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Cosplay Stories : Kaname Tosen / Bleach by Claudexcosplay

What I like about Kaname is that his purpose, his fight, his justice was birth to avenge the death of his friend. Just like many people we know, or even ourselves, he fell from grace once he gain something he never had before – eyesight. It is so easy to forget who we are or where we came from once we have status, success, etc. His character reminds me to stay humble and never lose sight of my purpose no matter how successful I become.

I was asked to be a part of a “Bleach” cosplay group at a upcoming con. Admittedly, I never watch Bleach at this time and I was scrambling to find a character to portray. To my surprise, I found a black character who was not drawn with the stereotypical tropes that we have grown accustomed to seeing. Plus, he looked close to me physically so it wasn’t a stretch to cosplay.

The response at conventions was overwhelmingly positive! I didn’t really expect a lot people to know the character I was portraying, and boy was I wrong! I think the orange rope gave it away! My most interesting interactions is when any of my followers recognize me! I am so humbled that they want to take a picture with me and tell me how they enjoy my content. To me. I also had a woman ask me if I did adult parties when I cosplayed Killmonger shirtless with the scars! You gotta love the cosplay community!

I first discovered cosplay in the 80’s during Star Trek conventions with my dad. I deciding to actually cosplay in 2018. My wife (then friend) help me burst onto the cosplay scene because she’s being doing for a decade.  Cosplay has impacted my life by  causing me to push the bounds of my creativity. This has translated in my real life by teaching me to think outside the box, become more confident in public, and to be proud of my accomplishment even if other people are not.

I honestly thought, due to the pandemic, I would save money because there were no cons to attend – I was wrong. I spent more money in preparation for cons in the future. I have 9 cosplays ready go to go once we’re safe to attends cons again. I’m really excited to show off my creations. Thankfully, the pandemic did not hit me as hard as others. I never lost my job or income and my family has been relatively safe throughout.

The Texas cosplay scene has been wonderful to me. I have met so many people here who love what they do and love to support each other! I honestly believe Texas can be the next must-attend scene along the lines of San Diego, Dragcon, NY Comic Con, etc. I really hate to give shoutouts to friends because I know I’m going to leave people out so I’m just going to mention one: paradoxcosplay. She is my wife, my friend, and mentor in cosplay! Without her, there would be no Claude Xavier! // Instagram

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