re donning a costume, you’re a cosplayer. No one can take that from you. Do it however you want. Do it for you. Have fun with it and make it yours! No one can cosplay like you because no one else in the world is you.

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