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Re-Edit : Keyleth / Critical Role by Yousei Cosplay

This week’s Re-Edit is cosplayed by Yousei Cosplay, cosplaying as Keyleth from Critical Role franchise.

Keyleth is a half-elf druid in the group Vox Machina and current headmaster of the Air Ashari. She was played by Marisha Ray.


I started with the basic changes I always do, by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, HSL, and etc. Throughout this project of re-editing my older photos, I do not refer to the original edited photo so I can see if I would make the same steps or make alternative decisions.

I transferred the photo into Photoshop, so that I can start making changes such as the background. I wanted to make the people in the background not so noticeable so I created a new level of the affected background area and desaturated the colours out. Next, I used a clone stamp to make the area more fitting and close the surrounding area. I change the flow rate of how much of the cloned area is painted in, making it look more natural.

Using the Liquify tool, I saw any small bumps in the clothing and pushed it in to make it more smoother on the cosplayer.

Next, I took a selection of the iris of the eye, created a new layer and then changed the eye colour of the character to match the eye colour of the character described on various web pages which talk about Keyleth.

I wanted to add something new and learn something new. I decided to add falling leaves to the photo. I had to find an Overlay I can use to add to my photo once found one which I felt suited the photo, I imported the overlay into the photo as a new layer. I cheated by create multiple layers of this overlay to give it more leaves in the image. To give it that bokeh effect, I selected the layers and applied a Gaussian Blur.

In the original photo, the cosplayers face isn’t as sharp as I would like it to be. I applied a sequence of steps I’ve already created as a task within my own Photoshop program. I ran the task, but then created a group and masking layer so that I can brush in the more sharpened area to one part of the photo and not the whole photo.

My last step was to apply the skin smoothening and contouring techniques I do in Photoshop.


I love the colour tones in the updated version of the photo and making the photo as clean as possible from any distraction is really pleasing to me.

I do wish I can improve the sharpness of the cosplayers face as you are still drawn to the cosplayers hands. I might look into more tutorials on different techniques to sharpen a photo.

Don’t forget to take a closer look between the two photos above but also a slider below to show the difference between the two photos.

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