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Cosplay Stories : Sinon / Sword Art Online II by abradorable

Photo by woclass_weeb

What drew me to Sinon initially was her awesome design and big gun. I’ve always had a thing for cute girls with big guns since the series Strike Witches came out. After watching the anime I realized what an amazing backstory she had and her growth throughout the second season of Sword Art Online was admirable.

I have been officially cosplaying since 2008. It’s crazy how time flies! I think what makes the community so special for me is the friendships that I’ve made throughout the years. I tend to cosplay pretty obscure characters, so when I meet someone who knows what series I’m from we usually become instant friends! A lot of the pals I have now I’ve met through the cosplay I’ve done. Another way cosplay has impacted my life is that it helped me to learn how to build props. That skill has helped me get a multitude of jobs in my field. I owe a lot to cosplay!

The name Abradorable actually came from a mash-up of my real name and adorable. My mom named me Abra (not after the pokemon, sorry) and I’m told I cosplay very adorable characters. So a friend of mine suggested that I start going by Abradorable! I love it!!

Photo by woclass_weeb

Florida is a special state for cosplay. I was told before that Florida has the more conventions than any other state. We typically have cons all year round and they vary in types. We have fandom cons like Megacon, horror cons like Spooky Empire, furry cons like Megaplex, and anime cons like Metrocon.

My personal favorite is Anime Festival Orlando. It’s been a Central Florida anime con since 2000. It’s a smaller con so you get to meet and make with with a lot of the people attending. The panels are magnificent and put on by such caring people who love what they do. The best part is the pool parties though. Everyone always prepares a fun pool cosplay and we party all night long! I look forward to AFO every year!

The one Florida cosplayer who inspires me more than anyone is Indra_Rojas or FantasyNinja. She has been an essential part of the community since I joined. She has hosted multiple panels, judged in many important contests, and has never stopped helping newbie cosplayers with all her incredible knowledge! The one thing about her that inspires me more than anything is that she found a way to make cosplay into her career! If that isn’t inspirational I don’t know what is.

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