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Re-Edit : Killer Frost / Assault on Arkham by Jemzamia

This week’s Re-Edit is cosplayed by Jemzamia Cosplay, cosplaying as Killer Frost, based off the Assault on Arkham animation.

Killer Frost was initially seen robbing a Gotham City bank, freezing the occupants inside, and engaged the G.C.P.D. in battle after her escape car left her behind before she was apprehended and forced to join the Suicide Squad.

Killer Frost appeared to have blue ice hair, in what seemed to be relaxed curls and had pale white skin with a blue leotard, that in the middle, had a blue diamond with medal around in the the shape of a compass and only went from neck to the beginning of her legs, with long winter gloves that went down to the hands and she had ice blue hands when freezing and high heeled boots with long white-ish parts that went close to the suit.


I started with the basic changes I always do, by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, HSL, and etc. Throughout this project of re-editing my older photos, I do not refer to the original edited the photo so I can see if I would make the same steps or make alternative decisions.

Next step was to transfer the photo into Photoshop as I wanted to highlight the area in the background which was in red to be less prominent in the photo. All I did was to select the area and reduced the saturation to zero to remove all the colour out. I left the structure in the image as it looked like a cityscape.

Still in Photoshop, I wanted to add more fog look to the photo so following this video tutorial to engulf the scenery with fog, to give a cooler look.

Also, one thing I want to tackle was to give the cosplayer the Killer Frost cold smoke powers she has to her hands. So again, following a different video tutorial, to create the smoke on her hands.

The last thing I did was to apply the skin smothering and contouring I do for all photos like this.

Comparing the two photos, both photos look good to me. The fog cover in the 2020 edition of the photo, I feel like given another try and a different tutorial to follow, I feel like it can be improved.

I don’t often add SFX designs to my photos and something I need to get stronger at doing as but for a first attempt, I am happy.

If you want a further look between the two photos, you can use the photo slider to compare the two photos.

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2020 Edit
2020 Edit
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2016 Edit
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