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Cosplay Stories :Shadow & Sonic / cosplay by Cxpricornium & Fizzor.y

Cosplay by cxpricornium & fizzor.y

Fizzor.y: When I first heard about cosplay, I thought, “We can dress up, even when it’s not Halloween?!” I was really excited because I wanted to bring my favorite characters to life. I brought a few friends with me to my first conventions. Even if we cosplayed from different series, it was still really nice getting noticed and being asked to take our pictures. I started to make so many new friends and met so many amazing new people at conventions. I truly appreciate them all.

Cosplay gatherings are always the easiest to talk to people since you know for a fact that you all have one thing in common ! I’ve even met some of my closest friends today at conventions. Cosplaying had also opened my eyes to many new opportunities. Modeling, voice acting, costume making, and so on. Cosplaying gives me genuine happiness and joy.

With this particular cosplay, it’s kind of a funny story. I’m sitting with Liz, watching the hilarious Sonic fandubs by SnapCube. When all of a sudden, she just gets the idea to cosplay them. I was a little worried because I had no idea how to make a mascot costume and thought it was silly.

But after seeing some fanart of human versions of the characters, we had an idea on what to do. We worked like crazy on our wigs, and never showed each other the progress until Anime Expo. We surprised each other! And the attention we attracted was way more than I expected and overall really positive. My childhood coming to life.. It was extremely fun, and I thought, why not have more people in on the fun?

I now have a big Sonic cosplay group, and I can’t wait to see them all done when conventions are back. I can’t wait to see ALL my cosplay friends again!

Don’t be nervous to cosplay something you might think is silly, just do what you love and want!

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