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Re-Edit : Gwenom by Zombea

This week’s Re-Edit is cosplayed by Zombea, cosplaying as Venomise Gwenom.

Bonding to the Venom symbiote, Gwen Stacy embraces her dark side after seeing her father has been beaten into a coma by Aleksei Sytsevich on the order of Matt Murdock. Rampaging through New York’s seedy underbelly, Venom is given Aleksei’s location by Otomo of the Hand and sets out to kill him, but their battle is interrupted when Frank Castle kills Aleksei himself.


I started with the basic changes I always do, by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, HSL, and etc. Throughout this project of re-editing my older photos, I do not refer to the original edited photo so I can see if I would make the same steps or make alternative decisions.

Moving the photo to Photoshop, I started with removing some of the makings on the wall near the hard just to remove any distractions from the cosplayer. Also, remove the bright video billboard on the left side of the photo to reduce the distractions in the photo.

I next remove the pole from behind the cosplayers head by using a combination of patch tool and Spot Heal Tool as I didn’t want anything protruding out of the cosplayers head that it shouldn’t be.

Following that, I then started with Liquify the image only to smooth out any bumps in the material to make look smooth to the bodyline and also on the cosplayers wrists to make it closer to the cosplayers body. While I was liquifying the photo, the fence in the background got distorted, so resolved this by taking a sample with the patch tool of the affected area and replacing it with a nearby area.

The next step I took was to make a selection around the cosplayer and created a new layer. Using the same technique to make latex shinier, I increased the ‘clarity’ and brightness to make the details in the suit stand out more.

Any creases in the suit which could be removed and look natural, I removed with the Patch Tool again as it deals with replacing the area well compared to Stamp tool or Spot Heal Tool.

Around the eyes of the character, I used the Dodge Tool to increase the white in the eyes but also to add a bit of depth to the eyes, I brushed in shadows lines on some of the edges of the eyes.

While I was adding shadow lines, I proceeded to do the same along the side body of the cosplayer. It’s not something I do but wanted to try and see if it did improve the photo which I think it did.

Last step I did was to use a new feature in Photoshop where the sky can be replaced and the steps were quiet simple to do.


I find the look of the suit looks much better in the 2021 version of the photo compared the original 2017 photo.

I like the Sky Replacement feature in Photoshop which I’ll need to play around with the get it looking more natural in future photos I edit.

The colours in the 2017 do seem slightly softer compared to the 2021 edited photo which as a slightly more purple hue which maybe I should I thought of while editing.

Overall, I like the 2021 edited photo with all the improvements, I have learnt over the years and also while doing these Re-Edit photos.

Don’t forget to take a closer look between the two photos above but also a slider below to show the difference between the two photos.

2021 Edited Photo
2021 Edited Photo
2021 Edited Photo
2017 Edited Photo
2017 Edited Photo
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